How to play with a chinchilla and what toys you can use

Sad chinchilla suffering from boredom, becomes the habit.A frightened dog will try to hide, so it can get stuck and suffer. The damages may be applied not only a chinchilla, but their favorite things, left unattended. Sharp teeth will definitely try them on taste.

  • Prepare soft insurance. A wounded animal can get out of hand and cripple the fall.
  • The joint games learn how to hold a chinchilla on his hands:

    1. Use protection. Untrained hands pet may bite, so use gloves or a towel. Return the animal in the cage if it breaks.
    2. Put both hands under the belly. The animal must take a vertical position, so keep the front paws and base of tail.

    IMPORTANT! Don't try to catch a chinchilla for fur. He may fall from fright or tension.

    When dealing with chinchilla avoid:

    • pressure. Allow the pet to get out of the cage and do not disturb if you wish to return;
    • loud noises and sudden movements. If the animal is frightened, that confidence will disappear and everything will have to start again;
    • odors. Wash your hands thoroughly before you take a chinchilla on his hands;
    • remember that chinchillas are nocturnal animals and with great pleasure to see the game in the evening.

    Principal toys

    Hanging toys very much like the chinchilla

    Toys for chinchillas, presented in online shops are divided into 2 large groups:

    • static, allowing not only to entertain the pet, but also to decorate the interior;
    • moving designed for active play not only inside cells but also outside it.

    Take a closer look.


    Such facilities do not require the owner's participation, and rigorous selection make them an excellent design solution.

    The tunnel

    Chinchillas love to hide in wooden and plastic pipes. Choose a transparent product in order to find pet asleep after a waste of energy. Pay attention to the size. If the diameter of the tunnel is less than 30 cm, then the animal may get stuck.

    IMPORTANT! When selecting a tree, pay attention to the edges. The rodent quickly grind them if they are not made of metal.

    The tunnel can be not only a toy, but also a place of sleep


    Manufacturers offer a rag, plastic and wooden versions of the hammocks with 1 or 2 tiers. In the case of multiple levels, the pet will receive an additional place to hide.

    Nice to sleep and NAP in a cozy hammock


    Powerful hindquarters are in need of activity, so the placement of 1 or more of the shelves will be a great trainer. When setting the stick height not exceeding 80 cm. otherwise the animal may suffer during an unsuccessful jump.

    Chinchilla shelves required for an active life


    Miniature ladders develop legs, suited to scratching of the back and sharpen the teeth. Budget option would be an ordinary wooden stick, placed vertically.

    Chinchillas love to jump and ladder for them to become an excellent trainer


    Toys allow you to frolic outside the house and require active action by the chinchilla:


    Clattering and jingling trinkets in rodents cause a real delight. Before bedtime them better to temporarily withdraw otherwise sonorous hum will interfere with a planned vacation.

    Homemade toy with bell


    Rotating wheels help the animal to maintain good form in home conditions and are manufactured in 4 versions:

    1. Plastic. Safe, but not durable and has a small size (not more than 32cm).
    2. Tree. Good quality material, but is made only under the order.
    3. Metal. The most dangerous variant. During the run chinchilla can get stuck in the small mesh, tight the wheel and get injured. In order to prevent the surface tight tight denim.

    IMPORTANT! Perfect as an option — aluminium with only 1 caveat. Production is concentrated abroad, which significantly increases the final cost.

    The wheel helps to maintain the shape of your pet

    Ball for walking

    The product of plastic allows you to walk around the room, but poor ventilation significantly reduces the time of walking. Frequent overheating of the animals – a serious minus amusing gizmos.

    For the safety of the chinchilla is required to keep track of time, so instead of buying a questionable toy, remove the obstructions and allow the animal to run on her own.

    Walking the ball you should use extreme caution

    Toys for chinchillas with his hands

    Some manufacturers are trying to reduce cost, skimp on quality. In the end, the final product is not just losing in quality, but also becomes a threat. Avoid products:

    • out of cheap plastic, lime, glass, rubber, cement, cardboard and paper;
    • contains small parts (during the game rodent may choke on them);
    • bright colors (all factory paint will go on the fur of the animal);
    • with sharp angles and a rough surface;
    • with a strong smell, talking about the excessive amount of dangerous chemicals;
    • of pine needles, oak and cherry trees, containing resin (poisoning).

    The best solution to the problem is to make toys for chinchillas with his hands. A hand-made piece not only protect pet from an unscrupulous manufacturer, but also help to save money.

    The tunnel

    A homemade tunnel for chinchilla

    Homemade toy will bring the interior of the cells and entertain the pet. To establish the tunnel, prepare:

    • dry willow twigs;
    • flexor;
    • stationery knife;
    • ready-made template containing holes (not <40 cm in diameter);
    • scissors for gardening;
    • line.


    1. Place large rods (5-7 pieces) in the prepared holes. When the discrepancy between the sizes of the ends of the rods were sharpened with a knife.
    2. Select any switch and put it between those that are in the template. It weaves between the bars that serve the base of the structure, alternating the place of weaving (over Foundation, under Foundation, etc.).
    3. At the end 1 twig adding the next until you reach the desired size of the product.
    4. After 1 lap firmly push the resulting design to avoid gaps.
    5. Having achieved the desired height, fold the rods flexor, placing them in adjacent holes.
    6. With a utility knife, remove extra inches, and then gently get rid of the template.

    Properly designed toy is completely natural and will not only serve as entertainment, but also a comfortable place to sleep. An example of the finished product can be seen in the photo.


    The hammock, made in the classic version, really to build, even without serious handicraft skills. Before the work beginning prepare:

    • threads and a needle;
    • 2 piece of solid fabric (45*45cm) of jeans or fleece;
    • scissors;
    • edge bandings;
    • mounting carabiners.


    1. Prepare the pattern, shown in the photo, and make it the fabric of the workpiece.


    2. Use edging tape to outline the edges (use a basting stitch).
    3. Each of the 4 edges will provide the mounting loop and secure the edging with a simple seam.

      Cut and machined edges

    4. Secure the item on the roof of the cage with carabiners.
    Here's a homemade hammock happens in the end


    Before ringing rattle chinchilla not in forces to resist, so enjoy playing to the bitter (usually first seems tired host). For the manufacture of such toys be:

    • bell;
    • a chain made of metal;
    • beads made of wood, having a through hole;
    • a thin wire;
    • fastening with a carabiner.


    1. Use wire to secure the bell, threading it in the bottom of the chain.
    2. Place beads in each link.
    3. In the last link pass the carabiner and hang the toy in the cage.
    In this hanging toy can and take a NAP

    Video: how to make toys for chinchillas with their hands


    Play with chinchillas is not only fun, but also beneficial for their health. Try not to overload the cellular space toys. Abundance will lead to boredom, and bored with periodic change of the subject to the new will help to maintain interest.

    Remember that happiness pet depends not on invested money, but from the manifested attention. Sometimes it is enough a normal nut or walnut wooden spools for thread, and if the animal will trust the owner and it is no problem to hold, it self-organizes itself tunnels into the sleeves of the garment.

    How to play with a chinchilla and what toys you can use
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