Can I keep the hamster in a jar or in a box

Hamsters — cute animals that should live in your own a cell.In the wild, this animal lives a free life, overcoming in a day long distances.

Gone are the days when hamsters were kept in three-liter jar and it was considered a normal variant. Now equip them for real locks, using cages, terrariums, special plastic containers. Them roomier, more comfortable. Hamsters happily and relatively live a long time in these houses — 2-3 years.

Why rodents shouldn't be kept in the Bank

A hamster of any breed feels the Bank is not comfortable. Especially gungari. He sleeps during the day and the whole night spent in motion. In three-liter jar does not disperse. It is not recommended to use even as a carry. It is safe, the Bank can fall and break, and the baby to get hurt. A baby cannot be left in the Bank, if kids in the house — you risk the lives of defenseless animal. Other animals (cats and dogs) can turn to the Bank.

Where can I keep hamster in addition to cells

If for some reason you have not yet bought a cage, you can hold the baby in three-liter jar, but so that the animal is not got children, other animals.

Do not close the jar lid — the animal can choke.

You don't know where to put the hamster if not cells? Ideal — pet carrier for small rodents. It baby won't get hurt even if you fall from a height, will not reach him there cats and children.

Can I keep a hamster in a box

In a cardboard box to keep baby's not worth it, except for a few minutes while washing the cage. Hamster— a rodent, it can quickly eat through a thin "wall" and run away. To find the fugitive difficult, because in the apartment so many places to hide!

Another argument against the boxes, she quickly gets wet. In the box, as in the Bank it is difficult to establish a drinking bowl, running wheel and other accessories to nimble kids.

Now you know the answer to the question: can a hamster live in the Bank. If you have not purchased a pet and just going to do it, consider carefully whether you will be able to buy him a cage and properly equip. The Bank is stuffy, not enough air, even the lazy and peaceful Syrian hamsters live in it less than in a spacious cage or terrarium.

In than to keep the baby? Definitely in the cage. Jars, boxes, and other "shelter" can only be used during the harvesting of "permanent home".

Can I keep the hamster in a jar or in a box
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