How to make a water bowl for hamster

You don't want to buy a drinker in the store or you just like tinkering? Anyway, will try to help you and tell you how to make a drinking bowl for your hamster with your hands at home.There are several types of drinkers to be installed in the cells. They are basically divided into outdoor and hanging. They differ in the device and principle of action. In stores usually sell nipple and a homemade there are two types – with the nipple as the factory, with a straw – a straw for juice or cocktail.

Materials and tools for the manufacture of drinkers

For drinkers there is no need specially to buy materials or tools. In every house there is always something that you want.

The material for the drinkers:

  • capacity (plastic bottle, the bottle of medicine, etc.);
  • straw for juice;
  • metal ball pen and a wooden block for the valve;
  • glue "Moment";
  • string or strong thread for hanging.

For the manufacture of floor drinkers there is only one requirement – wooden Board to which to attach capacity for sustainability.

Tools for the job:

  • sharp knife;
  • line;
  • marker;
  • hammer;
  • nail (or drill).

This set is enough to make a drinking bowl for your hamster.

Types of drinkers

To understand the issue you need to know how to construct a drinking bottle for hamsters, and only then get down to business. The suspended drinking trough consists of two parts, containers and tubes. There are waterers that constantly drip with a small interval – most often homemade, made from droppers or straws for juice. Nipple sippy cups serving water only when the animal will press the tongue on the ball. Outdoor automatic drinking bowls similar in principle to the bird, which work according to the law of Archimedes.

hanging waterers

Nipple drinker

Instead of the tube into the container to insert the housing from a pen with a built-in nipple. To make the nipple easily. There is only one requirement – the presence of a metal ball bearing that fits inside the case with the broad side. Then it is necessary to note the place where he was stuck, and slightly trim the cone of the housing below the ball slightly, but does not fall out. On top you need to throw a weak spring (can be taken from a pen) and slightly flatten it with a wooden wedge.

Importantly, the wedge took all the space and was leaking water. After that, the pen is inserted into the bottle cap. Water pet out of it comfortably and easily. Enough hamster little pressure on the ball, and from the tube water flows. A pen can be embedded not in the cover and the sidewall, and placing it at an angle and taped a crossroads "Moment." Then the bottle can not be suspended, and put on the floor of the cage.

Drinking from a plastic bottle

In order to make a bowl from a plastic bottle, a lot of effort is not required. These sippy cups are made for large hamsters, which are quite a lot of drinking. Enough to take a half-liter capacity, or even a volume of 330 ml and less.

All you need to do is remove the cover and do it in a small hole exactly in the center. This can be done with a nail or drill, observing the main rule is the hole should be slightly smaller than the tube – then it won't leak water. If the hole turned out more – not a problem, after inserting the tube, the crack can be repaired with glue "Moment". In this case, the device cannot be used until the glue dries. But usually, if done correctly, it is leaking a homemade drinking bottle for hamsters should not.

Corrugated straw before setting it should be split into two halves. It is inserted into the cover so that the bending corrugated outside, and that it can be bent in any direction. After you need to fill the tank with water and hang with a rope so that the tube does not contact any items. The end should be placed so that the hamster can safely reach it, it depends on the size of the pet. To drink Jungaria, enough to raise it 5 inches from the floor.
Instead of bottles, you can use containers under the drug for Djungarian hamster is enough.

Drinking from cut bottles

To make this kind of Cup, you have to cut a third of the bottle, leaving the upper part of the neck. Cutting handy box cutter with removable blades. If such a knife, you can do it with regular, pre-heating the blade in a flame of fire – then he will cut the plastic like butter.

You then punch a hole in the lid and insert the tube – this step is not different from that described above. In order to hang the drinker, in the upper part on both sides you can drill holes for the rope.

Such a drinking bowl for your hamster with your hands is different in that it is not necessary to disassemble in order to fill with water, you can refill from the top. The main rule is to wash it.

Outdoor drinkers

Outdoor waterers onthe very simple to manufacture. However, they have two drawbacks. Sippy cups are dirty quickly, they are often upset. To protect from dirt, you can make bumpers taller so that a pet was easy to drink. Do not make it out of plastic bottles, pet can cut yourself on the sharp side, it is better to choose something with thicker walls. To help stabilize the Cup can be glued to a wooden bar of size 10 × 10 cm
Also at home it is possible to arrange the vacuum trough of a plastic bottle. For this you need a Cup with high sides, the bottom of which is glued to the cover. It is screwed to the bottle, which is a small hole just below the rim of the Cup. Water will flow into the Cup and always stay at the same level. For stability, the device can be tied to the wall of the cage.

If your pet does not drink from the feeder, read the tips in the article "Teach hamster to drink from waterers".

These simple tips can help you save money on buying drinker to do at home unusual and original design.

How to make a water bowl for hamster
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