How to choose or to do with their hands running wheel for chinchilla

Running wheel for chinchilla is an important attribute of her everyday life, which is responsible for the health of your pet.Running wheel for chinchilla you can buy or make yourself by following the simple instructions.

Is there a need for a cross-country wheel

The need for such an attribute, as in addition to have fun while chinchilla running wheel, muscle atrophy she is not threatened. Wheel get together with the cell and its functional features, no one thinks.

What material is preferable

It is possible to use several materials that are perfect for exercise and active chinchilla.


This material does not absorb moisture, are completely safe, however, to find the optimal size of the product difficult. Wheel size for chinchillas is selected based on the size of the animal.

Maximum product dimensions are approximately 32 cm, which is suitable only for a small rodent. These dimensions due to the fact that design is often used for hamsters.

Plastic wheel size fits singillatim and individuals of small size


In the first place should pay attention to the fact that such structures are recognized as traumatic. In the bottom of them is mesh, so the cell can get a claw or finger of the animal. Most injuries can be avoided by tying the wheel with a thick cloth that will hide the existing cell. Set metal stand under the wheel can also harm your pet, simply crushing him.

If there are multiple rodents the level of danger only increases, because while one will run, the second may try to stick her head under construction.

The disadvantages of this wheel is the trauma and instability of the structure

The alternative may be aluminum construction, which is mount to the wall, therefore the need to install an additional stand is missing. However, in this case to choose the diameter of the wheel for the chinchilla would be problematic, as domestic manufacturer doesn't make them.


This option can be called almost perfect, as is the wooden wheel can be ordered in the nearest workshop. Sharp edges, this design will not be as grid cells, which are often the cause of injury animals. The disadvantages include the absorbent material moisture and odors. Wash contaminated surface is almost impossible, and get rid of the smell of excrement and does not work. Chinchillas love to pee in new places, so will either have to put up with the smell, or to frequently change the design.

However, the disadvantage can be avoided by coating the surface of the auxiliary layer of paint or varnish. But here we must consider the point that a chinchilla will gnaw the wheel. Getting into the esophagus of the pieces of paint or varnish is unlikely to benefit the health of your pet.

Wooden wheel you can make on ordering the right size

What should be the size of the wheel

Wheel size depends on the size of your pet. Wheel diameter must be at least 32-34 cm Width of the treadmill should be no less than 15-17 cm, Respectively, larger than the chinchilla, the more it should be. The wheel should not be small, this leads to the fact that chinchilla in this wheel will stumble or bend, which in turn can lead to injuries of the spine, dislocated limbs or fractures.

How to make a running wheel for chinchilla with his hands

This kind of device can be constructed independently. For this purpose it is customary to use wood as the most available and environmentally friendly material. Even if the pet is inclined to grind your teeth with your favorite toys, in the presence of the wooden wheels of the harm he will cause.

Chinchilla in a wheel will feel calm and, if necessary, biting the rim of the circle, which can then be replaced. This option is the most economical, but at desire it is possible to make the metal ferrule that will extend the life of the product.

Materials you will need:

  • drill;
  • jigsaw for woodworking;
  • the ruler and compass;
  • a set of screws;
  • bolts;
  • set screws;
  • a small plank (width 3cm, length about 15cm).

Sequence of actions:

  1. First we cut a smooth circle. To do this, take a sheet of plywood with a jigsaw cut out a small hole, using a compass, draw the desired radius.
    Then, thanks to the hole, using bolt to fasten the jig to the table.
  2. Plywood sawn by rotating it around the axis of the sketched circle. The only way to get the correct desired range of diameters.
  3. After the cut ring with the same outside diameter. Take a thin self-tapping screws to fasten the boards to the inside of the wooden ring. That the wood is not cracked, holes should be carefully drilled using a drill with a drill of 1.5 mm. Below the ring possessed good strength, it to a plywood circle attached on the outside.
  4. After doing the node rotation and fixing. To the mount was safe, you need a bolt to a minimum length of 150 mm. to the bolt not much pressed on the plywood and not damage it, it is worn on a steel washer with a diameter exceeding the diameter of the bolt. The bolt must be inserted inside the structure and outside it to fix the same washer.
  5. Put on the bolt tensioner is attached with screws to a plank of wood. What good is the tensioner? The clip was made of plastic does not make noise during rotation. The structure is assembled completely.

Video: how to make a wheel with your hands to mount on the wall

The toy in the cage can be mounted in several ways:

  1. Structure is mounted on the bottom of the cage and to the strap or the plate can be mounted with two screws, but the width of the plank shall not be less than 100mm, and the chinchilla could easily toy flip.
  2. The bar with the tensioner with a wire can be screwed to the wall of the cage. This option is more acceptable because the rodent is now not under force to move or turn the machine.

Video: how to make wheel for chinchillas with his own hands, which is installed on the floor of the cage

How to teach a chinchilla to run in the wheel

If the dimensions of wheel running chosen correctly and used quality material, the pet should show at least some interest in the new unit. The wheel must be fixed and installed correctly. However, if a proper interest was not manifested, then upset ahead of time is not worth it. For a start the rodent have to be acquainted with a new piece of furniture. The wheel can rotate, thus giving to understand what to do with it.

Having understood in what sense, the chinchilla will want to take a ride on the new device. If the design of the wood, the animal will inevitably start to chew on it. There's nothing you can do about it, because in this way he will get used to the changed environment in the cell.

To teach your chinchilla to the wheel can be method of training, but in this case the animal will think that you are playing with him. Will need to start a favorite treat of chinchillas and some free time with the host.

If mere interest is not enough, you must put the animal in the wheel and slowly rotate it back and forth. Entrance you can temporarily cover up a hand to pet tried to escape. If everything is in order, then during the day the rodent will begin an independent investigation of the set, sometimes even trying its taste. If activity in the next few days is not observed, it is recommended to use a treat that fits inside the wheel. After the first round of a pet should be rewarding, and so for some time. If none of your methods does not work, you should leave conceived, because the rodent may simply be lazy by nature.

How to choose or to do with their hands running wheel for chinchilla
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