Why chinchilla lies on her side

Homemade chinchilla – active furry creatures with a fondness for affection and delicious food.If a chinchilla falls on the side, it is advisable to contact with an unusual pet to a veterinary specialist to prevent possible pathologies or destination timely treatment to save the life of a wonderful rodent.

The condition for chinchillas is fine to lie on your side

If a chinchilla lay on her side and asleep, and after sleep, actively playing, eating and cheerful communicates with the host, then there's nothing to worry, just an unusual pet at home to sleep comfortably in that position.

Unusual poses for sleep can also be a position on the back with a ball or stretched out at full length.

Chinchilla can also lie on your side in the process of adjusting to a new place of residence. When you change the emotional situation the animal gets a lot of stress, sitting and sleeping the first few days sitting with a hunched back. Further, the animal adapts to the environment and can take comfort position, including on the side.

Pregnant female chinchillas can sleep on your side

With a good appetite and activity this position is not a pathology.

Often lies on its side and back on the late-term pregnant chinchilla, which is a completely normal behavior of the animal during the period of gestation.

Pathology in which chinchilla leans to the side

South American rodents differ good health, but in violation of the rules of feeding and keeping furry animals exposed to various infectious and non-infectious diseases. If the chinchilla is lethargic, refuses to eat and lies on its side, most likely a pet is sick. In this case, should immediately contact the veterinary clinic or call a specialist at home for first aid and appropriate treatment a small pet.

Diseases in which the chinchilla can lay on your side.

If the chinchilla is awake and eats well, it's most likely to sleep on the side of her habit


Observed with frequent stress, trauma, intoxication, in the elderly animal.

The disease is characterized by striking symptoms:

  • apathetic chinchilla lays on its side and breathing heavily;
  • refuses to eat;
  • you may experience increased thirst and aggression.

Pathology of the brain

Damage of the cerebellum as a result of trauma or compression by tumor:

  • furry animal during movement falls on its side;
  • lying on its side with outstretched limbs;
  • refuses food;
  • there may be distortion of the face;
  • strabismus and vomiting.


Pathology can be congenital or acquired in nature. Manifested by seizures of different periodicity and intensity, during which the animal collapses on its side, hollow out the body and beats in convulsions.

Heat stroke

Stay in a room with temperature above + 25 degrees is extremely dangerous for the chinchilla. If overheating chinchilla:

  • sluggish;
  • refuses to eat;
  • lying on his side and breathing heavily.

Video: when it's hot the chinchilla

The lack in the diet of b vitamins and calcium

Characterized by seizures, in which chinchilla falls on its side and twitches in convulsions.

For sleeping on the side of the chinchilla should be watching


Unvaccinated chinchillas can be infected with rabies from the bite of a sick animal while walking in the street. The disease is very dangerous for humans.

Rabies in chinchillas appears:

  • aggression;
  • loss of coordination;
  • salivation;
  • cramps;
  • paralysis of the limbs.

Sick animals die.

If the chinchilla is lying on his side and breathing heavily, refuses to eat and socialize, not to lose time and hope that the disease will cure itself. In this state, a small rodent urgently requires the assistance of a specialist, self-treatment, or neglect of the pathology can cause the death of the beloved pet.

Why chinchilla lies on her side
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