Carrier chinchilla

Fluffy rodents – classic homebodies, but even they have to temporarily leave their original habitat.Travel in a crowded transport is best avoided.

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Container made of plastic

Chinchilla carrier made of plastic has the following advantages:

  • resistance, to avoid mechanical damage and eliminates stress animal inside;
  • the ease and speed of cleaning (the container enough to wash under running water and wipe with towel);
  • a large space that retains the oxygen and allows you to fit the drinker and feeder.

Disadvantages of containers are:

  • the volume, excluding a comfortable ride on public transport;
  • high price (fabrics will bypass cheaper);
  • evaporation of hazardous substances in the plastic at high temperatures (note that this paragraph only applies to low-grade products).

This option is ideal for owners of personal car or for long flights on the plane. In the case of the urban modes of transport carrying bag would be preferable.

Video: carrying container for chinchilla

How to avoid mistakes when choosing

When you purchase a carry, it is important to adhere to the following guidelines to help you provide your pet maximum comfort and safety:

  1. Choose opaque materials that prevent the absorption of odors.
  2. Carefully read the dimensions. For short trips 15*20*20cm will be enough.

    IMPORTANT! Remember that carrying is designed for only one animal.

  3. During long flights find metal rods. Chinchilla cannot chew through.
  4. Make comfortable bedding. Astelite the bottom with shavings, sawdust, hay or just rip the paper.
  5. Examine the temperature conditions. In cold weather pet requires extra heating, so the carrier is better to put in the bag. In the warm season carrier should cover it with a thick cloth that protects from the sun's rays, and the edges to place the bottles filled with cold water.
Carrier for chinchillas are sold with a special insulated cover


Carrier chinchillas should be chosen depending on the specific situation, so before buying, make a list of the primary factors affecting the final choice.

If you want to skip your pet in the Park or the Park you may need a harness for walks. The leash can be done by hand or purchased at a pet store.

Remember that chinchillas are very fragile animals, can not tolerate high temperatures and stressful situations. Try to make their trip comfortable and safe.

Carrier chinchilla
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