Aquarium and terrarium for hamsters as an alternative to cage

It is believed that pet hamsters can be kept only in a cage.Such housing for small pet comfortable, allow you to keep the house clean and keep unwanted smells.

Housing for pet

Cage is an interesting home for the rodent, but it is necessary to select only with iron bars, because the wooden fence hamsters will chew on plastic, too, very quickly come into disrepair. In addition, cage will always be a small crumb that hamster leaves after his meal. This will not happen if the pet to settle into the aquarium or terrarium.


Some owners doubt – can I keep a hamster in an aquarium, not does it hurt the baby's health. Not to worry, aquariums for rodents developed by experts, and they have everything for a full and healthy life furry pet.

The aquarium is made of ordinary glass or plexiglass. The top should be covered with mesh. The mesh can be of plastic, metal or wood, the hamster will not be able in this place to try the rods on the tooth.

In order for your pet has enough air, at a distance of 10-15 cm from the floor is a few holes. For proper air circulation must be considered that the wall height should not be more than the width of the base.

Glass does not retain heat, so the legs on this material will be uncomfortable, and the hamster in the aquarium will be cold. In order to avoid that cold, the bottom of a glass box covered with felt, sawdust, hay or a thick layer of paper. In sale there are special fillersthat are perfect as bedding.

The size of the home may be different, depending on the size of the pet. For example, Djungarian hamsters recommend that the length of the base to make 100 cm, and the height of the sides 40 cm the Syrian hamster is bigger, therefore the aquarium for this resident should be bigger.

Important! When choosing an aquarium should be calculated area by the number of hamsters that will live together.

Aquariums are suitable for any species of hamsters and other rodents.

The pros and cons of the aquarium

The usual cell is convenient for these small Pets, however, at the aquarium before it has its advantages:

  • hamster in the aquarium will not be able to scatter food scraps and sawdust outside of his house;
  • through the glass convenient to observe the antics of a pet;
  • himself animal in this house feels protected and, therefore, will not hide;
  • the aquarium allows you to touch, pet, stroke (across the top) without disturbing the safety of the house and not pulling the animal from the home.

From small minuses can be called only one aquarium will have to wash, other cleaning is not suitable.


In pet stores there is a large range of terrariums for rodents, where there is a system for ventilation and air entrapment. Such homes for Pets are available in various sizes, the owner only need to choose the appropriate one. As a rule, all the terrariums are composed of two parts – a tray and a transparent base.

Attention! Cage for hamsters should be chosen from inorganic glass. Plexiglass is exposed to scratches and tarnish quickly, and thus becomes unusable.

In ready homes of this type have already saved the correct proportions of the walls and the bottom, so the owner will not have to calculate the required dimensions.

The pros and cons

Ready-made terrariums there are several advantages that differentiate this home from others:

  • animal in this house does not interfere with the noise of its owner;
  • even a slight smell is not felt;
  • for a pet conveniently and easily observed from all sides of the terrarium;
  • easily and quickly cleaned.

The cons are minor, consider fixing methods are drinkers, as it is impossible to secure the rods, as is done in the cage. Experienced owners are buying drinker on the suction cups or install a heavy drinker, hard to move.

And another drawback is that pet cannot be pet through glass. But it is always possible to pick up, pushing the top of the terrarium.


For the full life of the hamster one dwelling will not be enough. You need to equip the aquarium or terrarium.

The first thing you need to place this drinker and feeder. If food is fit any Cup, the drinker better to pick one that will not be able to roll over at every awkward movement of the pet. The drinker must be a wide base.

Hamster aquarium or terrarium, is a "manor". And in this "house" you need to put a small housewhere the pet will be alone at any time.

Houses can also be purchased at specialty stores, picking up their area of the aquarium or terrarium.

We should not forget about the game — it is better to buy a wheel.

Hamster will be more interesting if it will be different twigs, sticks driftwood small free time to pet will sharpen their teeth.

Home for the pet you can buy, and it is possible to fabricate myself. The main thing to take into account all the needs of the small tenant. Then a healthy and active pet will be a long time to amuse the owner of his antics.

Aquarium and terrarium for hamsters as an alternative to cage
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