How to make a cage for chinchillas with their hands at home

To find the right size ready a cage for a chinchilla can be difficult.Chinchilla — moving animals that require a lot of space. The minimum size cage for a single animal 75х35х50см. Remember that chinchillas can't be kept in solitude, and the more animals, the greater must be the size of the product. It is also important to allocate enough space for a play area — these rodents love to jump, to climb to a height, to run in the wheel.

Drawing with dimensions of cage for chinchillas

If chinchillas are planned to keep in a private house, you can build a real home cage. Furry animals are well they can climb and clamber, so they will feel fine in a high devices with shelves. If there is insufficient space in the apartment it is recommended to choose vertical design of several floors:

Drawing of cage for chinchillas

On the Internet you can see many pictures of homemade cages and homemade display cases for chinchillas. Challenging projects with interesting transitions and shelves can inspire to work, but with a little experience it is better to choose a simple design. If necessary, in the future the basic framework you can easily build on, complicating the device cells.

Looks like that cage with the superstructure of the second floor

Materials and tools

To create cells, you can use old furniture

To make myself a cage for a pet, you first need to buy all necessary for work. Materials for construction must be safe, better suited to natural wood. To make a sturdy frame from beams, trim boards, siding also need boards for the shelves. Such wood species as birch or pine respond well to treatment and are inexpensive. Also for production you can use chipboard or plywood.

To tighten the holes and Windows of the metal grid with small cells(about 2-2,5 cm). You can use the finished metal sections, rods, or cook them yourself from wire. It is better to choose quality painted or galvanized metal. Corrosion protection will extend the life of the product, will allow cleaning with household chemicals.

IMPORTANT: in the absence of funds to manufacture the cells from scratch, you can reuse old unwanted furniture — tables, bookcases, cabinets. It is sufficient to tighten the door nets and slotting in the shelves the holes for the ladders. This design is very convenient and cost is almost free.

Another variant of cells from old furniture

To work you will also need a set of common tools for wood:

  • saw, hacksaw;
  • the jigsaw;
  • hammer;
  • drill and drill bits for wood;
  • utility knife, marker;
  • metal shears;
  • line, construction level.

It is important to take care of the hardware to keep door securely locked is better to buy the pre-made castles in the furniture store. There you can find guides for drawers and pull-out shelves, hinges and handles for doors, wheels for mounting to the bottom.

How to make a cage for chinchillas with their hands

After bought all the materials, you can begin to design fabrication. To make the cell at home, prepare in advance a convenient place to work. The manufacturing steps are performed in the following order:

  1. For withdrawn standards, made the drawing. Well check the calculations before you cut parts.
  2. Of solid bars, in accordance with the dimensions in the drawing, is made rectangular base. On top of his sheathe clapboard in a single layer or lay a sheet of thick plywood.
  3. If not available install the removable tray, the base is definitely processed with silicone sealant. This will protect the wood from absorbing liquids and odors.
  4. Build a frame made of vertical bars. They are mounted at the corners of the base with screws-tie or long nails.
  5. Runs at the top of the frame bars of the appropriate length. For stability it is also possible to make multiple beams over the height of the walls. They can then be fastened shelves.
  6. The walls and roof are tightened with a sturdy metal mesh with screws with a wide hat. The animals didn't get hurt trying to chew the sharp edges of the mesh need to be put in the place of fastening metal profile.
  7. It is best to make a few doors from different sides of the structure and a removable roof — this will facilitate cleaning. Frame made of siding, the mounting of the doors are on metal hinges for cabinets.
  8. Installed a shelf — it is better to choose solid, with holes-hatches for ladders. So the chinchilla can jump from one floor to another, and on the shelves you can arrange shelter and toys.
  9. The back wall of the cage is normally closed with a solid sheet of chipboard or plywood. You can also close one of the side walls to protect animals from drafts.
The design of the cells must be raised off the floor to protect pet from drafts

Design necessarily raise the level of at least 50 cm from the floor is necessary to protect the heat-loving animals from the cold. For this you can install durable legs made of timber, and to assemble the stand-base stand. The extra space at the bottom is useful for storage of sawdust, animal feed, and other supplies for the maintenance of chinchillas.

After work homemade cell is processed by a special protective impregnation. Outside the frame can be painted or varnished, but inside the walls are treated with only antibacterial and moisture barrier solutions that are safe for animals. You can buy them at the hardware store — you should choose tools without sharp odor.

Video: how to make a cage for chinchillas with their hands

How to make a cage for chinchillas with their hands at home
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