How to distinguish chinchilla boy from a girl

The question of how to determine the sex of a chinchilla, often occurs in novice owners.If the animal chose a gift, the question of its field could not be set, so the deal will have a new owner. When you introduce a new animal to one or more chinchillas, it is important to reliably know the female or the male, to avoid conflicts and unwanted reproduction. To be able to know the sex also particularly important when independent breeding is the process of forming a pair of chinchillas has its own characteristics, and in the future will also need to determine the sex of the offspring.

Features of males and females

Hosts that have your first pet, often concerned with the choice between female and male — are there any differences in the content of who is better tamed, more interesting for observation and communication. But if you choose a chinchilla to solitary confinement, Paul is not so important. External differences are usually practically invisible — sometimes females are larger than males, but the animals have the same body shape, coat. Note that the cost of the chinchilla from the floor does not change.

Is the difference noticeable in the behavior of the girls behave bolder and more active. This is due to the dominant position of females in the pack. Chinchilla-girl, curious, loves to explore space, to play, "talkative", so it is usually more interesting to observe. Disadvantage it may be possible to aggressiveness in heat, and the susceptibility of females to stress.

Adult female slightly larger than male

Chinchilla-boy behavior calmer, easier to tame, almost never shows aggression. If the owner of the animal is the child, it is recommended to choose boys chinchillas — as a more secure and resistant to stress. Disadvantage males can be a lethargy, silence and the interest to the owner.

Differences in the behavior only occasionally expressed really bright, so for a single content sex of the animal plays a big role.

The shares of same-sex individuals

Chinchillas are gregarious animals, the health of which depends on the social aspect. If the animal is being held in isolation, he starts to miss, loses its activity, becomes fearful. In order to avoid your pet feel comfortable, it is often hooked companion. Accordingly, it is important to recognize the gender of the newcomer.

The shares of a friend to the chinchilla can be a difficult operation. Because of the desire of females to take a leading position for the first time not to avoid fighting, establishing a hierarchy. To reduce aggressive period, females reduced to neutral territory, where there are no smells, marks. To do this, thoroughly wash the old cage with household chemicals.

Before you put animals together, their few days close kept in separate cells, offer one bathing, so the animals get used to the smell of each other. The boys usually get used faster, without much difficulty adjusting to the shares of a comrade. But for them it is also better to have a preliminary acquaintance with a stranger smell. This will help to reduce stress, to avoid unnecessary aggression.

It is best to take same-sex pups from the same litter, so they will work together to grow and establish a hierarchy without sharp conflicts.

Formation of pairs for breeding

To find out the sex of a chinchilla is necessary if you plan in the future to settle to her a couple for breeding. To take animals from the same litter, already accustomed to each other, not the kinship will have a negative impact on the offspring. Therefore, to avoid the procedure information of individuals from different litters will not work.

Be aware that chinchillas are building social groups on the principle of matriarchy. Male, accommodate to the DOE already considers its territory, will definitely be subjected to aggressive attacks. To keep animals, you will need to spend a lot of time and patience, and the result may still be negative. Therefore, first and foremost, always plant a male and sat female. Then it will behave non-aggressive, will be used to partner and form a couple.

At what age can identify the sex of chinchilla

To distinguish boys from girls by location of the genital organs

Chinchilla to distinguish boys from girls difficult even in adulthood, and cubs under one year are the same. Behaviors also can not serve as a criterion. If the animal jumps on the back of another, it can be as a natural act of a male and a manifestation of dominant behavior female chinchillas acts matriarchy and the female takes the role of leader of the group. So the only way to determine the sex insilence — inspection of the genital organs.

But the inspection does not guarantee the accuracy — externally, the bodies of males and females look very similar, the only difference is the location relative to the anus. In young animals, this period is very small — 1-3 mm, so it's really an easy mistake to make, confusing the boy with a girl. Over time the gap gets bigger, so the sexual characteristics of males and females easier to distinguish in adults.

IMPORTANT: Chinchilla capable of reproduction already from the age of three, so the question of sex determination is quite acute.

Early pregnancy (up to the age of six or seven months) also can ruin the health of females. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between the floor and seat the boys and girls in separate cells.

Define gender

Not to scare pet before conducting the inspection, make sure that the animal is calm and shows no signs of aggression. Then perform the following steps:

  1. Remove the animal from the cage, and carefully flip over belly up.
  2. Sit back grab with one hand under the front legs, the second take down the tail.
  3. Inspect the genitals, if the animal is not in an aggressive or distressed state, he calmly reacts to the procedure and will not break.
  4. Males, you can see quite a noticeable gap between the penis and the anus.
  5. In females, the urethra and the vagina located slightly lower, so the gap is smaller or almost absent.
  6. After the completion of the inspection reassure pet treat, put in a cage.
Sex differences — the distance between the genitals and the anus

IMPORTANT: to Distinguish the female from the male chinchilla is easier during a sexual inclination. This period can be determined by the behavior of the animals become restless, you notice the rituals of "courtship" with fyrchaniem.

Hunting of females is repeated once in 40-50 days and lasts for 3-7 days, depending on her changing state of males. At this time, the sexual organs swell chinchillas and differences become more visible, so to determine the sex quite easily. But during estrus, the females chinchillas may show sudden aggression, so need to inspect carefully.

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How to distinguish chinchilla boy from a girl
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