What to do if chinchilla had a seizure

Chinchilla delight owners with their funny look and cheerful disposition.The seizures manifested the characteristic clinical picture:

  • animal turns the body;
  • chinchilla shakes his head;
  • rodent presses the lugs;
  • chinchilla shaking hands;
  • unable to refuse its hind legs;
  • it is observed the distortion of the muzzle of the animal;
  • the head is bent to the extremities.

Not recommended to touch or try to distract the animal at the time of the seizure, after the termination of seizures, the owner must help the beloved rodent: soothe furry animal, to inject medication and to consult a specialist to determine the cause of the attack.

What to do when seizures in chinchillas

When a small animal is completely calm down and stop shaking, you must:

  1. To get the pet out of the cage.
  2. To feed him a raisin or a quarter date.
  3. To make the intramuscular injection of dexamethasone at a dose of 0.1 ml, which provides the anti-shock effect, so the animal will return to their normal state. In the absence of dexamethasone can be given prednisolone, calcium or glucose.

After the injection is recommended:

  1. To calm a chinchilla quiet gentle words and strokes.
  2. To heat and to examine the body for injuries, bruises or hematomas.
  3. Gently make a massage of the feet and intestines of the animal.
  4. Place a small pet in a quiet room.

The animal may be depressed, it is advisable to give him time to recover, constantly watching the pet.

After convulsing a chinchilla can take on hands and to calm

Prolonged seizures have a chinchilla I need to call home specialist. In the case of short attack independently to provide first aid to Pets and at the first opportunity to take a small animal to a veterinary clinic for examination.

Convulsions in chinchilla – a very serious symptom of many different disorders in the body of the animal, from the banal lack of vitamins to incurable damage to the brain and spinal cord. After the first attack, preferably as soon as possible contact the veterinary clinic to determine the cause of seizure and destination of timely treatment.

Video: convulsions in chinchilla in stroke

What to do if chinchilla had a seizure
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