The smell from the hamster: causes and prejudices

Hamsters – cute Pets, positive and unpretentious.If this is true.

Odors in the cage

Those who had ever is animal house, probably noticed that the specific aromas appear in the cell immediately, but after 8-15 days after harvest. The interval depends on the density of the population, namely the number of square centimeters on one individual.

In healthy rodents in their normal state there is an odor.

Strong smell of their droppings that accumulated over several days, as in any toilet that long is not removed. If the urine gets three to four times in one place, of cells begins to experience a specific "smell", as well as from the feces of any living creature.

Why smells like a hamster

To understand the hamster stinks or not, just take it in your hands and smell. If you notice that the source is itself, it is urgent to find out the cause. There may be three:

  • you have not cleaned the cage, and your pet is just dirty;
  • the baby stress.
  • he was sick.

The first cause is easy to eliminate, clean house. If after this the smell was not gone, look for the second. Stress can occur due to migration of cells to another location or constant loud noises. Maybe in the absence of the owner of the hamster are the targets of your cat. For Syrian hamsters stress can become a war for territory between males.

Sadly, if the cause is any disease. In this case, will only urgent trip to the vet. Often a normal upset stomach because of improper foods can be a source of problems.

To avoid unpleasant odors

Hamsters are not domesticated as long as cats and dogs. A hundred years ago, they first settled in our homes, and now broke all records for the number of individuals living with a man. Breeding expertise and content gained huge.

The contents of the hamster cage

In order for housing the animal for a long time remained without the smell, you need to remember and apply a few simple rules:

  • Do not buy a small cage. For young, such as Djungarian hamsters its size must be at least 30х30х50 see Large breed living comfortably in the square, see 40х40х60 Recommend you to read the article on choosing the right hamster cage;
  • The quality of the filler. It is not recommended to use compressed pellets of wood or rocks litter absorbent. The best bedding is straw or fine shavings. You can use sawdust, but it appears a lot of garbage around the cell.

Best cans the smell of corn filler. This will not change it to two weeks. Wood should be removed about once a week.

Teach a hamster to use a potty

Those who have been contain these animals, noticed that the rodents not only very clean and constantly cleaned and "wash". They still choose on their site the place where you defecate "small". Your stool, unfortunately, they do not consider something special and leave it everywhere. But the stool does not smell.

So what can we do to make cleaning easier and less frequent. Seeing which corner the baby decided to prove himself to the toilet, you can put low small lotochek with filler. This will significantly reduce cleaning. In order not to frighten and not to force the pet to look for another place enough the first time to put in the tray a pinch of dirty litter with traces of faeces.

To determine the latrines animal begins immediately. This can happen after a month or two living in a new place.

What breed is less smell

Wishing to have a cute rodent at home, often asked, whether the smell not unbearable, and what breed they smell less. Already decided that the healthy calm animals do not emit any unpleasant odors. Bad smell of their stool, and that is not right, and when it accumulate for a few days in one place.

Logically, from a large animal, most of these bowel movements will be more than a little. This is the simplest explanation why Syrian hamsters in a cage to get out it is necessary more often than younger Jungaria.

The second reason is a long coat. It has more accumulated odors from contact with dirty litter. Despite the fact that all hamsters are incredibly neat, long fluffy coat, which sported some breeds, particularly the Syrians, to put in order is harder than short.

Recommended reading the article about comparing a hamster with a Guinea pig.


Healthy hamsters, which is always in a good mood, live without the smell of all the 2-3 years that they released outdoors. That generally people have the opposite opinion, people blame themselves. Harmful information spread by lazy owners, who are rarely removed in the cells of their Pets or monitoring their health and mood.

The smell from the hamster: causes and prejudices
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