The content of the chinchilla and cat in the same apartment

Whether in the same apartment at the same time these two animals, because the chinchilla and cat are, in fact, a predator and a victim.It often happens that cats consider themselves superior to small rodents and rarely pay attention to them. However, there are times when the rodent begins to seize the kitten. In this case, as soon as possible to raise animals in the different rooms. If a cat's hunting instinct is strongly developed, it can begin the hunt for a chinchilla. The waiting and patience in this case will be rewarded, and over time the cat will catch the rodent.

How to make a cat and a chinchilla

All goes well, if the chinchilla family for a long time, and the cat will appear small. In this case, the chinchilla and the cat can live together and accept each other as equals. If the chinchilla appeared first, then release it should be very careful, previously observed for several days, the cat will behave near the cage.

In that case, if interest in the new pet elevated to release the first time a rodent is not necessary in the presence of a cat. Not the last role will be playing the character of a cat, friendly with other Pets and will he be able to take another friend to live with him in the same house.

Cats and chinchillas: the relationship

If the chinchilla were opened first, then the kitten will be much less, so instinctively he is afraid of it. But if the cat is older and the sole owner of the house, the cute chinchilla can become a living toy that will be a long time to track down and one day she will be caught. It is, it will not, however, bite a few times can.

It should be remembered that the little chinchilla doesn't stand a chance against adult and gambling cat. Speed, maneuverability, and small size also does not help.

Easier to make friends adult chinchilla and a kitten

The nature of the cat may appear thus:

  • full friendliness, which will appear in a fun and most importantly in a joint pastime;
  • a constant hunt for a new pet.

Chinchilla is able to stand up for yourself, but only if she's an adult large. Chinchillas get along with cats, but introducing them gradually.

What you should do before

Each animal should have its own place or even a house. Thus, the chinchilla and the cat will not qualify for the same seat in the house. If the cat shows aggression, the time zone needs to be delineated. Chinchilla can live in the bedroom, if the apartment where the door will be tightly closed and keep the cat inside. The location should be completely safe and the only time the cat can get used to the new smell and to make friends with the chinchilla. Rodents don't eat meat, so competition cat will not make. And only after time they can meet. Their reaction will tell you whether they live in the same apartment.

Can a cat eat a chinchilla

A cat can easily catch a chinchilla

To eat animal cat can easily. It is recommended to have them together and young. Addictive should take place in several stages, and as natural as possible. The first time you need to follow their joint pastime. Domestic cats are not hungry enough to want to eat a chinchilla, but the wild can.

If you still doubt whether to buy a chinchilla advised to read the information in the article,"to Have a chinchilla: all the "pros" and "cons"of" and "the Cost of chinchillas in pet stores and in the markets".

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The content of the chinchilla and cat in the same apartment
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