Death chinchilla: how to find out the cause and help a dying pet

Chinchillas are native and beloved Pets since the acquisition of unusual rodent.In the gastrointestinal tract, the fermentation, the accumulated gases inflate the wall of the stomach or intestine, pathology accompanied by severe pain, in the absence of assistance, the animal might die. Bloating urgent need to drink a furry pet carminative means and to do a stomach massage.


A very common cause of death of Pets in free range animals. Chinchilla can poison table salt, plants, household chemicals, spoiled food and hay. Intoxication is accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, drooling, loss of coordination and convulsions. The owner should as soon as possible to make a gastric lavage and an enema, sometimes death occurs immediately.


The reason for the sudden death of the chinchilla may be a stroke from a strong fright, head injury, poisoning, temperature changes, lack of b vitamins in stroke chinchilla falls to the side, there is a paralysis of the hind legs, salivation, after the seizure is necessary to do injections of dexamethasone and travmatin at the first opportunity to contact the veterinary clinic.


When the content of chinchillas in the drafts, the animals get sick with a cold, which occurs with a high body temperature.

With the increase in body temperature above 39 degrees, the animal dies.

Cold is accompanied by secretions from the nose and eyes, weakness, feed refusal. The treatment of the disease appoint a veterinary specialist, animal therapy, antibacterial drugs, rosehip syrup and symptomatic drugs.

Chinchilla death can occur from poisoning home flowers

Die chinchilla

The owner of an unusual rodent, you must be very attentive to beloved pet, to know the nature and the usual behavior of a cheerful animal in time to help little friend. Healthy animal is active, brilliant, dry-eyed, the animal is happy favorite treats and responds to the affection of the owner. The host can understand that the chinchilla dying from the characteristic symptoms:

  • impaired coordination of movement, chinchilla uneven walks or leans to one side;
  • the animal refuses food, water and favorite treats
  • pet sitting in sharbino position, panting;
  • depression, lethargy, lack of response to the host;
  • increased sleepiness;
  • cramps;
  • dull eye;
  • chinchilla can be loud squeak.
The owner can notice changes in the appearance and behavior of the pet

At similar symptoms it is necessary to call on the house of the veterinary surgeon. Before the arrival of the doctor:

  1. You can take in your hands and warm furry friend.
  2. To make the animal an intramuscular injection of dexamethasone, prednisolone or glucose.
  3. To try to feed a little animal flair and create a peaceful atmosphere.

In the case of overheating it is necessary to place the pet in a cool area, avoiding hypothermia from the wind.

Small Pets are very expensive to pay for the mistakes of their owners. The form of a dead chinchilla – heavy shock sight for a loving home. So before you start a South American rodent, you must thoroughly understand the physiology of chinchillas, the rules of maintenance and feeding. Love and take care of their wonderful animals that with proper care for a long time become your faithful friends.

Death chinchilla: how to find out the cause and help a dying pet
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