Jogging wheel for hamsters

Hamsters is known as a very active animal, constantly staying in motion.Often rodents living in small cramped cages, can not boast of excellent health, suffering from violations of various body functions. In this case the salvation will be silent hamster wheel, which will allow him to run around and be active. If you are interested to know more, read our article why hamsters love to run in the wheel. And in this article we are going to discuss the wheels themselves.

Types of wheels and how to choose

From a good choice of wheels for the hamster will depend not only his health, but also physical security. Varieties cross country wheels for rodents there are dozens of variations, but not each of them may be suitable for a particular cell and its occupant. The first thing to pay attention to wheel diameter, because it will determine what breed of hamsters a trainer. Wheel for Jungaria or baby Syrian breed would range from 14 to 16 cm in diameter, the wheels are a smaller size suitable only for the young dwarf rodents, and adult Syrian hamsters will need a wheel with a diameter of 18 cm and more.

The hamster wheel should be large and convenient so as not to create obstacles or traumatic consequences. Too small a wheel will cause the rodent to stumble or to bend, his legs will get stuck or get caught on the outside of the wheel that can lead to spinal cord injuries, fractures or dislocations of the extremities.

Important! Hopkin.Ru warns: fractures of the legs is a very common phenomenon, including due to incorrect wheel designs. Hundreds of visitors come to our website for information about the fractures. I hope that you won't need it and ask to choose the right wheels for animals.

Determining which tire is better, pay attention to the surface on which to run the animal. Lattice track is a potential hazard because the hamster can fall through the bars, injuring the foot or Stripping the skin. It is advisable to choose a silent wheel, the surface of which is made of solid plastic with little notches for easy grip.

Also safe are the tracks from an iron grid with small gaps, which cannot fail hamster foot. The easy option would be wooden hamster wheel that is unlikely to injure the animal. It is possible not to worry if the hamster starts to podgruzhat trainer, as a natural material will not cause damage to the body.

If the hamster will run in a metal wheel on a stand, then it is important to consider how securely attach device inside the cell. Of these wheels comes with a stand, located very close to the running surface, causing a "scissor effect". In this case, the foot caught between the wheel and the stand, runs the risk of being cut off. Mounting such a wheel, be sure to maintain a distance of not less than 1 cm from the support axis to the working surface of the simulator.

If you like and are good at tinkering, you'll be able to make cross-country wheel with your hands.

Wheel mounting method

Jogging wheel for hamsters are divided into three main types, which differ in the methods. For example:

  • Attachment to the cell wall by means of special holders or durable wire (depending on the cell type). The advantage of this fastening is to save cell space, but the drawback is the possible tapping on hamster house while driving;
  • Mount on the bottom of the cage is a running wheel on a special stand that holds the exerciser. Disadvantage of this setup is a bad stability of the structure;
  • Fixing independent device, that is, the wheels on the stand, the bottom of the cage will be the most successful and safe
    option that will eliminate the risk of instability or overturning of the wheel.

wheel to mount on the wall

wheel with double mount

the wheel on the stand

running disk

In addition, there is a good counterpart to the traditional trainer – running drive. Design equipped with a stable stand on which the fixed plate, not allowing the rodent to tip over or fall out while running.

In addition to the Jogging wheel, there is another popular accessory for hamsters — walking the ball.

Upgraded wheels

After a short operation of the wheel, many owners complain of extraneous squeaks or noises that starts to create a wheel. In the case that creaks metal wheel, it is possible to grease with vegetable oil, and other sounds recede. In addition, running wheel can be improved, making it the most quiet and useful.

Some owners come up with a hamster wheel with a generator to run the rodent held a benefit not only for themselves but also the host's environment. Often such things are made with your own hands, as they do not require a lot of effort and technical steps, allowing you to produce electricity for small purposes like charging your mobile phone, which can manage active rodent.

Another way to reduce the noise from the wheel is a replacement plastic mount for the bearing. Then the wheel will work silently and will please owners an added bonus, since this invention can be used as a generator.

Start buying wheels

Engaging selection of active toys for your pet, try to choose a large wheel with a convenient and secure surfaceto eliminate the injury rodent. One of the durable options of the wheel, which the animal can not chew, is a metal species with a quality work surface. The distance between the rods should be minimal, so the hamster was comfortable for Jogging and don't fall through the bars.

Possible to buy the wheel better along with the animal that will be able to evaluate the device. First, will not give any error with dimension of the wheel and it will be clear how comfortable the animal feels in a new "toy". Second, it is possible to determine the level of safety and convenience, subject to specific rodent.

After purchasing and installing the wheel, maybe the hamster will ignore it. In this case, you will help our article "how to teach a hamster to the wheel".


Jogging wheel for hamsters
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