A house for the hamster — hamster fortress

If by house you mean cage, then we recommend read our article about cages for hamsters.

House for hamster – an essential attribute of the cell, here the rodents love to sleep and build their cozy nests.Rodents like to build it to your taste. Pet can help, throwing napkins, paper, shavings, rags, he will choose among the proposed options that it is better suited. Used for such purposes and cotton wool, but only in small amounts, otherwise you'll get confused between the toes of the animal.

House, running wheel and bowl — accessories with which the arrangement of the hamster cage starts in the first place.

As like sleeping hamsters?

Rodents love to sleep in small shelters, burrows, tree hollows, nests – dream in a small space familiar and natural to these animals. Small spaces provide the necessary animal thermoregulation and a comfortable feeling.

Different models of houses for hamsters meet the needs of Pets and aesthetic needs of owners. Design ideas allow you to transform the dream pet in the decoration of the cells. House for Dzungaria and the Syrian hamster can be made of:

  • ceramics;
  • tissue;
  • plastic;
  • tree;
  • vines;
  • plant fibers.

The accessory is inexpensive, but you may be more interesting to make a house for the hamster with your hands.

The choice of house

Among buyers, demand for plastic cover of medium size. They are durable, but some owners claim that poorly ventilated. Another drawback is that the rodent may eat the plastic, since all samples on the tooth.

Important! House for hamster should be safe. Hazardous may become unstable design, sharp and protruding corners. Material of house in which will live hamster must be free of toxic contaminants that are harmful to the crumbs.

plastic house for hamster

The size of the house depends on the size of the pet. The Syrian hamster is larger than the Junggar, therefore, "bedroom" for him must be greater than Jungaria.

Cozy shelter will be not only a good place to sleep, but protected from drafts that is so afraid of rodents. Some owners make cardboard houses for Pets, but they are not practical – the hamster, the shelter will quickly gnaw through. Wood and plastic – more suitable materials.

Plastic "bedroom" for your pet

two storey plastic house

If the hamster lives on paper litter, he will build a house out of scrap materials, enough to put him a few napkins. But if the baby cage with sawdust, you can buy a plastic house. Such models have original design, you can buy "bedroom" of any plan, colors, shapes. In the sale are the original model with Windows, balconies, bright roofs and other decorative elements. Special features are the two-story house with a ladder, which the baby will climb to the second floor. Floors can be connected through the maze. Both options are suitable for Syrians, Djungarian and hamsters Campbell.

One-storey two-storey houses are cheaper, they can be purchased at a price of 50 rubles. For the production of plastic houses for gerbil used high quality material, so these products are safe for rodents, easy to clean and can be sanitized.

The tree is a good choice

Tree – an environmentally friendly material, in the wild Homa with him often dealing with. The surface of the wooden house is not so smooth, like plastic, more like rodents. It is more convenient to climb on the rough surface.

Such models can be flat or shaped roof. Some resemble a kennel for the dog in miniature. Stylish village houses, the design of which involved Popsicle sticks or consist entirely of them. The layout is different: the shelter may consist of a bedroom, living room, hallway, one or more beds.


In some models painted roof or other elements for that manufacturer uses special inks that do not fade and do not cause harm to the animal.

It is interesting that almost all the houses for hamsters without a bottom, so don't worry that the rodent will suit in a corner of the toilet and thereby spoil the "bedroom". To remove the on-site house, it is enough to raise.

How much is a wooden house for hamster? It all depends on the size, but the cost is relatively budget. The simplest models can be bought for 1-2 y.e.

Ceramic – like "construction" material

Ceramic hamster houses appeared relatively recently. Ceramics is safe in terms of toxicity of the material, therefore has no negative impact on the health of Pets. Ceramic houses are well kept warm, besides, they have a small area, so the animal will be comfortable even in the off-season when the apartment is not heated.

Products made of this material look presentable and expensive. The only disadvantage is if you drop the product may be broken, so during harvest the cells, make sure the house didn't fall.

houses in the form of vegetables

There are many options in color and size. There are houses in the form of vegetables and fruits. Popular model – a pumpkin made of ceramic with a single entrance without Windows, which will serve the animal safe haven.

Ceramic "piece of cheese" with numerous holes will become not only a place to sleep, but also an unusual maze. It is without a roof, so the little guy can climb walls and the roof. This accessory will decorate the cells and like a small favorite.

What else you can find in stores?

Syrian and Djungarian hamsters love to build nests in wicker houses, they are original, create a sense of ease, designed in Country style. Inward you can lay a piece of tissue or cloth.

Original look of the houses, the hammocks. They are hung on a cage,made of soft fabric and foam lining. Soft "bedrooms" can take the form of a rug with a hood or tent. Have a bottom, so anything inside do not place.

Interesting and practical solution – a house in the form of carrying. While at it, rodent to endure a stressful situation, as in time travel or cleaning the cage, the baby will be in familiar surroundings.

Selecting a house, you can proceed to the selection of other important for hamster accessories. If you don't know what it is, we recommend you to check list of necessary to keep the hamster in the house.


A house for the hamster — hamster fortress
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