How to choose a cage or a showcase for chinchillas

Chinchilla is an active and inquisitive rodent.To buy a suitable home for your chinchilla, keep in mind all the needs and biological features of the pet.


To imagine what the cell needs for chinchillas, it is important to understand that this rodent is very active. For the realization of energy at home animal's vital space. The size of the cage should be enough that the pet can jump and run. It is desirable to provide for a rodent at least a meter in height and length.

The minimum size cage for a chinchilla:

  • length — 80 cm;
  • height — 65 cm;
  • width — 50 cm.

For several individuals it is convenient to use a composite design, if necessary, animals can be easily seated. The size of the shared cell must be at least 100*70*50 see

Large cage for chinchilla is equipped with shelves, hammocks and tunnels. In multi-level housing pet will be able to maintain good physical shape and be less bored.

The higher and wider the cage for the chinchilla, the more space for active games and accessories


Cages made of galvanized mesh and metal. Trays and accessories are often made of plastic. Projecting parts chinchilla is able to chew swallowing small pieces, which leads to disease. Absolutely contraindicated the use of dyed and painted materials.

Plastic shelves are edged with metal safer for the chinchilla and will last longer. Slippery, smooth, and grid surface can cause injury, so preference should be given to rough shelves made from natural materials.

The distance between the bars requires less than 2.5 cm that the pet is not traumatized legs and has not got out of its cage. Home for females with offspring suitable grid with cells of no more than 1.5 cm Allowable wire thickness of 1.5 mm.

Be sure when buying, pay attention to the distance between the bars in the cage

Showcase made of wood and plexiglass. Hardwood construction environmentally friendly and safe for the animal, but make it more difficult to care for. Material absorbs the odors and is not subject to disinfection. For the product is not suitable softwood.

Modern Windows are often made from Plexiglas 6 mm thick. The edges of the sheets are treated to make them safe. Frame made of aluminum profile.


Cages for chinchillas are collapsible and solid. The first option is easier to transport, store and disinfect. The main disadvantage of collapsible design — less parts are fixed tightly among themselves than the whole model. During the warm-up chinchillas they make noise. Activities in the solid cage too loud, but to a lesser degree.

Model with sliding tray to clean easier. You should make sure that the removable container is tight to the structure. In some models it is combined with mesh false bottom. Debris and boluses immediately fall through the cell and the pet is not in contact with them. But the animal can get stuck a paw between the bars and, in an attempt to escape, to get injured.

Cells with a double bottom easy for cleaning

Overall product wheels easier to move, which facilitates cleaning of the room. Models fitted with these legs require additional control on resistance. Such options are optimal if you plan to put the cage on the floor.

Cage is on wheels easy as chinchilla much litter, and move it will have quite often

For breeding using a cage with separate compartments for females. Single rooms connected by a corridor. On the neck of females wear hoops that do not allow them to leave the compartment. The male moves freely around the room. This design is optimal for a polygamous family of four chinchillas.

Novice chinchillada will be easier to care for a monogamous couple. In this case, need cell, which provides the ability to separate the chinchillas.

What to pay attention

Among suitable for chinchilla products, it is important to choose one that will fit harmoniously into the interior space and will be convenient for the owner. Often, in the pursuit of space and the price of escape significant change.

Worth to check:

  1. The size of the door to the opening fits a chinchilla in the hands of the owner.
  2. The height of the legs if you plan to put housing on the floor. It is necessary that the bottom was higher, and the design has remained stable.
  3. The location of grid cells to the structure of the lattice leave room for changes.
  4. The rigidity of the structure mesh should not be much SAG. Setting is important if the cover is suspended a hammock, or need to have multiple cells on top of each other.
  5. The absence of backlash between the parts to minimize the noise during the games pet.

Increased attention should be paid to the strength and structure of cells. Minor issues the owner is able to correct yourself. Shelves, locks, houses and wheels can be replaced. Traumatic false bottom is easy to lay boards, or disassemble.

On the Windows

Showcase for chinchillas — an alternative to the cell. The product is made from solid sheets of wood, or plexiglass. As ventilation from the top or sides provided by barred openings. Such facilities are made by private companies or craftsmen to order. The window can be done with your hands, for example from an old wardrobe.

In this model showcases the ventilation provided by the top and sides in a grid


  • good insulation;
  • resistance;
  • prevents the spread of litter around the apartment.


  • large size;
  • more difficult to clean.

When purchasing Windows you need to double check that the holes for ventilation and easy access to all areas of the room.

Terrarium with solid walls the best choice for keeping a rodent in the apartment.

Showcase will successfully replace the mesh cage for chinchillas. For small spaces it is useful to consider models of the corner Windows. Prices depend on materials used, size and configuration.

