Drinking bowls for dogs

Proper organization of nutrition and supply of water – based literacy content of any pet.Metal tube for drinking provided with a ball, not allowing the water to spill out uncontrollably.

Nipple drinker

This is the valve that you need to press to get water. In the container of water flows through special pipe.

The drinking bottle has a lever which you need to press

Homemade waterers: manual

Fixture for drinking, you can also do at home. For the first option you will need:

  • the bottle of saline solution;
  • a piece of wire;
  • metal tube.


  1. Remove the rubber cover.
  2. Floor slight angle to make a slit with a diameter slightly smaller than the tube.
  3. To insert the tube, making sure it is tightly held.
  4. Wrap the bottle with wire and pin to the outside of the cell at a sharp angle.
  5. To make sure water is not dripping to the bottom naturally.
Easy drinker you can do with your hands

Alternative homemade waterers vacuum. To make it simple: you will need a bottle any container with rounded edges and to increase strength, you can use the tin can and metal container, which edges must be carefully treated:

  1. The first step is to cut the bottom.
  2. The tube can either Unscrew, or do awl 2-3 holes.
  3. The bottle mounted on the cell bars with clamps or wire.
  4. It is necessary to observe the distance from floor not less than 8 cm.

The location of bottles and plates must be such that the neck does not fit tightly, blocking the flow of fluid.

For convenience, you can make a vacuum drinker

Despite the fact that such an option is extremely simple in execution, it has 2 significant disadvantages: capacity is quickly covered with mud, and the language of the rodent is not designed to lap up the water.

How to teach your chinchilla to the drinking bowl

Animal needs to get the necessary amount of water per day, however, often the owners are faced with the failure of the chinchilla from drinking. This can happen for 3 reasons:

  • earlier, the rodent would be accustomed to the other drinker;
  • animal accustomed to the bowl;
  • the water in the tank musty and stale.
For a new drinker chinchilla will have to teach

Most of the problems solved by replacing the construction or upgrading of liquid, however, some animals have to show how to use the device. For this there are 2 ways:

  • bring your pet to the phone and click on the language dripped liquid. Sometimes you need to repeat the procedure several times;
  • lubricate the tube favorite food: in the process of eating a favorite dish of chinchilla to learn to drink.

According to vets, in a cage, the animal must necessarily be a fixture for drinking. The lack of water triggers dehydration and health problems, so you should carefully make sure that the pet has received a daily rate of fluid.

Video: what should be a drinking bowl for chinchillas

Drinking bowls for dogs
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