Choose a cage for a Djungarian hamster

Drugarice the most mobile and nimble, according to statistics they often escape, so the cage Djungarian hamster must be securely closed, be of a suitable size, with a small distance between the bars.To buy suitable accommodation for your baby, you should not get confused and make the right choice.

The cage is necessary and the largest investment that you will make for your pet, do not skimp. For Djungarian hamster needs a big cage. The more rodents it will live (for example, mother with children), the larger should be the home.

Single-storey cells

What are the standards?

If you believe the European standards, the area of the pan should be 1500 sq. cm, That is, the cell should be 50×30 cm is Better to buy single-storey housing in a large area than the compact high-rise housing. This is due to the fact that Jungaria love Jogging and space, for them it is more important than to climb through the maze between floors. In the wild they run the day tens of kilometers.

If the cage is too small, the animal will decrease immunity, he will be exposed to obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Standard cage for Djungarian hamster

A good choice of housing

Cage for hamster dzhungaria should be with horizontal bars. They are easier to install "interior": wheel, house, trough, mazes. Horizontal bars – a good simulator for the Djungarian hamster, he would be happy to climb walls, and cling to the legs for the ceiling. It is important that the distance between the bars does not exceed 10 mm, this will prevent escape.

Standard cage for Djungarian hamster is one — storey. They are easy to clean and they are cheaper "high-rise". Two - and three-story a large variety of accessories, but if you want the wheels and labyrinths can be purchased separately. Often the upper floor is for sleeping and the bottom for games. But gungari can make their adjustments in the housing arrangement and to disturb him is not worth it.

The cell with the maze of Jungaria

The cage with the interesting idea

Almost any host interested in how many runs his hamster for the night. For this purpose was invented by a cage with an odometer. Plus this model is that running the ball is a removable part. Purchasing a cage you in addition acquire and walking the ball.

If you have friends and acquaintances that contain hamsters, you can arrange a competition "Whose hamster is the brightest?".

Cage for hamster with a counter

Multi-storey cages

The arrangement of multi-storey dwellings

If you like multi-storey cage for Djungarian, it is necessary to choose correctly:

  • the distance between the layers must be at least 17 cm, and better, 20-22 cm, to fit the wheel, but not to exceed 30 cm, so baby not get hurt when falling;
  • shelves floors choose from solid plastic, it is easier than iron bars, through which the food falls and the particles of the nest, moreover, it is inconvenient when walking;
  • if the bottom of the second floor lattice, and you want to settle in a cage of kids, line on the bottom of the cardboard so they don't hurt the foot. The cardboard needs to be changed as soon as the animals are his to chew.
Multi-storey cage with plastic shelves

If you want to watch the hamster is a cage Gabbia Ferplast Olimpia Decor.

Cage Gabbia Ferplast Olimpia Decor

This type of cages you can purchase additional modules.

Additional modules for Gabbia Ferplast Olimpia cage Decor

What should be the sump?

Cage Jungaria should be with a deep pan – it is deeper, the better, especially if you intend to breed rodents. Kids are movable from the first days of life and if the pallet is low, they may fall out of their homes. Deep trays comfortable for the hosts: less debris will fly during active play.

Also, as an option, you can purchase a cage with transparent plastic walls. It definitely will save you from extra cleaning around the cage. The disadvantages of this type is:

  • the difficulty in suspending various accessories;
  • the limiting activity of a hamster, since he can't climb up and down walls like a cage with bars.
Cage Jungaria with plastic sidewalls

A cell of this type can be equipped with external tunnels. Acquiring additional tunnels you can connect another cage or optional module.

Cage for hamster supplemented with modules

In pet stores you can purchase models with drawers. They are easy to care for parrots and Canaries, but meaningless for Jungaria. Hamsters choose one corner of the toilet, so the liquid will leak and become a source of unpleasant aromas because of the sliding shelf, no filler, absorbing the smell.

What should be in a cage

You already know what should be the size of the cells for Dzungaria, it now remains to deal with the content. There must be the following things:

  1. the house where he will sleep;
  2. drinking and food bowl;
  3. wheel for training;
  4. chalky or mineral stone.

If space allows, you can set the catwalks, tunnels, pipes, the tub with sand for bathing.

The cell with the required accessories for dsungarica

Important points

Cage dzungaricus should be well ventilated, otherwise they will accumulate toxic smell of ammonia. It is important that the dwelling was comfortable and you could at any point to remove the pet without spending a lot of time.

Cage Jungaria with proper ventilation

Djungarian hamster you can choose a plastic cage. Such models have several levels, tunnels, pipes and other places for games. Differ original design.

Cells with the original design

Plastic dwelling should not be protruding parts that a baby can chew.

Important: check that the door is tightly closed -- drugarice smart and they will quickly understand the principle of opening doors, which may lead to repeated attempts of escape.

Remember that the best cage is one in which the pet comfortable. You'll see it in his behavior.

Choose a cage for a Djungarian hamster
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