To save space in the room can buy corner showcase

The cost of a modest storefront sizes 80*50*40 with minimal furnishings — from 6000r. A spacious room with a play set will cost 13000 and above.

Which house is better for chinchillas

The first step is to decide whether a chinchilla showcase, or just need a spacious cage. Pet is not as important, are the walls solid, or mesh. Importantly, the inside was spacious and secure. A big role in choosing the playing conditions in the apartment.

Showcase preferred if:

  • there's enough free space;
  • the room is prone to drafts;
  • the owner outside the cells inhabited by the Pets of other species;
  • among the tenants there are people disposed to allergic reactions, or small children;
  • excluded, or are less likely to move.

If the number of chinchillas in the house is not stable, the owner plans the breeding and sale of Pets, then it's better to get a set of cells. They can be combined, bringing in a large complex, or installed separately from each other.

How much is cage for chinchilla

On the value of the cell is affected by the quality of the material, size and grade. Products from top manufacturers will cost more. To achieve the optimum ratio of price and quality, you need to take into account the brand, which released the cage. Budget options you can pick from 3600 R. Comfortable accommodation for one chinchilla can be purchased at a price to 7500 R. Spacious accommodation from a reputable company will cost 12000 p.

Italian brands

Cells from Ferplast on the market since 1966. The company's products are characterized by high prices, but the home meet the standards of the animal for which intended and have good performance. The manufacturer adheres to a comprehensive policy of sales, the cost of the cell includes the necessary components.

Modest cage Ferplast Cincilla Kd for sale along with plastic shelves, a drinking bottle, a food bowl and a metal house with a wooden roof. The size of 80х50х80 cm, the volume is equal to 0.32 m3, and the acquisition cost is not cheaper 16600 R. housing Prices spacious is about 22000 p.

Cage Ferplast Cincilla Kd

Not inferior in quality to famous compatriot company Fop. The model is notable for its elegant design. Cost compact Fedro Natura, parameters 66х45х76 cm, the volume of 0.22 m3 is equal to approximately 6500 p. a Similar model with a height of 121 cm will provide for the chinchilla 0.35 m3 of space and will cost 13500 R. To cells attached wooden ladders and shelves, drinker and feeder.

Cell Fedro Natura

House for chinchillas from Marchioro volume of 0.27 m3 and equipped with the necessary setting is approximately 12,000 R.

Cage Marchioro

Models of the Imac are remarkable for their functionality. Fully furnished cage DOUBLE 80 provides external cabin with a door and air holes. The construction does not take space in the cage and, if necessary, can serve as a carrying. Is such a thought-out housing with a volume of 0.40 m3 to about 14,000 R.

Cage Imac DOUBLE 80


Manufacturer from China offers for chinchillas cage from 92 cm tall from thick plastic and galvanized mesh. The package includes shelves and ladders. Products are similar in structure, the price range is ensured by the difference in size.

Two-door model from Kredo, equipped with wheels, three shelves and ramps will cost about 6500-7500 R, when the amount of 64х44х93. If necessary, housing can be divided into 2 compartments for segregation of Pets.

Cell Kredo


Belgian company engaged in the production of pet products since 1999. When searching for the models of this brand, we must note that in the catalogue of the cells are referred to as rectangular model with a height and a length of 80 cm High of the product manufacturer is positioned as cages for chinchillas.

Most of the designs from Savic for dogs have spacious doors.

The cost of the complete cell size 80х50х80 cm is 10500 R.

Cage Savic

Cage Royal Suite 95 options 95Х63Х159 cm 0.95 m3 provides space for warming up of the pet. The cost of a spacious room of about 35,000 R.


The company was founded in 1983 in Spain. Package more modest than the Italian colleagues, but there is a wood shelf. Modest model living area of 0.18 m3 from Voltrega will cost 5000 p. Cell higher settings 70х41х106 from 15000 rubles.

Voltrega Cage


The Polish company was founded in 1996. Not all cells, can be positioned as a housing for chinchillas, do meet the requirements, so the product should be carefully considered before purchasing. The undeniable advantage is the low prices.

Housing volume of 0.46 m3 with parameters 101х58х80 cm from the Inter-Zoo 5600 is R. the range is modest models, and roomier.

Cell Inter-Zoo


Company Triol in the market since 2004. Wide price range provides a difference in size. Most of the models for chinchillas has several doors. The manufacturer positions their products as silent.

Brand Triol with a special license from the Disney company produces products with images of famous cartoon characters.

Compact cell from Triol will cost 4000 p. For the model with the parameters stated 61х46х77 price from 6000 p.

Cell Triol

A rodent in the home can live more than twenty years. So skimping on quality is inappropriate. It is better to pay for really secure and comfortable cage than to go back to the housing issue in a year again. Also the cage can be made yourself considering all the features of the interior.

How to choose a cage or a showcase for chinchillas
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