Types of drinking bowls for hamsters

For comfortable life of the hamster must not so much.In order not to regret about wasted money and not to endanger the lives and health of their Pets before buying it is desirable to understand, what should be the ideal drinking bottle for hamster to weigh the pros, cons and peculiarities of each variety and choose the most appropriate for a particular case.

Types of drinkers: advantages, disadvantages, features

All lots presented for sale drinkers can be divided into 4 groups:

  • bowl;
  • drinker with a "pocket";
  • vacuum trough;
  • automatic ball or nipple (m) to water troughs.

Which one to prefer can be solved, learning how much a drinking bowl for your hamster and what some drinkers features.

Use bowls for drinking water

drinking bowl

The most economical and primitive to use a variant of a common bowl. The cost varies from 15 to 200 R. R. depending on the material used and the aesthetics of the subject.
A modest list of advantages of this method to provide rodent water can be attributed to the ease of use – the bowl is easy to wash, the design – it is unlikely to fail or be defective, the versatility — it can be installed anywhere in the cell.

But it lay in the cage with this drinker will have much more. Hamsters constantly turn the bowl, climb in them, or poured the contents of the filings. In addition to frequent cleanings, it can lead to serious diseases.

hanging drinker

When released into the bowl of waste water it can become unfit for human consumption and cause food poisoning. And constantly wet the filler cells can cause colds. Therefore, to use this water container can be downright dangerous.

Sales are hanging open drinkers, they can be fastened to the horizontal bars of the cage, but they do not differ from normal bowls. The water also gets dirty easily and is shed.

Drinkers with a "pocket", often used when the content of birds

drinker with

This Cup consists of a container with water and cover with a spout-a"pocket". The animal only has access to water in the "pocket", the rest of the stock is always clean. Is this drinking in average from 70 to 150 rubles. depending on manufacturer and volume. The advantage of this choice but more than a bowl of ecology will be the ease of use and reliability of the design.

If your animal can not get used to an automatic drinking bowl, and you do not want to change the water in the bowl three times a day, for hamster feeding Cup pocket could be a boon, because using them is as easy as a regular bowl, but to spill the liquid out of it much harder.

Among the disadvantages is still the same probability of throwing sawdust. If "pocket" is filled with them, animals have no access to drinking water. To clean mold or other contaminants such trough is almost as easy as a regular bowl, because she knows to wash parts.

Vacuum drinker

vacuum drinker

This type is also often used when the content of birds. The cost depends on the volume. Little vacuum drinking bottle suitable for hamster size will cost no more than 150 p

To the vacuum Cup animals quickly get used due to the ease of use, fluid from the reservoir flows into the available to drink a part of small portions, which prevents it from contamination.

The drawback of this model may be the material from which it is made – usually soft plastic and hamsters is not difficult to chew.

Automatic drinking bowl: ball and nipple

nipple drinker

This is the most popular option and therefore, it is among the automatic drinking bowls for hamsters prevails this diversity. The cost also varies greatly and depends on many factors (material, size, mount). Cheapest auto toy ball can be found for 150 rubles, for a more modern, advanced model you will have to pay more – up to 700 p.

ball drinking bottle with clip

The bulb of these drinking bowls are made of plastic and glass, and the spout made of metal.

Sometimes they are additionally equipped with float for better visibility of the remaining level of the liquid. The mechanism can be ball or pin. Between them there is no fundamental difference if the animal is accustomed to one, you will be able to take advantage of others, working and ball, and a nipple drinker on the principle of the ordinary wash-hand basin.

When choosing it is important to consider the preferred method of attachment:

  • if the habitat of your ward was the cage with vertical bars, that will fit sippy cups with plastic or metal clips.
  • for cages with horizontal bars is best to purchase a drinking bowl with a metal loop, it will be easy to hang in almost any convenient place;
  • if the animal lives in the cage, the choice should be made in favour of automatic waterers on the suction Cup, this will easily be able to attach to the glass.
ball drinking bottle with loop

The undeniable advantage of this type of drinker is the possibility of mounting them outside the cage for a long preservation of clean drinking water, resistant to rodent bites metal spout.

The only disadvantage of this type of chair is the probability of defective purchases. Cheap auto sippy cups often occur. Possibly still in the store ask the seller to check the goods when you, because the cause of the leak can be marriage.

ball drinker for suckers

Sometimes the drinker is leaking from under the cover, maybe it was missing a rubber or silicone o-rings, or it is of insufficient thickness. But more often drips from the spout of an automatic drinking bowl. This can occur because of clogging of the nozzle sawdust or lime. Such contamination can be easily removed with cleaning products. It happens that the leak is at the junction of the tube and the tank. In this case, it is sufficient to insert the nozzle deeper into the hole.

If you for some reason are not acquired trough or like tinkering, you can do it yourself. You can read about it in the article "How to make a drinking bowl for your hamster".

Faced a problem — the hamster is not drinking water. To resolve this issue will help article about how to teach hamster to drink from waterers.

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Types of drinking bowls for hamsters
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