Running wheel for the hamster with your hands

Hamsters, leading a very active lifestyle and mostly at night, probably cause trouble to the owners, making it difficult to sleep soundly at night.Silent running wheel will be a great addition to the cage of the rodent, providing the ability to run as much as required by the steppe nature of the animal, accustomed to run above ten miles per night, producing their own food. While the constant activity of the pet will become invisible to the owners, because made by hand the wheel will be a full-fledged store, which does not create extraneous sounds.

Before starting to design the simulator for the hamsters, should be familiar with the main requirements for cross-country wheels, which will be describe below. An important consideration is the preparation of a rodent to a new object in the cage because the animal will have to first learn to use the wheel, and then to teach. So, everything in order.

To hamster was not injured, the wheel must be the correct size, without sharp edges

For the convenience of the hamster wheel of the future surface should be smooth and contain small serifs to a rodent could stay on it and to move without slipping. An acceptable option would be a ribbed surface, made of corrugated cardboard. If the primary material for the simulator will be used slippery metal, it is necessary to wrap a soft cotton cloth, securing the trim with glue.

A quality wheel should look like this:

  • silent in operation;
  • suitable diameter;
  • with cuts from the inside;
  • easy on the rotation;
  • do not create vibrations;
  • firmly secured.

Wheel diameter must be chosen in accordance with the size of your pet. Don't forget that for large breeds the size should not be less than 18 cm, and dwarf – not less than 12 cm as the base, you can use bulk jar tin or a thick piece of cardboard. Pay attention to the product surface: ideally it should not even be dyes. If the running wheel is planned to make out of cardboard, then the basis can serve as a conventional CD-ROM which needs to be glued to the bottom of the tank. It is desirable for this purpose to get a transparent disk.

The basic requirements for the basis of the wheel:

  • choosing quality frame metal round, consider having smooth edges to protect the hamster and yourself from possible cuts. To deal with sharp metal bottles or other containers better special scissors designed for metal;
  • the rotary member of the wheel can be made of the spindle, taken from the hard disk, or to use the old engine drive. It should be tightly attached to the bottom of the tank the hot-melt adhesive;
  • if the basis is a thin sheet, prepare additional bottom plastic or wooden strips attached to the surface transversely. Ensure that the spindle was attached exactly in the center of the product that will provide quiet operation. Even a millimeter error will lead to the opposite result.
Particular attention in the manufacture please mount the wheels

In conclusion, the topic of high-quality home wheel, it is important to say about the mounts. Making a piece of metal, you will need to glue the spindle and lock the wheel on the cage, so that separate fasteners are not required. But in the case of cardboard products need fixing wall and the bottom. For this purpose it is necessary around the perimeter of the bottom of the billet to make small holes into which are inserted after the wall ledges. To attach the wheel to the walls of the cells can be wire or plastic ties. For this purpose, the free space in the spindle, attaching them to the wire and clipping the edges from the outside of the cells.

Running wheel from the hard disk

Home rodent will appreciate the subject that the owner will try to make comfortable for the hamster workout, and will devote most of their time running classes. To make the simulator with their hands, you must observe the terms of a sequence of operations. So start tinkering:

  1. Get an old hard drive, take a screwdriver and take off his cap.
  2. Remove all the bolts that hold the mirror plate.
  3. Take out the spindle and Unscrew the bolt, disengaging it from the holding frame.
  4. Tin the capacity of the cut around the circumference, pre-calculate the desired diameter.
  5. Mounted on the adhesive cotton cloth (or other material with a porous structure) on the inner side of the product.
  6. Another layer fastened around the bottom, so that the wheel could be silent.
  7. Next fix at the bottom of the spindle.
  8. Left to install and ready to fix the wheel to the walls of the cells.

Video: how to make DIY hamster wheel of hard disk

By the way, in addition to a metal body, you can do a running reel of plastic items. For this you need to stock up a plastic box from a CD-ROM and curved construction dowel with a nail (bend 90°). Of the tools you will need an awl, jigsaw and a drill. The conditions of the problem are:

  1. Get a plastic box, vyberaem distance of 5 cm from the top.
  2. , Draws the straight line along the entire circumference of the conduit and moving in a measured line, cut it with a jigsaw.
  3. In the next step we will need a drill with a diameter of 0.6 cm, which is using a drill starting holes.
  4. Then with an awl make a small hole around the entire circumference of ducts, not exceeding a diameter of 0.3 cm maintained the distance between them is about 5 mm. Punctures do only with the external side of the product.
  5. In the field of cutting pass of sandpaper, smoothing out the rough roughness.
  6. Insert dowel in the center of the box and fasten the wheel on the rodent cage.

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Video: how to make DIY hamster wheel out of cardboard

Running wheel with generator

Other owners are arming themselves with various techniques for the manufacture of wheels and come up with the hamster wheel with the bearing, equipped with an additional bonus in the form of the generator. To make such a wheel is easy if you step by step to follow. So:

  1. First you will need an old CD drive. This device initially has a convenient form, suitable for mounting in a cage and will not require cutting out jigsaw, achieving the desired size.
  2. With the drive you need to remove the trim carefully, then charge and get to the bearing.
  3. Running wheel, if he has wide spaces between the rods, tight, durable transparent film.
  4. To attach the bearing, you can use a normal disk (it is desirable transparent or light colors). The disk must be glued to the wheel with cyanoacrylate.
  5. Then the disk on a small round platform sticking bearing.
  6. Fasten the device to the wall of the cage on bolts or any other convenient method. You can use the metal circle, taken from the cans. The circle is applied to the grid from the outside and secured with small screws or bolts.

There is another easy way to make homemade wheel for the rodent, but it is important to the condition existing manual skills because the trainer will have to cut it out of wood materials. We need 2 cut the plywood from which to cut out 2 circles the same size. Don't forget that the diameter of the circle we select in accordance with the size of the animal. Next, the resulting billet connecting with each other, intertwine twigs and fasten on the walls of the cells.

Learn to use a rodent wheel

If your pet is a first for the Jogging wheel, you need to tell him how to use the simulator.

Hamsters can use the wheel not only for running, but as a cozy place to sleep

Put the worktop favorite treat rodent, repeating the process several times. Every approach try to put a piece of food to a higher level, for the creature began to turn the wheel, delving into how it works. If a treat was powerless, try to block the exit from the drum, then the pet will be forced to seek a way out and begin to run on the wheel.

When a rodent will get acquainted with a new subject and fully understands how to use it, the simulator will become his customary occupation, and the fascinating cross-country training is an integral part of every day!

Running wheel for the hamster with your hands
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