Breeding Syrian hamsters at home

Breeding Syrian hamsters at home – a fascinating process, not too difficult if you know the peculiarities of these animals.It supports temperature of 21-25 C, if necessary, equipping with air conditioning. Eliminate sources of noise, cells protect from drafts and sun.
Cages should be spacious, equipped with drinking bottle and running wheel. Number – the number of adult animals, plus cages for seated calves by gender.

You will need a small pet carrier for mating and spare cells in case homyachat will not be able to attach in time and they begin to show aggression towards each other.

Purchase rodents

Breeding Syrian hamsters begins with the selection of manufacturers. The animals should be approximately the same age and belong to different lines of the breed to avoid inbreeding. It is not recommended to buy male and female in one pet store: it can be brother and sister. Usually animals for breeding, buying at fairs, or from professional breeders. The parents should have good health and perfect exterior. Manufacturers, it is important to select according to temperament, getting the offspring only from a relaxed and friendly individuals.

To predict the suitability of the animal for breeding, it is impossible. The female may have a penchant for cannibalism or have too little milk for feeding calves.

Then neither she nor her offspring are not allowed to re-mating. Is that a couple is genetically incompatible, and offspring turns out weak, with genetic deformities or just small. Having only one male and one female, have to rely on luck, and to be ready to acquire the other individuals.

The Syrians are different from dwarf hamsters a variety of colors, ensuring space for creativity.

Syrian hamster: reproduction

Puberty these rodents reach at the age of 1-1,5 months old, but the process of growth and development of the body ends. The first mating is carried out when the animals will be 4-6 months. Record pregnancy lasts 16 to 19 days, depending on the number of fruits. Lactation – 21-28 days.

After delivery the female should be allowed to recover for 2-3 months, so plan about 4 litters per year. If the female gives birth to more than 6 times a year, it would negatively affect her and her offspring. At the age of 12-15 months ligaments of the pelvic bones become stiff, and loses her ability to give birth. From one females receive an average of 3-5 litters. But that's a lot, Syrian hamsters are prolific, and produce 6-12 pups, sometimes up to 18 pieces.


Breeding rodents is a rapid process, and accurate recording of important dates will allow time to prepare them. Record the date of mating, births, the number of pups. On the calendar mark the date of separation of young boys and girls, and then date when kids can start to distribute to new owners. Better start looking for them, good hands advance, even before birth.

Mating Syrian hamsters

Males and females should be separated, meeting only for mating. Mating occurs under the control of the owner, since animals can show aggression and even cause each other injury. To avoid fighting, mating is carried out in the cage of a male, or on neutral territory.

The female must be in heat. The period of sexual hunting occurs every 4-5 days and external symptoms quite characteristic.

Animals are not left unattended, that is not difficult: mating lasts no more than 20-30 minutes. After a couple need to sit down and provide the female relaxed atmosphere.

Before you bring Pets, make sure their sex, not relying on the seller's statement. This will avoid embarrassment when the owner realizes that wanted to breed two males.

The arguments against reproduction

Badly affects the health of females

If the Syrian weighs less than 120g, it may not give birth and die, especially if the partner was much larger. Pathology the inevitable birth of the "age" of rodents in 12-18 months, while not giving birth hamster lives for 3-4 years.

While bearing and nurturing the young, the female loses up to 30% of their weight, even if full and proper feeding. This seriously depletes her body. If the animal does not die, the owner will have to provide her "retirement" when it will no longer yield a profit.

Animal is unable to perform the role of a pet

In the last week of pregnancy, and most importantly – 2-3 weeks after delivery the female is not to be disturbed, to take on hands. It is necessary that she not eat her own litter.

Cannibalism can be independent of the master reasons big litter, weak calves. For a child a lot of stress to see how a hamster bite their children. It is necessary to consider adults who choose to breed hamsters to give their own children to cuddle the fluffy balls.

Young homyachat recommended daily to take on hands for a few minutes so that they become used to hands. But to entrust it children do not want: little hamsters are fragile, can show aggression, biting and slip out of your hands. To tame each baby requires a lot of time and patience. But socially adapted to the young easier to find good owners.

The high cost of time and money

There are several ways how to breed Syrian hamsters. Somewhere there are people who have hamsters sit together in a small cage, but manage to breed. But if you approach the process responsibly, you will need a lot of quality fodder and other provisions, and most importantly – time.

Cells it is necessary to clean and change the litter every day to change the water in drinking bowls, feed and cooked (boiled meat without salt, egg, soaked greens, shelled chopped vegetables). To tame and to sit down the youngsters, to bring and to pick up a pair. To contact your veterinarian narrow profile in the case of health problems. Take pictures and attach kids. Answer calls and advise future owners. A lot of work.


Breeding Syrian hamsters can be an interesting pastime, a favorite hobby, but is unlikely to generate a large income. Because rodents reproduce rapidly, it is easy to experiment with genetics. Enthusiastic breeders, exchange experience, participate in exhibitions.

To profitably sell the offspring rarely obtained. There are situations when you have to give the cubs a gift or take them to the pet store, the market, hoping that the Syrian homechat not become food for snakes. Costs money and time in the nursery is significant, and the returns small.

Breeding Syrian hamsters at home
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