The cost of chinchillas in pet stores and markets

Today is not a very common animal acting as a human companion, is a chinchilla.Planning to have a pet, you need to consider the cost of the cells, items of the content of rodent feed.

How much will it cost chinchilla

These rodents have soft fur. He dearly prized on the planet. But living chinchilla sold even more than their skins.

Prices in rubles for these animals in Russia range from a half to fifty thousand. The cost of the animal depends on:

The price impact of age and sex of rodent

The baby chinchilla is cheaper than adult. Although as a companion, it is recommended to buy a small animal – he quickly gets used to the owner.

Baby chinchilla will get used faster to you than an adult

But the farmer or breeder who specializes in breeding and breeding animals to sell, easier to buy adult.

You should immediately purchase a few rodents – a boy and a girl. These animals prefer to live with families.

Important! No need to buy for multiple Pets another cell.

Unlike rats, males chinchillas are not aggressive towards offspring. They even change the mother at the time when she eats. And foreign females are so loyal that they can feed milk to outsiders cubs if necessary. Therefore, to isolate the male and other females after childbirth one of the chinchillas is not necessary.

The cost of the chinchilla depending on colour

Usual natural color of the animal is gray-blue. On the abdomen in chinchillas are white blotches. Animal with this coloration applies to the grey standard. It is relatively cheap: from 1500 to 2500 rubles.

Chinchilla natural color

Due to gene mutations breeders chinchillas were bred rodents, distinguished by their color from the standard: with the predominance of white black. Breeders continued to work. Thanks to them, a host of other colors. Today there are chinchilla as a uniform color (monochrome) and with a complex color.

Chinchilla monochrome color

When selling a spotted animal, the seller will ask a higher price than for the individual monochromatic colors. The cost of rodent complex color differs from monochrome up to 10 times.

Color home chinchilla is:

  • gray (standard);
  • beige (hetero or homozygous);
  • white ebony;
  • white velvet;
  • pink and white;
  • velvet pink and white;
  • silver mosaic;
  • white mosaic;
  • brown velvet;
  • black velvet;
  • violet;
  • Homo - and heteroaro;
  • sapphire;
  • pastel;
  • velvety pastels.

A summary table of prices for a chinchilla republics

Here are the average prices requested by private traders, retail outlets specializing in the sale of animals, and large nurseries.

The market vendors offer their goods cheap, but do not give any guarantee that the animals are healthy. Many do not even know how to determine the sex of a rodent or give false information for this reason.

Animals in pet stores often purchase from the same privateers. So buying it does not give a full guarantee of product quality.

Sellers try to purchase young chinchillas at the age of 6-7 weeks, while they are still small. But for animals it is better to stay longer near the mother for up to 2 months or more.

The best option is to buy the animal in the kennel. Here, specialists are responsible for the quality of the product, give advice on the content, guarantees. So high prices are justified.

Place of purchase Price in Russia, RUB. Price in Belarus, the Bel. RUB The price in Ukraine is UAH. Price in Kazakhstan tenge.
Market 500-1500 25-70 200-400 15000-25000
Pet shop 1500-2500 150-200 500-800 25000-40000
Nursery 2500-5000 250-500 800-950 40000-60000

Items needed for the maintenance of a chinchilla

A true animal lover will take care of that pet was comfortable to be with a man. Before buying a chinchilla you need to buy:

These items are purchased once. As failure should be updated.

Among other things, for keeping chinchillas need food and fillers for the cells that you want to buy regularly.


Chinchilla love high cells

One animal need a minimum space of 0,5X0,5 m and height 0.7 m. But since chinchilla – lovers to climb, you can increase the height, it is just like.

The more animals you plan to keep in the same cage, the more volume it needs to be. Care must be taken about the convenience of maintaining cleanliness inside the dwelling rodents. Therefore, it is better to choose cage with sliding tray. Inside the housing of animals shall be equipped with ladders, jumps and tunnels. These animals are mobile, they need a "sports equipment" for a healthy lifestyle. In stores cages for chinchillas are sold at prices ranging from 2700 rubles and above. Some luxurious abode for Pets are 30,000 or even 50,000 rubles.


Important! Craftsmen often make their own cages for their Pets. But here we should be very careful: even a small protruding the tip of the nail or wire can cost the animal's life.

The shelter-houses

These animals do not tolerate drafts and direct sunlight, without a specially equipped "hole", where they creep up from time to time, not enough.

Houses for rodents should be without a bottom. It is best to buy them with a removable roof so it will be easier to get out or to get the animal if necessary.

In the house the chinchilla can retire and relax

In stores shelter-houses sell for different prices. There are pendant width cost 190 rubles, there are wooden buildings for 440 RUB is Offered by the manufacturers to its customers and true mansions for chinchillas price of 1500 rubles.

Waterers and feeders

When you purchase these accessories do not particularly bother. You can use any, intended to contain rodents.

In retail outlets prices for appliances range from 123 RUB (plastic) up to 3300 RUB Feeders can be purchased from 88 rubles to 300 rubles. While here, you can easily manage without buying, adapting to food to any pet metal bowl with no sharp edges.


For healthy growth of pet he will need a useful, fortified and balanced nutrition. Prepared feed mixtures are sold in pet stores. The price is from RUB 96 (800 g) 400 RUB., (800 g).

You can choose to cook the rodents out of grains, vegetables, herbs, and vitamins. It will be cheaper but will require some knowledge and time.

Fillers for cells

To maintain cleanliness in the home of the animal you can use:

  • sawdust (200-250 rubles. per 1 kg);
  • sand attapulgite (390-440 RUB per 1 kg);
  • corn granules (780 rubles per 5 kg);
  • corn flakes (180 roubles for 1,5 kg);
  • paper pellets(530 RUB for 1.3 kg);
  • wood filler (187 RUB over 3 kg).

Important! We can not allow Pets to chew on the filling. Therefore it is better to use the cage with slide out tray.

The cost of chinchillas in pet stores and markets
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