Can a hamster live with a Guinea pig, rat and other Pets

It happens that in one house lives a few rodents, and then to the owners raises the question of the admissibility of their joint content.In the vast majority, according to owner reviews, the victory is a rat, which not only kills the neighbor, but eats it. It is recommended to keep animals not just separately from each other, preferably even to put them in different rooms.

It is also important to consider the difference in care. Each species has its own menu, its principle of feeding and different lifestyles, which will significantly complicate the maintenance of rodents.

The hamster and degu

Hamsters and degus also not advisable to plant in one square. Primarily, needed to be alone, they feel alone and will not tolerate competitors.

Degus are also sociable creatures who need the space. They require large housing and, preferably, the neighborhood of his own kind. An additional reason for such restrictions – different principle of feeding and care.

Hamster and chinchilla

A significant difference in the size and characteristics of the characters of both animals exclude their coexistence in the same dwelling. First of all, chinchillas need a very large cage, a completely inappropriate hamsters. Aggressiveness can be both, and if the chinchilla will suffer slightly, a small rodent may be eaten by larger animals.

In hamster's diet often included fresh pieces of vegetables and fruit, and for dogs raw food is contraindicated, so Pets should be kept separate from each other.

Hamster and rabbit

Rabbits are social animals and to keep them better in the group, however, living together with a hamster might damage both. First of all, major respect to its neighbor's rabbit could easily accidentally crush baby.

The desire of hamsters to defend their territory results in aggressive behavior, and then the rabbit uses powerful hind legs. A single blow may be sufficient to of death or severe injury of a small pet.

Owners of multiple rodents must be remembered, however, that species is generally not recommended to settle near. This is especially true of single hamsters, jealously guarding their space. Therefore, each animal should have its own dwelling, then the house will remain peace.

Can a hamster live with a Guinea pig, rat and other Pets
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