Harnesses, leashes and clothes for dogs

Even in the harness a chinchilla should not walk on the street

As soon as the house is a chinchilla, and once it becomes a issue of purchasing for her various toys and accessories.But, there is a persistent view that the chinchillas to walk on the street is not recommended, and for good reason:

  • the fur is so sensitive that it can easily be damaged by the harness and a collar;
  • furry animals don't walk on legs, they jump, in connection with accessories for a trip may break them of the spine or ribs;
  • in nature in sufficient number of different fungi, bacteria and microbes that are dangerous to life and health of the pet.

On the street many new and unfamiliar, so to chinchilla this walk can be stressful and cause problems with her heart.

Your hands can make a harness, cut out of fabric

Harnesses and leashes for dogs with their hands

If you do decide to have a home fit for festivities with a pet, you don't have to buy them in the store. A harness for dogs should be comfortable and it can be made independently. For this you must have a small piece of fabric, two Trident buckles, the same regulators, carabiner and a ring for fixing a leash. Now do the following steps:

  1. Measure the neck and chest of the animal, added to the indicators 2 cm for seams.
  2. A drawn x-shaped detail, where the upper part of the girth of the neck (with the seam), the lower part of the bust (with the seam).
  3. The edges are sewn "tridents" to the upper part of the back – ring for attaching carabiner.

So the leash was strong, a solid tape. To one edge attachable carabiner on the other end is a loop. The carabiner attaches to the ring. The harness is ready.

It is worth noting that to walk chinchillas is extremely undesirable, therefore purchased in a specialty store or made by hand, the harness and the leash may be absolutely useless attribute.

Ring collar for dogs (photo)

If the chinchilla family consists of one male and several females, then over time the "wife" will start to figure out a relationship. In order to avoid incidents with "love the soil" females wear on the neck, a split ring collars. This so-called women's jewelry – necklace. These accessories are made of aluminum or plastic. They are expensive and belong to the category of consumables, as the male regularly tries to izgryzt collar. So you have to consistently replace ring with new one.

Ring needed in group content chinchillas

The collar and its dimensions

Collars come in three sizes:

  • 35 mm (No. 1) – for young females;
  • 38 mm (No. 2) – standard version;
  • 42 mm (No. 3) for large instances.

The market began to appear the wares of a fairly durable material – transparent polycarbonate. Their cost is more affordable. There are variants of rings-collars made of fiberglass or Micarta. These collars will last longer because they are almost impossible to chew.

Clothing for the furry Pets

On the shelves, but toys and other accessories, can be found clothes for chinchillas. Diversity surprises many visitors: jackets, vests, overalls, dresses, shorts and more. These excesses in apparel and animals do not need. Moreover, a pet dressed in a cage to keep are not worth it. He'll chew on anything within their reach. And the painted fabric can cause poisoning of chinchillas. Clothes are bought in order to make an interesting photo with your pet, but nothing more.

The need chinchilla only as a postoperative tool that covers the seams

Chinchillas love the freedom and not having any items of clothing, even the most expensive and beautiful, fettered their movements. Do not forget that animals possess sufficiently warm and dense fur, so extra clothing can lead to heat stroke, especially in hot weather.

Harnesses, leashes and clothes for dogs
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