Whether the smell of the chinchillas in the house

Charming and colorful ushastik often attract the attention of novice breeders.The fear that the apartment will be a bad smell stems from the acquisition of the beloved animal.

The smell of chinchilla: whether or not

Experienced breeders and owners on the question of whether the chinchillas stink, definitely claim that rodents do not produce odours if the conditions of detention and state of health in norm. Articles describing the dignity of animals, often stress that one of the pluses is the natural cleanliness of Pets.

Specific aroma may appear in the following cases:

  • ignoring the need for regular cleaning;
  • incorrectly chosen a litter box or litter;
  • the development of diseases.

Untreated cell is the source of a very strong smell of urine in the toilet rodent, rotten hay, food debris. In this case it is absorbed into the wool of the animal, why it seems that chinchilla stinks.

Errors in selection of the tray and filler leads to stagnant smell of urine, which sustain quite difficult.

The stench in violation of the state of health – a consequence of:

  • intestinal infections and chronic diarrhea – the smell of feces;
  • lesions of the organs of the urinary system – is distinguished by very smelly urine;
  • dental disease – there is a putrid smell from the mouth;
  • complications after birth – severe stench coming from the hinges of the female.

Typical pharmaceutical flavors (there is a similarity with vitamin C) arise on a background of stress or discontent. Reasons:

  • the failure of females;
  • the quarrel of the younger individuals;
  • the ban on the study area;
  • fright.

The severity of odor

Discharge from the anal glands intended for other individuals. They differ sharp odor, extends over several meters.

The intensity of the other flavors depends on the background. Uncleared within a month the cage will make staying at home difficult. Symptoms of diseases associated with discharge of urine and faeces, it is also possible to recognize when you are away from the habitat of the pet.

Chinchilla ill

How to cope with a specific flavor

The first step in changing the atmosphere in the room – to determine the causes. If cleaning, you should conduct more complete cleaning of the cage, to review the quality of food, to buy special tools for the best cleanse.

The problem of smell coming from the toilet chinchilla solved by replacing the tray more comfortable.

Experienced owners recommend the use of a small glass baking dish.

Can be used as a tray for the toilet glass baking pan

The filler should choose pellets made for cats. This structure effectively absorbs not only liquid, but also additional odors. If it stinks he animal, he needs the help of a man in the purification: it is likely that, despite the natural cleanliness, chinchilla smells because are unable to cope on their own.

At the slightest suspicion on the development of the diseases need to visit the vet. Field disease treatment the smell will disappear themselves, and the big-eared rodent will continue to please master.

Video: cleaning of the cage and is there any smell from chinchilla

Whether the smell of the chinchillas in the house
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