Weight, height and size of chinchillas by months

One of the indicators of health and normal development of is the weight and size of the chinchilla, which is contained in the home.Change the size and weight of a chinchilla after a year and a half show about serious deviations in health, wrong content or pregnant females.

Animals of the same age can differ in size and weight of the body. It depends on:

  • gender;
  • genetics;
  • content;
  • health.

An adult chinchilla female is larger and heavier than the male.

Female chinchillas are larger and heavier than males

Species, which grow in pairs, exceeds the weight and size of the one that was kept alone.

Chinchilla adult body length is 22 to 38 cm. Her tail reaches a size from 8 to 17 inches.

What is the weight of the chinchilla

Weight of adult females ranges from 600 to 850 grams. Males are smaller than females. They can weigh from 500 to 800 grams.

Owners of rodents need to understand that too large size and large mass of the animal does not guarantee that the pet is healthy. There were cases when the adult chinchilla weighs pounds. This is the maximum weight of the large females.

The owner of the pet should be especially attentive to the condition of the animal, because this fact must not happy, and cheerleaders. Obesity – not the most pleasant option, it is fraught with diseases and injuries of the animal.

Important! If the weight of an adult more than the norm, should pay attention to its condition, mobility, activity. If these parameters are normal then no need to worry.

A sharp increase in the mass of females is during pregnancy.

Weight of puppies from birth to one month

Chinchilla babies at birth weigh from 30 to 50 grams. Their weight depends on:

  • how many goals in a litter;
  • what size parents are rodents;
  • how was the pregnancy of the female.

Sometimes a newborn puppy can weigh 70 grams. But this does not guarantee that it will grow into a very large animal.

The normal weight for a newborn puppy 30-50 grams

On the first day after the birth the young chinchilla can lose 1-2 grams of its mass. But on the second day of their mass begins to grow.

In the first week of daily gain is 1-1. 5 grams per day. Then a noticeable increase of this parameter. In the second week the weight increases by 2-3 grams a day. During the second half of the first month, babies gain daily 2-3 grams and starting 24 days of life – 3-4 grams. A good addition to the guaranteed weight normal lactation in mothers, poor – indicates lack of milk. In this case, the owner should think about artificial feeding of the young.

Table of body weight gain per day in the first month of life, puppies

Measuring the weight of the chinchilla by month and comparing it with the parameters presented in the table, the owner of the pet makes conclusions about whether the animal develops.

Age in days The weight in grams
1 30-50
2 31-52
3 32-54
4 33-56
5 34-59
6 35-61
7 36-63
8 37-66
9 39-69
10 41-72
11 43-75
12 45-77
13 47-80
14 49-83
15 51-86
16 53-89
17 55-92
18 57-95
19 59-98
20 61-101
21 63-104
22 65-107
23 67-110
24 69-113
25 71-117
26 74-121
27 77-125
28 80-129
29 83-133
30 86-137

Table height and weight of the chinchilla by months

Age in months The weight in grams
1 86-137
2 200-242
3 280-327
4 335-385
5 375-435
6 415-475
7 422-493
8 426-506
9 438-528
10 500-600

With proper care for a pet, a balanced feeding weight of the animal is not much different from the average.

Weight, height and size of chinchillas by months
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