Bitten by hamster: what to do?

The owners of the hamsters are experiencing bites hamsters, most often it happens during the period of domestication of rodent hands.The threat is a female with cubs;

  • Hamster felt pain, for example due to incorrect handling. The child may compress the animal in hand, on what the rodent will certainly react;
  • Just bought gungari can respond to change. Do not take the hamster on hand immediately after purchase – let him adapt to a new home;
  • Pet does not grind his teeth on special chalk and crackers;
  • If the owner of the hamster is a child, adults need to tell you what to do if bitten by a hamster to the blood and to focus on the fact that the animal is not a toy;
  • Hamster needs to feel protected in your house, so even if four-legged fluffy ball you hurt, in any case can not stretch hands into the cage of the animal and to beat him. House – his personal territory.
  • What to do if a hamster bites?

    A hamster bite is not dangerous, but for a person who is not pleasant. It's all in the teeth of a rodent – they are sharp and thin, in the time of the bite in different directions, causing a sharp pain. The site of the lesion appears to the laceration.

    A hamster bite should not cause a violent reaction, is contraindicated to beat pet and yell at him, he will not understand in what business, but held his offense. Whether it is dangerous it is difficult to say, what matters is how you behave after the bite. H ■ to prevent the consequences of being bitten by a hamster, Chuck the rodent into the cage, wound wash or antibacterial soap, treat with peroxide and green paint. The decontamination process is very important, because the bacteria can cause inflammation. From the wound no need to push. You can glue the plasters, to continue to do household chores is to wear a fingertip.

    If the bite taken by the child is not vaccinated against tetanus, make preventive inoculations.

    What can escape the danger?

    A hamster bite is not dangerous, since cases of transfer of rabies, these animals are not registered. But they can suffer other ailments. If a rodent that bit the person is sick, dying or bite sores appear, itching, redness, finger swollen, contact your doctor. Vigilance does not hurt if the hamster bites a child.

    To unlearn the habit of biting

    Parents may begin to panic, succumbing to which they do not know what to do if a hamster bit the child. After the wound disinfected, and the "woolen robber" sitting in a cage, you need to discuss the situation with the child. Explain that the teeth – the only way to protect, and bite – a reaction to rough handling.

    Bites can last as long as you don't tame the rodent and start him gently to turn. In rare cases, the temperament of the animal is so aggressive that the hamster can bite for no reason. In such cases, you need to be patient and to slowly but surely tame rodent.

    To wean a hamster to bite, give him a treat , put it in a cage favorite snacks, but do not remove the hand, let her sniff and remember the smell. The next step is to offer food from your hand. Start stroking the animal can after he learned to eat with his hands.

    Accustomed to hand the hamster will allow you to remove yourself from the cage he likes to sit on the hand, but to squeeze himself, he is unlikely to allow the bites to the blood can happen again.

    Important! If the animal is not vaccinated or the bite of a hamster for some reason is causing your feelings, consult a doctor. Most likely, he will prescribe an ointment for inflammation.

    According to doctors, these animals carry Salmonella and meningitis. In practice, getting an infection is unlikely.

    Possible consequences

    The bite of a rodent like a normal wound and quickly heals. Rarely has slight fever, the wound festers, swells. It is evidence of infection.

    Important: even if the bite to the blood hamster can't infect the host with rabies or tetanus if it is not in contact with the infected animal.

    For a child the wound from the teeth of a rodent is more dangerous than adults, because children scratch them, exposing the bacteria can't handle the affected place and time to tell your parents about this.

    Hamster-nibbles ashamed

    If the hamster has caused harm to the child, some time you need to watch the child, and for animals, both healthy and cheerful? You have no reason to worry. Hamsters often bite children, due to the fact that kids spend more time with the animals: I want to play with them, while the animals go to sleep, don't always know what peach fuzz is a living creature. The instinct of the animal wins and the hamster is forced to bite the offender.

    If the hamster is fed, rested, in good spirits, he will never gridnet his master and will gladly sit on his palm.

    Bitten by hamster: what to do?
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    Help! My hamster bit me quietly and I just tonight wanted to give him semakau and he bit me:(