A house for the hamster with your hands

Question about how to make a house for the hamster with your hands at home, standing in front of the owner before the purchase of the animal.It is not necessary to postpone this matter at a later date, as the animal is in need of shelter in the first minutes of stay in a new place. If time is running out, fabricate a temporary shelter made of paper or cardboard.

To build a house hamster

The task of the house to shelter kids from prying eyes. The material for the manufacture should be non-toxic because the hamster definitely will try it "to the tooth". The house will be cleaned, it must be the animal comfortable. The animal will show, as he feels in him a stay in the new nest.

The craftsmen making houses out of cardboard and paper. Fit under it: the shell of a coconut, ready boxes, wooden planks and battens, plywood, rolls of toilet paper, and even sticks from eskimo.

Paper house Djungarian hamster

This temporary house will last long. Some animals deal with him for one night. Its advantages: low costs and fast production. For this design you will need: toilet paper, a basin of water and a balloon.

The procedure goes like this:

  1. inflate balloon to the size of a large Apple;
  2. the toilet paper will separate into individual leaves and moisten with water;
  3. affix the leaves to the ball, as long as it does not form about 8 layers;
  4. send the design to dry on the battery;
  5. pierce the balloon with a needle or just pull the air;
  6. remove the balloon from the paper frame;
  7. make a paper frame the entrance for the hamster.

The room will resemble a hemisphere. This house suitable for dwarf hamster. He is short-lived and fragile.

House for hamster from a coconut shell

This design is more durable than the previous version. Despite the seeming simplicity of manufacture, it will have to Tinker a few hours, cleaning out the pulp of the fruit. Housing is quite small, so it will serve as a shelter Djungarian hamster. Select a coconut and get to work:

  1. punch holes in the "eyes" of the coconut and drain the milk;
  2. tap the blunt side of the knife to the fruit, retreating a few inches from the eyes, the most vulnerable part of the shell;
  3. if the surface will crack, cut this part with a knife, if not, cut off with a hacksaw;
  4. put the fruit in the freezer for 20 minutes, which will make it easier to remove coconut flesh;
  5. grind the edge of the hole in the future house.

This can stop, but housing will not be sustainable and will ride around the cage. To avoid this, set the coconut house cut with a hole down.

On one side draw a small arch and saw out her outline. Grind the edge. This is the entrance to the house. Drill holes for ventilation. If you want you can make the decorative side of the window.

Wooden house for hamster

Depending on the size of such housing can be manufactured as for the Syrian hamster and the dwarf brothers. The simplest design is done in the form of a box with a removable roof ventilation holes and the entrance for the animal. To get started you need to prepare a sheet of plywood or a wooden Board with a thickness of 1-4 cm Plywood easier. It is cheaper, easier to handle, the hamster will chew it. For the manufacture of suitable hardwoods.

Make marks on a prepared sheet. If the house is designed for a small hamster, the length of the front and rear walls 15 cm, with a height of 10 cm, the Side walls are 10 X 10 cm lower part of the structure remains open, and for the high delay on the leaves 17х12 see It is necessary that the roof fell inside the box. On the front surface it is necessary to cut the window and the entrance, which will serve as additional ventilation. For the convenience of fastening sheets of plywood can be nailed at the joints the narrow slats. You'll need:

  • line;
  • pencil;
  • circular saw or jig saw;
  • file;
  • sandpaper;
  • hammer;
  • small nails or screws.

Every detail of the plywood to process a file and with sandpaper. The entrance hole and ventilation also handle a "sandpaper".

First assemble the wall by nailing the nails or fastening screws. The roof is placed on top of not fixing it on the frame for ease of cleaning of the room.

If it is difficult to calculate the design parameters of your animal, get a cardboard box the right size. Measure its parameters and wait for the plywood the desired length and width.

A house for your hamster out of the box

On the same principle as a dwelling of wood, you can make a house out of the box.

To do this, prepare a "pattern" of cardboard. The walls connect is harmless for the animal glue, and the entrance and Windows are cut out with a utility knife or scissors.

You can go very simple by using a box of paper napkins.

Be sure to loosen the box from the plastic film!

These boxes are convenient because you already have prepared the hole, they will serve as input for the hamster. If you have a square box, you can just cut it into two parts so that the cut lines were right in the middle of the window for removing wipes. You will receive 2 identical house for small animals. If the box is rectangular, you will have to do two cuts to future house had a compact size and stood steadily in the cell.

Take the cardboard tube left over from toilet paper and insert it into the hole of the box. Attach it to the edges of the hole with glue, clamp and allow to dry. You get a house with a tunnel entrance.

Very simple houses made of tubes from rolls of toilet paper

Maybe it's hard to call this design the housing in the General sense of the word, but as shelters they are suitable for animals. They are non-toxic, closed from the eyes and are well ventilated.

For improvised houses of the tubes is suitable not only toilet paper but also paper towels. Pick up the phone and splashlite her. With scissors cut a half circle on each side. The same operation do with the second tube. Insert one tube into the other hole. It is a cruciform structure suitable for dwarf hamsters.

Shelter for animals from plastic bottles

Such houses can be done for small and large hamsters. It all depends on the size of the bottle. Perhaps a lot of design options of housing, we consider the 2.

Simple way of hiding from one bottle

To build a house, take a bottle, a suitable width of the bottom of the animal. Lower part of the dish and will be the shelter for your hamster. Cut off this part of the bottle, turn it cut-side down and make a semi-circular entrance. Hot needle pierce holes for ventilation around the perimeter of the house. Cut edges of the bottle and the entrance of the paste duct tape to my hamster got hurt from sharp edges. You can not cut the entrance and put a piece of the bottle on its side and slice to serve as the entrance. Capacity needs to be dark, so that the animal feel secure.

House of two bottles

The two bottles you can make the design slightly more complicated. Both containers to be treated equally. They have cut off the bottom and the neck. The edge of the first wrap with tape. In the middle of the first bottle make a hole the diameter of the second. Do this with a utility knife. First, make a crosswise incision, then turn down the edges, being careful not to pull too hard. The plastic is very brittle and can crack. Insert the scissors and cut a hole. Applied to the circumference of the tape.

For more dense prileganija edges of the bottle, which will be inserted into the opening, splosives and cut the top and bottom of the diagonal. Wrap the edge with tape. Insert the bottle in the first. If the edges fit tight enough, tying two bottles between them with electrical tape.

Is it possible to make a house for hamster

Often on the forums asking the question of whether to make a home for a pet. Breeders do not recommend to use fabric for these animals. Rodents try all items "to the tooth". If the wood or paper will not harm kids, rags and thread trapped in the stomach of the animal, can lead to illness or death of a pet. There were cases when the animals were tangled in the fringe and gasped. Experts advise the houses of the more solid or safe materials.

Building a house according to the drawing

To make a shelter for hamsters from the card to the drawings. Assembly diagram of the house below.

The pet house can be made from different materials. You have to consider its safety and comfort for the animal. Almost any of the above homes can be adapted for Djungarian and Syrian hamsters.

A house for the hamster with your hands
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