How to name a chinchilla: a list of names for boys and girls

After acquiring a furry pet, the problem arises how to name a chinchilla.The most common nickname in chinchillas is Shushik or Sushka who became a household name. You should look at the pet and find it a bright and memorable name that will sound unusual. For chinchillas is better to choose a name with hissing, but this is optional. The name of the animal should be short so that the pet could easily remember.

The first thing you need to be sure what sex you have a pet, a boy or a girl.

One option is to rely on the appearance of a rodent. You can consider the color of the coat, size of pet, or other signs. Chinchillas are not very diverse colors, so often have to play with the gray. Smoky boy can be called the grey, Smokey, Smokey or formidable Grizzly. In another case, a white girl is to call the Squirrel, Girl, Snow white, snowflake, or Vanilla. Sizes – the same story. Large animal can be dubbed Godzilla or, with humor, Kid.

White chinchilla can be called Vanilla

Is to look at the habits of the animal, they can push on the idea of a nickname. According to this principle, the names for a chinchilla boy can be:

  • Nibbles;
  • Kusaka;
  • The Hoppy;
  • Lucky.

And for girls: Sonja, Grisola, Prague, Workusa. Shushik are renowned for their curiosity and desire to move from place to place. Particularly diligent girl can be called a hostess or Assistant. If a boy has a very good appetite, is to christen his Abaric or, affectionately, Zhorik. Sometimes a pet should be named, given her eating habits: Grushenka, Peanut, Carrot.

Beautiful names for dogs boys

The names may sound solemn and expressive. Boy you can call Roland – abbreviated drop, Mephistopheles, Patrician, Leonardo, mark, Walter. You can "rush back centuries" and to borrow the old Russian names:

  • Goriot;
  • Dobrynya;
  • Mirodar;
  • Svatoboj;
  • Jaromil.

Correctly will shorten such names when communicating with a pet, the solemnity of the main nicknames will not suffer.

For chinchilla boy, you can choose a beautiful name Walter

Beautiful names for dogs girls

Charming chinchilla you can select the best beauty name: Jasmine Queen, Matilda, Susannah, die walküre, Penelope, Princess, Aurora, Aphrodite. Of ancient names sound good:

  • Lubomira;
  • Svetozar;
  • Miroslav;
  • Arina;
  • Molchan;
  • Krasava
  • Keeper;
  • Lord.

Since each chuska feels Queen, she is fine majestic name, besides, animals are matriarchal. The dominant female can bestow a name royals.

A beautiful girl can be called Valkyrie

The names of heroes and characters

Sometimes you can call chinchilla boy's name favorite character. Of the most interesting representatives of the movie star wars it is easy to choose: Skywalker, Darth Vader or Yoda. Favorite characters can give the pet a nickname:

  • Indiana Jones;
  • James Bond;
  • Rocky;
  • Spartacus;
  • Zorro;
  • Batman;
  • Terminator;
  • Harry Potter;
  • Sherlok;
  • Shrek;
  • Bambi.

According to this principle can be called the chinchilla girl: Hermione, Leia, Buffy, Daenerys, Katniss Everdeen, Sarah Connor, Xena, Mulan, Scarlett O'hara, Sansa stark, Irene Adler.

For a person passionate about football, it will be interesting to have a home of his: Maradona, Beckham, Messi or Ronaldo. Someone want to "have" a modern singer or musician. The animal can be called Philip, or Joseph Kobzon, Valeria or Madonna. Nice when cage jumps sting, Timati, Nyusha, or Valery Meladze.

Chinchilla can be called the name of his favorite character, for example, in honor of the deer Bambi

Affectionate, gentle names

Cute shushik a soft nicknames and touching, a little "rustling". The chinchilla names for girls are:

  • Musya;
  • Squishy;
  • Darling;
  • Busia;
  • Mouse;
  • Chupa;
  • Chucha;
  • Cusa;
  • Shun.

These names for dogs female just remember the animal; they are short. If you want to choose a gentle name for a chinchilla boy, here it is easy to reward the touching pet name.

Tender boy can be called a Push

For affectionate chinchillas male suitable names:

  • Tosh;
  • Gosh;
  • Eraser;
  • Fawn;
  • Pusha;
  • Eeyore;
  • Shurshik;
  • Susana.

Sometimes it's hard just to call chinchillana, then you should give him time. Sometimes, the name itself is "popping up" in the moment when you look at your pet.

Funny names for dogs boys

Some of the names unwittingly cause a smile. If you are willing to give the kid a funny name, you'll have to break down. One of the options is ridiculous – the paradox: the nickname needs to be unexpected. You can give the name of a funny character or object, and sometimes the cat nickname:

  • Murzik;
  • Bast;
  • Pate;
  • Truffaldino;
  • Aspirin;
  • Cookie monster;
  • Citrus;
  • Demobilization;
  • Cactus.

You can start from external data or character, but to give nicknames with the opposite meaning, for example, affectionate male to call a Beast or a Maniac.

A funny name may come to mind when looking at animals

Funny names for dogs girls

Girls should reward funny nicknames, based on the notorious "female logic" or the intricacies of women's character. A list of names for the beautiful half might be:

  • Blonde;
  • Pain;
  • Byaka;
  • Lambada;
  • Sneak;
  • Disaster;
  • Tsunami;
  • Goat;
  • Charlotte;
  • The USB flash drive.

As a rule, unexpected nickname style of music is laughable, but keep in mind that in the veterinary clinics of doctors too like to joke. Sitting in the queue, you will have to respond to the nickname of the pet.

It is important that the family was not against funny nicknames chinchilla

Twin names for chinchillas

If you are fortunate enough to acquire two new Pets, you can give them a fresh name, for example, Chuk and GEK or seeta and Geeta. Name for chinchilla girls should be in tune with her sister or girlfriend:

  • Masha and Dasha;
  • Sasha and Glasha;
  • Ira and Kira;
  • Vika and Nika;
  • Julia and ula;
  • The flora and Fauna.

You can put vintage names that consisted of two words Happy and sweet, Light, and Zara.

Males chinchillas can be called human names by the same principle:

  • Kolya and Tolya;
  • Mike and Tisha;
  • Pasha and Sasha.

Sometimes it is necessary to decompose compound names, for example, Yarik and Slavik (Yaroslav). However, more fun to name animals names of famous characters of movies, cartoons and TV shows: Timon and Pumbaa, the Kid and Carlson, the Gene and the Cheburashka, Chip and Dale.

The two chinchillas can be called the paired names of the heroes or characters

If you got heterosexual animals, the choice becomes much wider. A couple of Pets include:

  • Romeo and Juliet;
  • Adam and eve;
  • Shrek and Fiona;
  • Caesar and Cleopatra;
  • Ruslan and Lyudmila;
  • Zeus and Hera;
  • The master and Margarita;
  • Bonnie and Clyde;
  • Kai and Gerda;
  • Tristan and Isolde.

Sometimes you should choose for rodents names of a pair of popular artists, athletes or presenters on TV. A sound, thorough animal funny dignify by name. Sometimes the owner calls the animal by name of head or Dean of the University.

The choice of names for the animal – fun: you can connect the whole family and make a "brainstorm". Many of the versions are definitely a name that will appeal to all family members.

Only after the chinchilla will remember her name and will her to respond, you can proceed to the next stage — the domestication and training.

How to name a chinchilla: a list of names for boys and girls
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