The right choice of filler for a hamster

An important condition for a long and happy life of a hamster – properly designed cage with quality bedding.It can be purchased at the store or prepare yourself Narva on the field. There is no guarantee of ecological purity, but hay more close to the natural habitat conditions. Hamster twist it a cozy nest and eat according to your mood.

In pet stores you can find several variants of the litter, which differ in price and other parameters. Filling Djungarian and Syrians must meet the following criteria:

• to be safe;
• to absorb odors , and absorb moisture;
• the structure of the material should be easy to make hamster was easy to dig in it.



Sawdust is an universal filler for the Djungarian hamster. By the way, drugarice more choosy about litter, perhaps this is due to their tiny size. Sales sawdust for hamsters markedly in the lead.


• safe for health;
• are available in small and large types of sawdust;
• drugarice like to dig, dig, so they're ideal;
• availability and low price are the decisive factors in favour presented of the filler.

What sawdust is best for your Jungaria, you decide. Many people like granular – they are easy to clean, someone small, someone big.


• are lightweight, so the kids throw them outside the cage;
• if we talk about the properties of absorption of unpleasant odors, sawdust is not the reference option.

To see how much sawdust for hamsters enough to go on a trip to the nearest pet store. The price will surprise you.

Wood filler

Wood granular filler

Another good and inexpensive option litter – wood filler. It is called pressed sawdust.

Restroom hamster great granular filler of grass and wood. The downside is that its not as easy to remove as lumpy filler, since it is difficult to distinguish stained granules of the net. Benefits more than "cover" the lack of grass and wood fillers – organic, readily absorb odors.

Habit to eat lunch wood filler is unsafe, the baby may damage the cheek pouches, and if you ingest synthetic granules, poison.

To wean baby from bad habits is easy – pick up another filler. Many hamsters like sand for chinchillas.

Benefits: absorbs odors better, but more expensive.

Disadvantages: there is wood dust, which affects rodents. In addition, the pellets are rather large, tiny Jungaria uncomfortable to live on the litter.

If the baby has an Allergy to wood dust, this litter for Djungarian hamster are not suitable, in this case cellulose litter better.

The correct choice of filler is not less important than the proper selection of cells. If you haven't managed to get a cell highly recommend you to read the article on choosing a cage for Djungarian or cages for Syrian hamsters.

Pulp filler

Pulp filler

Cellulose filler is ideal for rodents-allergies. The structure is something between the above-described fillers. This litter is poorly absorbs odor and moisture, but it is absolutely safe for the baby. Granules of small size, which is very important for dwarf breeds.

Video: how to make cellulose wood filler for the hamster with your hands

Lumpy filler of clay

The clay filler

Easy to use filler made of lumpy clay. Hematology reject it because the claim that the composition contains harmful to the hamster quartz dust, they prefer the fillers from ears of wheat or corn.

Corn filler

Corn filler

If corn filler participated in the rating, he shamelessly could give the 1st place. It is ideal for hamsters, even better than shavings. An obvious disadvantage – high cost. But it can change at least – corn litter holds odors. Even if you pour a thin layer, you will not hear unpleasant odours and hamster will be comfortable to move around. Products do not contain wood dust, so it is absolutely safe for the health of the rodent.

If you have not yet decided what bedding to use for hamsters so they are happy in it dug and dug, try the corn. It can be laid to rodents of different species: and the Syrian and Djungarian hamsters will appreciate your efforts.

Kitty litter

To choose the right litter for your hamster is an important task. The good alternative is kitty litter is odorless, but only if it is natural, no fragrances and dyes. You can use wood, but not silicate, which contain substances that corrode the tender skin on the paws of rodents. In addition, it has a sharp granules and can injure the animal, which negatively affects the quality of wool. Do not use mineral since it does not retain moisture and because it is based on clay, fast divorce dirt. Cellulose filler is not so absorbs moisture like wood.

The litter of scrap materials

Easy to make bedding for the hamster with your hands, but you cannot use Newspapers or hard paper. This is because the baby will try anything that tastes of newspaper paint is unlikely to be useful.

Paper napkins

Many people wonder whether it is possible to give the hamster tissues. If they have no drawings, colors and flavors, plain white, you can. It's a good alternative to fillers from wood, if a baby has an Allergy to wood dust. So if you don't know what to replace sawdust, feel free to go to household chemicals and buy Cutlery and white napkins unscented. The baby will appreciate your efforts, because it is a good material for construction of nests. Rodent tear the napkin into small pieces (you can help) and build a warm nest.

Video: bowl for hamster with their hands out paper towels

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is rarely used in rodents for the toilet. Offer this stuff for the baby and he uses it in the arrangement of the bedroom. But can hamsters give paper? Definitely Yes. Importantly, the composition was not flavorings and other additives.


Sometimes as bedding used wool, but it's not the best option. This bedding Djungarian hamster threat – she gets confused between the tiny fingers. Vata – the subject of controversy, many people use it as bedding, arguing that with their Pets, nothing bad happened and besides, the Syrians love to wrap myself in it. In fact, there are many cases when drugarice broke his foot, entangled in the wool.

To summarize

Now you know what filler is better for hamsters and will be able to choose the appropriate option for the pet with a good ratio of price and quality. I hope you know what you need sawdust for hamsters specifically in your case. It is theoretically possible to do without the filler, but the hamster is warmer, more comfortable, and the owner easier to clean the cage. With caution should choose pine sawdust, it is permissible to use pine, it is not recommended cedar. You can't use sawdust from the factory, even fruit trees, as the production of wood is processed by special trains from pests.

Beginners homyakovo interested in the question of how much filler to lay. It is recommended in a single layer, so that the litter covered bottom.

The right choice of filler for a hamster
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everything is cool but before removing VIDOS necessary to prepare for, not to say 1st that come to mind. in addition, all good.Thanks now I know what filler is better for hamsters and will be able to choose the appropriate option for your pet with a good ratio of price and quality.