Pet carrier for hamster and carriage in a transport

Sometimes hamsters with their owners are traveling to go smoothly, you will need a pet carrier for hamster.Hamster not picky in the carriage, but the owner needs to make sure he had food and water. It is important that the carrier received the air to be left in the cold, near heaters.

Can I carry the hamster in the train? Definitely Yes, and for this purpose you can use the container for hamsters. Plastic retains heat – enough to put the baby a little bit familiar of the litter, he will bury all the way to sleep, especially if the road falls on the day time.

Transportation of the baby by all the rules

The plane

Hamster is possible not only to get to another city, but also outside the country. Hematology say that the hardest of the Syrian hamster and jungert transfer flights. Therefore, it is important to figure out how to transport the plane of the hamster and only then buy a suitable container for the hamster.

The complexity of the flights the owners of the hamsters based on the fact that each airline its own rules of transportation of animals, the requirements of the veterinary services are radically different, to the extent that one country may require the help in the other do not. It turns out that the import of animals requires a single package of documents for the export of another. Veterinary certificate for hamster and immunizations are generally not required. But help on pet needed. Control of documents on air transport the most severe.

To transport the baby on the plane is only in the case that another transportation option is not possible. The baby may not survive the flight, because these animals do not tolerate pressure peaks – Syrian or Djungarian hamster can die from a stroke.

How to transport a hamster in the train

Definitely easier than the plane. Responding to feedback from owners of hamsters, it can be concluded that the conductors do not love such passengers, because they consider them as hotbeds of disease. But if you need documents on hand (including form 1), a carrier for hamsters, do not worry.

You already know how to carry a hamster – for this you need to buy a special container to put some chips or other filler, which is little used. Don't forget to take food, treats, water. In the preparation of the crumbs for the move is no big deal, as a rule, the difficulty lies in the collection of documents.

What documents are required when transporting rodent:

  • Form №1;
  • help for transportation (this document is issued by the state regional clinic);
  • if you want to go by train, buy a ticket marked "carry-on" (as in the case of cats and dogs).


On the question of whether to transport a hamster in the car, the answer is Yes. This is the easiest way, especially if you are on the move within his country. Help will be required only when crossing the border.

You need to learn how to carry a hamster in winter, when exposure to low temperatures rodents fall into a stupor. The baby didn't freeze, distribute more paper towels and wrap the container in a scarf or small blanket, possibly outdoors for long.

Read more about carrying for rodents

Once you have decided to embark on a journey with your baby, chose a vehicle need to buy a suitable pet carrier. You can buy such things in pet stores. The range is impressive. How much is a container for the hamster depends on the model, size, arrangement.

A brief overview of the running models

The average price for hamsters carrying– 10-20 y.e. For 15.e. you can buy quality carrier ImacBaggy, it is also used for chinchillas, Guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals. The model is made of durable plastic, it has many air holes. The upper part of the model transparent, open on two sides. Size carrying case: long 25 cm, width 36 cm, height 29 cm, this space is sufficient for rodent travel.

carrying firm "ImacBaggy"

For small rodents are available for sale with a carrying handle that can be worn as a handbag. Air holes made at the top. This model from the company Trixie is 10.e.

carrying firm "Trixie"

If you want to buy a cheaper carrier, please note a small box with a handle. Of its compact size.

carrying with handle

Choice carrying

Carrying travellers need, but also those who love just walking with a pet. The little box is a good choice where the baby will be comfortable, and while walking/moving it will not feel discomfort.

Carrying differ:

  • size;
  • material of manufacture;
  • color.

They are designed for comfortable transport of the animal, but still have some differences, so it is important to choose your original and comfortable model with an optimal ratio of price and quality.

Most popular carrier for hamsters:

  • plastic – easy to wash, as a rule, the transparent top to get more light;
  • the bag has a viewing window and ventilation;
  • metal carrying – the budget option, the advantage is that it is a little different from the everyday home.

Really can not do without carrying?

Special carrying containers for hamsters is not a fad but a necessity that provides little security. Of course, if you buy a hamster and you need to convey it from the market home and travel you are planning, you can use the Bank. But if she is broken, she'll get hurt.

If you travel frequently, carry a permanent home hamster uncomfortable, so carrying the necessary. It will provide the rodent with complete safety. Hamsters travel in small box, in it is comfortable and warm. The stress of moving will be minimal, because all the necessities of life, particularly food and drink.

How to make a carrier yourself?

You can make a container for the hamster with your hands. Way to take a plastic bucket with a cover from mayonnaise to do in the cap and on the walls of the air holes, put a bit of litter and sweets. In summer, this pail can be a bit hot.

Another "temporary shelter" can be constructed from a plastic food container (sold in supermarkets). You need to make many holes for good air passage, in addition, it is necessary to wash and wipe dry. Inside put dry wipes unscented. Fasten top of the handle, to do this, cut 4 holes, threading a heavy knitting yarn and will make a good carrying, though is suitable only for short journeys – the plastic is too thin and the clasp is unreliable. Similarly, create a carrying out of plastic bottles.

Now you know how to transport a hamster in the car, train, plane and what kind of device you need to buy (build) – plastic container or a small carrier. In these trips there is nothing difficult, on the contrary, walks together will make your leisure time and pet a variety!

Pet carrier for hamster and carriage in a transport
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