Walking hamster ball with their hands

If the range of pet shops leaves much to be desired, the owner will gain information on how to make a walking hamster ball with their hands at home.Carefully wash the inside and remove the labels.

Djungarian hamster can easily climb into a bottle of milk, and a large Syrian hamster can move in a plastic canister for water.

In the bottle are cut ventilation holes, after which it is ready for use. Such a device can not compare with the pleasure ball – the bottle has a very different form. However, it is easy riding on the flat and protects your pet from dangers that are so rich in a home setting. In the absence of the ball this toy successfully provides rodent physical activity and even some mental development: the animal will have to adjust under the control of an oblong object.

To make pet walking a bottle with your own hands can even children, and no financial costs.

Plastic bucket

Similarly, you can make walking the ball from a plastic bucket from under products. The container must be made of lightweight clear plastic. After thorough washing, the cover and the bottom of the bucket drilling. You can make them with an awl.

In the manufacture of capsules is a pleasure with your hands, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:


The ability to choose the capacity that is appropriate for the size of a particular animal is one of the advantages of self-made accessory. It is sometimes necessary to observe the animal in a capsules of different diameters, in order to understand what will be more convenient.

Walking the ball should not be too heavy, otherwise the animal will be difficult to budge.

The diameter needs to be large enough that the hamster did not have to bend the spine. You should pay attention to the size of industrial balls: for Djungarian it will be with a diameter of 12-13 cm and for larger Syrians – about 18-20 cm, occasionally to 30 cm.


You cannot run the animal into a plastic container or bottle with no holes. Ventilation should be sufficient to free oxygen, because the toy animal is actively moving. If there is a sense of the greenhouse effect, then the number of holes is not sufficient, or they are too small. Through the ventilation holes freely drop feces, and do not try to avoid it. Walking is still limited to 20-30 minutes for a period of tiny animal, not much fouls.

Processing of holes and edges

Outside need to trim any protruding surplus. Ventilation holes carefully treated to avoid sticking pieces of plastic, irregularities.


For the curious little rodent Pets conditions pose many dangers. Free range of these animals is unacceptable, and the cell area is very limited. The way out is to provide protection while walking. If you can not acquire a accessory at the pet store, make walking the ball by yourself is possible. He's to ball in the full sense of the word, but rather a barrel. But their function does not get worse.

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Walking hamster ball with their hands
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