Cage for hamster with your hands

"How to make a cage for the hamster with your hands?", — I think the owner of the animal by examining the prices on offer in the store design.It will cost several times cheaper than store-bought option.

Homemade cage for hamster

If you've never taken on such work, be prepared for the unexpected. The result is not always consistent with the original plan. If you know how to saw, cut and grind – the task will not be impossible for you.

So, to make myself a cage, you will need the following tools:

  • a metal grid with small cells;
  • pliers with narrow ends;
  • side;
  • bilateral file;
  • aluminum wire with a diameter of 2 mm;
  • hard wire 2 mm thick for the manufacture of hooks, constipation;
  • enamel or paint on metal and white spirit;
  • paint brush;
  • a piece of plywood 4 mm thick and fixing it;
  • PVC sheet and glue to it.

PVC or veneer is designed for pallet cages. You need to take one or the other.

Wooden cage more environmentally friendly but harder to collect. Pallet of PVC takes a long time to dry after gluing, as the glue is toxic to animals. It will take a week.

Provide the tools a jigsaw for cutting the material of the pan.

Step by step instructions

Before you start work, decide the dimensions of the cell. Hamsters need a low construction with a wide base to accommodate all accessories. Consider the size of the animal: large animals the room should be higher.

You should start with the frame of the cell. Make a drawing of the side walls and top. Think about where doors will be placed, a feeder room, WC. How comfortable will you clean the cage. If you want to complicate the design, adding an additional link, please note this. Provide hole where you can insert a transition tunnel. Let's start:

  1. Based on your drawing, calculate the number of mesh of other materials. Buy a grid with a margin of about 0.5 meters.
  2. Spread a grid on the floor, securing one end of the load.
  3. Cut out all parts of the design: the walls and ceiling. Cutting is easier for the cell itself.
  4. With side cutters trim the protruding tails.
  5. Cut out all the Windows and doors in the blanks that you have provided.
  6. The rest of the mesh, cut the patch. Those pieces that will cover the Windows and doors.
  7. Swipe the edges of all parts. Treat the sharp edges with a file.
  8. Paint grate, pre-clearing her white spirit.
  9. Connect the frame with an aluminum wire.
  10. Of stiff wire to make the clips on the door. Have to bend with pliers.

We finished making the frame of the grid. It is necessary to move to the pallet.

Tray cells

A sump to collect after will be ready frame. To properly assemble the cage for hamster is necessary to consider the parameters of pallet stock per material thickness (4 mm) + 1 see If you have a rectangle of 40x50 cm, size of sheet pan should be about 42х52 see Consider a pan made of PVC. Wooden made similar, but with a different mount. You measured the perimeter of the cage, bought the PVC sheet 100x100 cm, begin tinkering:

  1. Measure the necessary parameters on the sheet and cut along the markings.
  2. Make bumpers. Set aside the remaining piece of the sheet 4 strips of equal width.
  3. 2 a side must be glued on the side, 2 on the front and back. They should correspond to the length and width of the plate. Some have a length of 42 cm, the other 52 cm from all sides about 10 cm For the strength of the bumpers fastened directly on the plate, not the side.
  4. On the inner side of boxes need to glue plastic strips of about 1 cm They will close the place of the joint plate and a side. The length of the strips can be measured along the inside of the boxes. They will be slightly shorter than the sides of the plate.
  5. If the cell turns severe, make at the bottom from the outside of the ribs to the PVC does not bend. To do this, cut out three strips from the remnants of the sheet with a width of 1.5 cm along the length of the plate. Glue them on the bottom outside.
  6. To sides did not disperse, stick them on plate butt weld on the full height of the pan. Insert width of 6-8 cm On the 4 corners will need 8 plates 8x10 see

  1. If the cage will stand on the floor, do her legs. Each leg will consist of 4 pieces of plastic glued together "stack". The size of the pieces of 5x5 cm cut 16 of these records.

Please note that working with glue for PVC, you have time to dry the pan. The toxic substances will evaporate in about a week. This is a common scheme of Assembly of the pallet. It is possible to change, add or remove. The frame of the grid should be set in the pan. The cell is ready.

How to make a cage for the hamster with your hands out of the box

When it comes to the box, do not just represent cardboard. Animals have sharp teeth. Cardboard and paper will quickly be eaten. Large plastic containers as if created in order to use them after minor alterations for animals. Small container is perfect for Dzungaria, a bigger box for the Syrian hamster.

