What seeds can be given to chinchillas and which are not

Pet owners interested in the question of whether the remaining seeds.So it will be a big mistake to hope that the rodents you understand that it is useful and what is harmful. And if you give the chinchillas roasted seeds, they will be happy to eat them. But don't go the pet on occasion. Experts say that sunflower seeds give to chinchillas is not recommended.

Especially harmful to animals they are roasted. Because in nature the rodents, it is impossible to find such food. So their body is not adapted to eating this kind.

Important! Roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin, watermelon – not a natural food for chinchillas. These animals are raw foodists. Such a treat for them – poison.

But raw you can, but in very small amounts. They are very large amounts of fatty acids that have a positive impact on the fur. However, to get involved with them is not worth it, even if the animal's happy to eat it. Because of the high fat content they can cause obesity and indigestion cause constipation or even poisoning.

Roasted seeds in the diet of the chinchilla is strictly prohibited

Seeds of melons

Any seeds are huge energy. Therefore, birds and rodents love them.

Very useful raw pumpkin seeds for chinchillas, squash, watermelon, melon.

But the owner of the rodent needs to stop. Per day the pet is quite 5 to 7 stuff the seeds of gourds.

Important! All the seeds, which the owner wants to feed their pet, should be fresh, slightly dried.

Apple seeds

Chinchillas are herbivores. Their diet consists of herbs and fruits. Apple is a favorite food for the rodents. But to give them in slightly dried or dried.

To the question, is it necessary to wipe them from the core, experts answer in the negative. Doctors recently came to the conclusion that the seeds of apples have anti-cancer properties. Even a person is recommended to eat them daily as prophylaxis for 4-5 pieces.

Because Apple seeds do not differ by special taste qualities, chinchillas do not overeat them. But specifically harvest them and feed in a separate dish should not be.

Grass seeds

In nature, chinchillas eat not only grass, but also their seeds. Therefore, in captivity rodents just need to give flax seeds, sesame seeds.

Since the composition of flax and sesame seeds a lot of fat to give a lot of seeds of these herbs is not worth it. Otherwise, it can happen diarrhea or constipation. And the obesity is not the best option for a pet.

Grass seeds — a natural food chinchilla

That chinchilla

Although rodents are supposed to eat the fruits, some can harm their health.

Categorically it is impossible to give animals:

  • acacia;
  • drain;
  • cherries;
  • cherry.

And the seeds of these berries, and all under a huge ban. They contain hydrocyanic acid which is poisonous.

Important! Never feed the animals the bones of the berries, even if they would be happy to absorb them.

Experts believe that the fruits of chestnut trees and nuts also harmful to rodents. While many manufacturers add in the feed nuts. But these "Goodies" — a large burden on the liver of the animal.

Video: chinchilla eats the seeds

What seeds can be given to chinchillas and which are not
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