How to make a showcase for chinchillas with his own hands at home

Because of the relatively large body size and high mobility of the chinchilla requires a lot of space in order to stay healthy and active.Cell showcase, made of wood, meets all these conditions and convenient operation. The choice of this house for a furry pet provides a number of advantages:

  • saving space in the room — wide rack, located near the wall, provides a large area for games chinchilla, but takes up significantly less space than a conventional cage;
  • aesthetic appearance — the device can be made from wood, suitable texture to the room;
  • easy surveillance of the animal — glass doors provide excellent visibility and provide the opportunity to follow the games and the behavior of the pet;
  • low noise — in the window of the chinchilla are not able to gnaw and shake the metal bars and doors muffle the sounds that accompany the activity of the animals during the night;
  • in such a construction, the rodent will feel at ease — it is easy to place a lot of shelves, a variety of toys, wheels, feeders, houses. Pet will get enough space for jumping and climbing — all this will significantly improve the quality of life.

    In the window is enough space to accommodate a variety of toys

IMPORTANT: If the rack is on top, it can be left open without installing a glass facade. But the door will provide extra security for pet and will also prevent spreading of litter and other debris.

Materials and tools

When choosing wood is a natural material, safe for health of animals and their owners, also solved the problem of grinding teeth. Manufacturer of shelving made of solid wood will provide the most durable and long-lasting results. But such material is quite expensive itself, and requires processing in several stages — polishing, impregnation with special protective coating of varnish. A cheap analog will be chipboard — this material does not need special treatment, easy to clean, products look good in the interior of the apartment.

To protect the chipboard from the teeth of animals, removable shelves made from wood — these boards are easy to replace when they become worthless.

Also, because of the ability of wood to absorb odors and moisture, showcases sometimes prefer is made of aluminum and plastic. For the front of the rack it is better to take glass thickness of 6 mm and for ventilation using a grid made of galvanized metal.

To paste over the places drunk fit thin PVC tape is a suitable width. The bottom of the showcase closes drip tray for easier cleaning. Of the tools you will need to collect the following set of items:

  • saw, hacksaw;
  • stationery knife;
  • drill and drill bits;
  • metal shears;
  • screws, screws-ties;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • level, tape measure.

Instruments can be purchased in any hardware store. Glass doors best buy with pre-installed hinges and lock, otherwise you'll need to find tools for working with glass. For the manufacture showcases of metal will also need a special drill, pliers and an angle grinder.

Step-by-step instructions for making

Drawing showcase

To make myself a showcase for chinchillas need to first make a drawing. Interesting suitable option can be found in the Internet if you are using set your size to check if we can make any model. In the absence of sufficient experience in construction works better to take more than a simple drawing like this photo:

After all measurements taken and transferred to the diagram, all the drawings are executed on paper in a reduced scale. At this stage it is important to carefully check the correctness of all sizes.

Then, using the ruler, marker or chalk drawing parts are transferred to pieces of wood or chipboard already in full size. Then performed the following steps:

  1. From prepared materials the saw-hacksaw or electric jigsaw to cut out the parts of the rack exactly in accordance with the scheme. For metal use an angle grinder and the appropriate cutoff wheels. If home conditions do not allow working with parts, or not the right tools, you can contact the workshop. This service is not free, but will not require large expenditures.
  2. In the side walls cut out Windows for ventilation, which drag nets. The pieces of mesh are cut with snips and then attached with screws with a wide hat. To mask and protect the attachment, you can use the nut from a metal profile.

    Windows for ventilation closed grid

  3. In the ceiling are also often made vents — you can pick it up mesh entirely. Behind the metal mesh, it will be convenient to hang the mounting of toys and adequate pension.
  4. In the marked areas drill holes for the screws-ties. Their task will be to mount parts together.
  5. First mount the rear and side walls to the pallet, then on the same principle establish the ceiling.
  6. Install mounts for the shelves and the shelves themselves.
  7. Screw the hinges holding the glass facade.
  8. In places where you see the saw cut chipboard glued the PVC tape.
  9. To protect Pets from drafts, the window should be raised to a height of 30-50cm. For this purpose it is possible to cut wooden legs, but it is better to make a bedside table. Then the space under the shelf can be used for storage of feed, sand, cuplok, toys and other supplies for the maintenance of the animals.
  10. In order to assemble a bedside table used screws and screws, the flap is attached to the furniture hinge as a lock you can use special magnetic accessories.

A homemade cage out of old furniture

A lightweight production version of Windows at home can be a unnecessary conversion of the bookcase or cupboard. This will allow only a minimal set of materials and tools. This piece of furniture usually are glass doors so you just have to cut Windows for ventilation and collect them in the mesh and also make the division between floors. If the Cabinet doors are solid, they are removed and change the glass, further from wooden facades can be cut shelves.

In this way it is possible to convert the old Cabinet under the window

If the option window does not suit you, you can make a cage with your hands. For this we recommend reading the article "Cage for chinchillas with their hands".

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How to make a showcase for chinchillas with his own hands at home
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