Setting up a cage for hamster

The emergence of a new pet in the house is troublesome and responsible.It will be interesting to watch the pet when he gladly accepted to build his house according to their preferences. Not worth to offer as hamster nesting material wool or cotton. They are split into separate threads, and the animal can tangle or eat.

Running wheel

We must remember that to use your sports equipment the hamsters love it when you turn off the light and go to sleep. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the running wheel was spinning soundlessly and did not violate your peace.

It is not necessary to use a wheel with steps from the grid. Paw furry baby can fall and get stuck in it.


Drinking is always more hygienic and practical than a normal saucer. It is attached to the wall of the cage from the outside, does not occupy space and is not rotated. Do not be afraid that your pet can not use a bowl, rodents make use of her very quickly on their own.

The classic drinking bottle with the metal tube and the plastic ball on the end works fine, so it is possible to acquire and use.


As feeders to use a ceramic bowl, it is more stable plastic, and climb inside the hamster will not be able to move on. Plastic feeder for hamster, which usually comes with a cage, not practical and easily flipped.


Toys needed for grinding of the teeth, they can be purchased, and from scrap materials. Hamsters love to play with cardboard sleeves from under the toilet paper, chew on the cardboard. It is necessary to watch, that such toys were not drawing labels and paint are harmful to the digestive system of a rodent.

From Popsicle stick to make a ladder using non-toxic glue. Remember that furry Pets new toys in taste.

Toilet hamster

In sale there are special toilet corners. They are made of plastic, can be of different shapes and often have a special attachment to the corner of the cage. In the absence of special devices for the first time as a toilet to accommodate a conventional metal lid or a plastic tray with a low side under products. For the toilet is preferable to use a corn litter, which absorbs and holds the smell. With great care it is possible to use pressed sawdust — some hamsters can develop allergies.

It is strictly forbidden to use as filler pine or cedar sawdust.

What you need in the hamster cage put on the bottom

As bedding is most convenient to use wood chips. It needs to be put in a cage for two reasons:

  • stool Pets have a smell, so the bottom better to place safe and good absorbent filler;
  • hamsters love to build her nest.

What should be in the cell Djungarian hamster

Charming drugarice attracts attention in the store. Of all the species of hamsters they are the most popular and interesting. These curious and agile creatures constantly move around their territory, equip it and stock up. You have to understand that for each kind of rodents for their comfortable existence, you need to create the conditions.
Well, if the hamster dzhungaria housing will be multi-tiered. Various stairs and passages, tunnels, caves and bridges will create not only a pleasant picture for the observer, but will become great trainers for the furry guest. What should be in a cage of Jungaria, so it's running wheel. Physical exercise will help prevent obesityand strengthen the psyche.

Choosing accessories in the cage Djungarian hamster, you can also prepare a chalky stone, he is to sharpen their teeth, and to equip the sandbox with sand it it will clean their coat.

Not superfluous will be to buy or make a maze or a tunnel with their hands from improvised material. It is important to remember that they must be air holes, or on long sections in rodents can be difficult to breath.

Cage for hamster Djungarian

The sand in the sandbox should be changed at least 1 time in 3 days, otherwise the hamsters will make a bath in the toilet.

What should be in the cage of a Syrian hamster

Syrian hamsters in size twice Junggar. They lead a more sedentary life and are not satisfied with race for a long distance. They are much better make contact with people and not afraid of them. Therefore experts recommend to buy for the Syrians a small cage, but be sure to equip their running wheel. Dimensions: 30x30 cm or 40x40 cm will be their best option.

Equipment cells Syrian includes the same elements as for all species of hamsters, only bigger sizes.

When setting up a cell, it is preferable to house this size, where all inputs and outputs, and Windows will be of sufficient width to ensure that the hamster could easily overcome them.

Cage for Syrian hamster

Choosing sports equipment for Syrian, need to be concerned about that running wheel was his "size". The fact that these pussies can grow larger than their compatriots, so the standard wheel they may not be suitable. The preferred diameter of wheel for this breed – not less than 20 cm.

How to equip a small cage for hamster

Small cage suitable only for the temporary detention of a young animal. In this case, the arrangement of the cells will be to balance the necessary elements for a hamster in need of free space.

Small cage for hamster with additional module

House of small size, the outer bowl and a small trough should occupy as little space as possible. If very little space, the feeder can not be put: innate instincts hamsters through the search feed will be satisfied, if you throw food on the bottom of the cage.

The wheel even in a small cage should be the right size, it is not worth saving, but a sandbox can be neglected.

From scrap things to make a maze, the route of which will pass outside of the cell.

Cage for hamster with the outer maze and running the ball

You need to remember that for a full life and health of furry pet need a certain amount of space, so a small cell is better to change to a larger one.

When all preparations for equipping the home of a new resident will be finished, you can safely go to the pet store for a pet and to be sure that the move and the new home for furry baby will not become stress.

Thematic decoration of cells

It is human nature to decorate your home, subordinate to the overall design. everything that is in his field of vision, so sooner or later the question arises about decorating home furry pet.

Decorate the cage of the hamster can be in accordance with the overall style of the room where it will be located.

If it is a children's room, it would be appropriate to style hamster house under the castle or fortress, and a variety of themed bridges and ladders complete the picture.

Cage-castle for hamster

In the kitchen is interesting to watch the cell house from this rind of a coconut or an inverted flower pot with a sawed hole-entrance and bridge from the cane.

Positioning the cage in the living room in the style of hi-tech, it is possible for the pet to turn it into a spaceport. The house fades into a vertical tunnel-the rocket and climbing frame in the form of radar, dressing area and feeder, the hidden storage space underneath in certain light will look very futuristic.

Cage for hamster under the style of hi-tech

Looks original cage, decorated "under the old water mill", where the Central object becomes a running wheel, a hamster house turns into a windmill with blades.

Christmas decoration

In no case should not be put in a cage of branches of this fir, the hamster will try to chew and resinous substances harmful to his body. Under the ban should be and tinsel.
If desired, you can decorate the cage edible and harmless for fluffy stuff: as a tree suitable carrot, decorated with raisins and dried apples, "snowman" cottage cheese.

Garland can be cut from cucumber or any other safe for the hamster of the vegetable or fruit with a special knife.

Valentine's Day

On this holiday you can pre-sprout the oats in a separate pan until the green shoots appear, place this pot in a cage, over which to scatter the hearts, cut out of carrots and flowers to decorate everything from Apple.

Do not forget that the decoration of cells is, first of all, just a whim of the owner, for the animal is important only comfort and convenience, so you need to stop and remember that jewelry must be safe for the rodent.

Setting up a cage for hamster
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