Choosing a cage for Syrian hamster

The Syrian hamster will be the best friend an adult and a child.When choosing accommodation you need to consider habits, way of living and the size of the pet.

How to choose housing for the Syrian?

Compared to other species, the hamster is quite large. Very often, specimens buy cage bird markets are cheaper than in pet stores. Judging by the reviews, the sales leader was the one-story homes with a semicircular top, size 35*20 cm, But, unfortunately, this size of cage for Syrian hamster does not quite fit – too small. Its advantage in the semi-circular top – hamsters like to arrange acrobatic stunts, hanging from the ceiling. Syrian hamsters need space more.

Online you can find models even more compact size, but they are only suitable for carrying animals – the Syrians will not be comfortable to live in overcrowded conditions. To provide the pet with more space, remake of the birdcage – they are high, so they can equip the second floor, doing exactly that some owners of rodents. But this option has its drawbacks. Called into question the safety of the animal, there's no guarantee that the additional floor is securely attached.

What could be better for Syrians than a large cage with wheels and mazes?! Optimal and cheap variant – rectangular cages for Syrian hamsters, the size 37*27 cm, 36 cm in height.

It is convenient if the second floor is in the middle, and cover all space. In the horizontal partition is a hole for the stairs to the stairs to go down.

For sale a lot of two-storey dwellings for rodents, where the second floors extend to half, it is also convenient, but should not exclude that during active games, the hamster can fall. There were cases when during falling from the second floor rodents injured foot, but such situations are rare.

The best option for Syrian

A suitable cage size for a Syrian, regardless of number of storeys – 50*30 cm, at least 25 cm in height with the possibility to equip it to your liking. Often combined two dwellings or more, between them build mazes, connect with the terrariums and aquariums.

The house of a Syrian should be spacious, there's a logical explanation. In the wild a hamsters a vast territory of steppes, their burrows are located from each other at a distance.

When buying you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. For the Syrian hamster size and diameter is more important than number of storeys.
  2. European experts have set a new standard square cage for a Syrian hamster should be 1500 sq. cm, i.e. the size of the bottom shall not be less than 50*30 cm
  3. Close the housing dangerous to the health. The animal may develop physical inactivity, obesity. Hamster in such circumstances, the unhappy and unlikely to live up to six years, although the normal lifespan is 2 – 2.5 years.
  4. Well, if the distance between floors is less than 30 cm.
  5. The door must be wide to through it easily passed the hand of the owner along with the pet.
  6. It is better to choose dwelling with an integral pallet, mesh can injure the animal.

Important: choosing a home for hamsters of this breed, pay attention to the distance between the bars, which should be from 5 to 10 mm.

Young Syrian hamsters in the age of ten are able to crawl through the cracks of a width of 7-8 mm, so for breeding you need to buy the housing with the rods 5 mm.

The filling of the cells necessary accessories you can read the article about the regeneration of cells. And you will find the necessary information about what else you need to care for a hamster article about what needs to keep the hamster.

Choosing a cage for Syrian hamster
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Good evening.I bought a Syrian hamster cage, 55*40,there was the distance between the bars 1.8 cm,not run away hamster? Now we are 4 months. And what can be done with it ,if you run you can? It is not refundable((