Methods of determining the age of a chinchilla

Ways to determine the age of a chinchilla, there are several.During this period, Hatchling and already refuses mother's milk and passes on to the vegetable food. Weight chinchillana should be in the range of 250-300 g, and the teeth white.

How to know the age of a chinchilla

To determine exactly how old is the chinchilla in appearance is not easy. A clear distinction between young, adolescent and Mature animals.

By the end of the first year of life figure chinchillas, number of teeth and the weight reaches the biological norms for the species. In future life these parameters remain stable.

Table weight dynamics chinchillas

Age in days In months The weight in grams
0 49
20 > 1 101
35 1 154
50 1,5 215
60 2 242
90 3 327
120 4 385
150 5 435
180 6 475
210 7 493
240 8 506
270 9 528
adult 12 606

The table is compiled for farming. Pets usually weigh more specified parameters. Experienced chinchillada use data as a minimum for individuals of a certain age. Females usually larger than males and visitee. The weight of the animal is also influenced by genetic characteristics, health status, conditions of detention and nutrition.

If you have not purchased or only purchased animal recommend you to read the article,"How to distinguish chinchilla boy from a girl".

Therefore, in order to know the age of a chinchilla weighting is not enough.

Visual signs of growing up

Young individuals are more mobile, active and curious. With age, the rodent becomes calmer, he played less often, runs less. The years of the life of the animal can be judged by their appearance. Such include:

  • body type;
  • the structure faces;
  • the stop condition;
  • the color of the teeth.

In the animal, up to 6 months ears, neck and muzzle shorter than in the adult. The distance between the eyes with age is not particularly changed. Have rodent to 6 months, the shape of the ears and snout rounded. Over time, the pet's muzzle elongates and expands the parietal part of the head.

Teeth chinchillana, which is fed mainly maternal milk, white. When you transition to a plant-based diet enamel gets an orange tint. The darker the color of the teeth, the more years you pet.

Color of teeth in a chinchilla is changed throughout life from infancy in white to dark orange in old age

In young specimens the feet smooth. The presence of calluses, corns, skin displacements clearly indicate the years of the life of the chinchilla. The more, the older the animal.

Corns have a chinchilla — a sign of old age

Stages of growing chinchilla

Single formula of the ratio of years of life chinchillas with the period a person does not exist. This comparison is not correct, because of the biological differences between humans and rodents. The age of the chinchillas in human terms can be learned by comparing the important stages of growing up with the same people. Month age chinchillas are cut new teeth. In children this corresponds to the 6th month of life. The rodent reaches sexual maturity at 6-7 months, so animal at this age can be compared with a teenager of 16 years. Reproductive system female chinchilla is functioning properly until the age of 12-15 years. In women these changes in the body begins in the period from 40 to 50. life expectancy of chinchillas 20-25 years, so the pet, which exchanged the third ten, you can safely assume that the elderly and to draw analogies with 75-year-old man.


Methods of determining the age of a chinchilla
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