How to arrange the toilet and teach him the hamster

A hamster may even need to housebreak, otherwise shavings soaked in urine will be smelly.It is convenient to use, the main thing to teach a baby to use it.

If you teach a hamster to defecate in one place, it will eliminate the problem of bad smell, will help to clean the host and the life of the pet. Write how to teach a hamster to the toilet.

Is it possible to teach a baby to the bathroom?

Hamster – small animal, so many people mistakenly believe that he is not trainable. It is not, to urinate in one place for them. When training you need to rely on features of the animal and just put a tray of the hamster in the corner, which he chose for the fulfillment of natural needs.

Choice "equipment"

How to teach a hamster to the tray you already know. The next step is to select the tray. This problem does not arise, because in the pet stores sold a variety of models. Great demand for rectangular and angular. They have a removable top and entrance hole, which corresponds to the size of the animal.

corner toilet for hamster

rectangular toilet for hamster


If you purchase a model you don't like or you don't want to go to the pet store, read how to make a toilet for hamster with your hands. Need to find a small plastic container with a lid, on the one hand to cut 5-8 cm in diameter, depending on the breed of the animal. The hole should be cut at a height of 2.5 cm for a Syrian and 1.3-1.5 cm for Jungaria. If this is not done, the litter will be outside the restroom. The hole edges should be sanded so baby does not get hurt in the entrance-exit.

When a rodent will gnaw homemade restroom or plastic will absorb the unpleasant odor that needs to be replaced. Such a fate awaits any plastic box, so provide your pet a glass. Offer the kid a normal Bank, so that the hamster could easily climb-out and turn around. For Syrian Bank suitable for 500 ml to Jungaria for 250 ml it is a prerequisite that wide neck. The restroom need to be strengthened so that it is not rolling on the floor and was recorded, otherwise you will face the problem that the hamster goes to the toilet.

Important: the bathroom hamster you need to keep clean, for enough time in the day to remove the dirty clumps, and once a week to clean the toilet for Jungaria or Syrian.

As a filler you can use regular litter, because if you do not put a hamster toilet animal will take advantage of the litter. If the litter you are using the TIRS, get ready because the bathroom will have to wash it every day because shaving quickly becomes wet, long dry, and quickly begins to stink.

Important point: before you teach Jungaria to the toilet, make sure he doesn't eat the filling and fold it into cheek pouches.

The learning process

If you have just brought a hamster from the store, do not hurry to accustom him to the tray, first new friend you need to tame. Only after you make friends and your toddler will set the angle for the needs, begin the process of schooling juraskova or Syrian hamster to the toilet.

Important rule: the place for installation of the tray should choose the animal, not you. Your task is to watch which corner baby often defecates, there is need to put the tray.

What not to do:

  • put the tray in the place that you like;
  • blame, and especially to beat the kid for the mistake;
  • to behave in his cage at home;
  • to force the issue.

To teach your hamster to defecate in one place simply. Need to take some soiled litter and put in "the pot". As soon as the baby wakes up, put him in front of the tray. So you will give him the opportunity to smell and understand what's inside of this interesting box. The teaching principle is based on the fact that when his "nature call", the hamster can not go to the toilet in the wrong place (clean cage), he is to go where there was a smell of feces. Hamsters – clean animals, so quickly accustomed to the tray.

Possible difficulties

Sometimes it happens that the owner did everything by the rules, bought a good filler and the tray, and the rodent uses the restroom not on purpose setting here for storage or a recreation area. Sleep causes the hamster in the tray is simple – he does not have or does not suit the house to sleep . Sometimes hamsters store food in the bathroom because the cell is little space and another pantry no.

There is another side of the coin: rodent ignores the restroom and settles her in the house to sleep. It becomes a real problem, because the baby is sleeping and sometimes doing an inventory in one place. To get the hamster to go to the toilet in the house, store it for some time. But if the home is too attached to his dwelling, he's likely to have a tantrum after you clean the house. It is important to thoroughly clean the house, so it is not traces of urine.

There are several reasons why rodent doesn't go to the bathroom. He may have a very big cage and he singled out for urine multiple angles. Watch the baby, it will help to calculate all the places where he celebrates natural needs. To punish it is an unnecessary stress that will not lead to the result. Better to buy a few toilets and place them in the corners, which animal was chosen to defecate. Soon he will understand what they are for.

Remember to teach to the restroom – a laborious process that requires an individual approach.

How to arrange the toilet and teach him the hamster
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