Commercial and improvised bathing for chinchillas

Chinchillas are extremely clean animals.This is important not only to the fur of the animal was nice and fluffy. "Treatments" is very important for the overall health of the pet's health.

Like, "wash" chinchilla

In our human understanding, purity is always associated with water and soap. But with rodents, things are different. Chinchilla "wash" is not water, and volcanic sand.

It consists of the smallest grains, which are well clean the fur without damaging the skin. Moreover, the use of ordinary sand is impossible. On the contrary they can cause great harm to the animal.

Important! Real sterile volcanic sand should be purchased in pet stores in airtight containers.

If any seller will offer bathing sand chinchilla scattering is a scammer, trying to sell the wrong item to the unlucky buyer.

In the most extreme cases it is possible to arrange the traditional chinchilla bathing water. But you should know that animals long to dry, so you can after swimming to get sick.

However, dry fur of a rodent Hairdryer is strictly prohibited. Wet animal wet soft cloth, wrap in dry and hide in his bosom, warming his body.

Will be correct if you allow your pet to live in the house according to the rules laid down by nature, and brushing the fur as instinct tells.

Bathing for chinchillas: basic selection rules

Wash rodents are very active. During this procedure, the sand scattered around that bad to get him hard, he filled in all the cracks.

Therefore, it is important that the house was special bathing for chinchillas. It is desirable that it had high sides and even the ceiling.

In this model, bathing the low side, which will lead to spillage of sand around

You can purchase all the accessories in the pet stores. Today the choice of goods for Pets is extremely large. You can do the bathing for chinchillas with his hands. But be aware that:

  • all the pet accessories should be made of non-toxic material;
  • things take care of the animal should be easy to wash;
  • baths must not have sharp edges, protrusions in order not to injure the animal;
  • important a sufficient amount of dishes — the animal should have enough space inside;
  • entrance to the bath needs to be fairly loose.

Given the important selection rules, the owner will choose for your pet the best option.

Ready a bath for chinchillas in the house

To make accessories for the Pets is not only a sign of the thrift of the owner. Many a pleasure to create for Pets. Especially since many houses have items that do not even require modifications.

Plastic bucket with wide bottom or steady a bowl with high sides – ready the bath for chinchillas.

Plastic trays for vegetables from the refrigerator is quite suitable capacity for the adoption of hygiene procedures.

Plastic trays are easily can be adapted for bathing

And the aquarium or terrarium with sand on the bottom is a beautiful pool.

The glass container is another option for bathing chinchillas

Ceramic tureen, a glass roaster or pan if they no longer use it, it will be convenient bath the animal.

Suitable metal utensils: pots, basins, vases or even a night. Only costs a little to decorate them so they are pleasing to the human eye, indelible, bright patterns, or applique.

The disadvantages of these items include an open top through which the sand may fall out due to active actions of the animal.

But the plastic containers for storage of vegetables have a roof and entrance, perfectly cleaned and look quite attractive.

Plastic container for vegetables as bathing is very convenient, it the sand is to sleep

This may also include containers for picnics. They are made of plastic, very similar to carrier for cats, only a bottom and walls are solid. However, from the above, in the lid, the wonderful "door" there (apparently for the hands), in which a rodent may enter and leave when he tired to wallow in the sand.

What should be bathing chinchilla

The best materials for them:

  • metal;
  • glass;
  • ceramics.

The main advantages of these baths:

  • they wash well and do not absorb odors;
  • metal, glass and ceramic trays is heavy, therefore – resistant;
  • animals don't nibble on them – the baths will long to serve pet.

Considered suitable plastic and wood. However, the baths of these materials are more disadvantages. Plastic and wood bath easier. They can roll over. Light and not very resistant bathing should be secure during use. Sharp rodent teeth often leave their marks that can seriously damage them. And wooden accessories to absorb bad smell and get rid of the sewage.

Bathing for chinchillas with his hands from the water tank

If nothing suitable around found, it is possible to make a "bath" yourself. Find out what can be done bathing for chinchillas, easy. You need to think about.

Good bathing can be made from water bottles of 5 liters. The order of works is as follows:

  1. New, unused container with a closed lid is placed horizontally.
  2. A marker marks the entrance hole.
  3. With a sharp knife cut it.
  4. The edge of the hole upravlyaut lighter (can be covered with duct tape, but the rat easily peeling it and eat – but it's bad).

This "bath" is used in a horizontal position. Animal climbs inside the top. The kind of attitude that bathing a sustainable and sufficient volume.

Bathing from a plastic bottle

Important! Use for DIY only new dishes. Even the storage capacity of clean water for a long period triggers chemical processes in the plastic (no wonder it is not recommended to re-pour in bottle of water).

This algorithm is suitable for the manufacture of baths from the canister.

Bathing from the canister

Bathing for chinchillas plywood

To make this "bath" can be in one evening. Enough to put together a plywood box with an entrance on top and you're done. For monitoring the process can one wall be made of transparent material, Plexiglas or glass.

Bathing plywood

If you love to design accessories for pet recommended reading the article "the Organization of the toilet and teach him chinchilla" and "Selecting and creating their own bird feeders and sennitsy for chinchilla"

Commercial and improvised bathing for chinchillas
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