The rectangular containers have a disadvantage – they do not leak air. Replacing part of the cover and side walls on a fine grid, can provide their Pets with spacious housing. Pay attention to the processing method of the lattice described above. It is unacceptable that hamster cut myself on the sharp edges of the lattice.

Cut through plastic can with scissors or a sharp knife. Attach the lattice with screws with a nut or with screws. Holes for screws should be drilled or pierced with an awl heated. Some people use a soldering iron. The bolts or screws must be inserted from the inner side to the sharp ends sticking out and not injure the animals.

How to make second floor in hamster cage

The second floor cells may be necessary for the deployment of another animal. Hamsters rarely love the proximity of their relatives. In this case two boxes are just on top of one another. At the bottom you need to add the ventilated space (to replace another wall on the grill).

If the second floor is needed for a single pet, you can solve the problem in the same way. Place the second box on first, but connect the two cages with a tunnel. Hamsters love different transitions. Your animal will cross from one box to another. This will expand its "habitat" and can accommodate more equipment. Plastic tunnels and mazes can be done independently from bottles or buy ready-made at the pet store.

Self-made tunnel, cut the bottom and the neck of the bottle so that both ends have the same diameter. Duct tape wrap the edges of each slice. Insert one bottle into the other and seal with tape. Make sure the mount is strong enough. The size of the cookware must be selected in accordance with the size of the animal. Large animals need a capacity of 2 l, Djungarian hamster – enough 1.5 L.

There are craftsmen who are used for tunnels white and grey corrugated plastic pipes, which are used when installing the sink in the kitchen.

Hamster cage made of plastic bottles

Temporary housing for animals can be made from six-liter plastic bottles. Must take 3 bottles of specified capacity. Cut off the top part of the "on-hangers". Have cut part remove a part of the "collar". There remains a small funnel with a threaded cap. If the edges of the funnel are sharp, stick them on the tape. Cover should be cut "potolkovaya part," was to keep the puck on the thread.

The bottles should be put upright in a single row or a triangle. It would be a 3 room your hamster. Cut a hole a short distance from the bottom. The size of the holes should match the diameter of the neck. Holes is a transfer from one bottle to another, so make them on the same level in the neighboring links. The role of mini-tunnels will carry the pain. Connect the bottle:

  1. Put the two bottles vertically.
  2. Washer-cap from the neck. Take it in your right hand.
  3. In the left hand grab the neck without the puck. Lower your hand to the left of the bottle and insert the neck into the right bottle.
  4. In the right bottle lower right hand washer-cap screw and washer on the neck.

Now you get a mini-tunnel that you have fixed the washer. Three related premises need to be filled with hay, sawdust, supply cover, feeder and drinker.
To fix the cage from this material is sufficient to replace one link to another.
This room can be expanded by adding an arbitrary number of premises.

Cage for hamster with your hands

There is some substance rodents in an aquarium or terrarium. These containers provide a good overview. Through the glass does not absorb odors. Of the shortcomings can be identified:

  • the difficulty of attachment of the bowls and running wheel;
  • high humidity;
  • great weight and fragility of the structure.

Typically, pet owners take their Pets ready glass box and cover them with nets. If the grid is sufficiently high, mesh material is not important.

The animal can't reach her mouth. In a makeshift terrarium is difficult to provide adequate ventilation. Preference is small aquariums with sufficient bottom area.

Glass – a cold material. The bottom of the terrarium need to shoot a big layer of sawdust or provide an additional surface coating. To build a cage from plexiglass. It is lighter in weight and warmer, but prone to scratches and looks dull.

What else can you do housing for a hamster

If your family won't mind use under the premises for rodent Cabinet or bookshelf. Enough to make a small change: replace the upper part of the tables on the grid to drill additional air ducts and holes for mounting drinking bottles and a wheel – cage ready.

She will not like the fun design of the video "the Cream of the show", but there is enough space for comfortable living animal

Don't try to learn how to make a paper cage for a hamster, it's impossible. The paper will be "Sravana" very quickly, and your animal will be free. Sometimes make shelter for the night from paper or temporary enclosure out of cardboard.

You can find a lot of opportunities to build affordable and comfortable housing for a small animal. Connect your imagination and your skillful hands, the result will not take long in coming.

Cage for hamster with your hands
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