How to train a hamster

Train not only dogs and cats but also hamsters.For starters, watch what the kid knows how to do without training – to clean a cage, to tend the nest, running in the wheel etc. This will allow you to learn more about the life of a pet and understand on what is based training a hamster.

Can a hamster be trained to do tricks?

Of course, Yes. The main thing to remember is that training depends on the animal species and the patience of the trainer. In the process of learning new tricks on hamsters not to cry – rising tone will be regarded as a manifestation of aggression, not as a comment.

On the question of whether to train a hamster the answer is Yes, but you should not demand from the animal a lot, like give paw, fetch toys, he's only a little hamster. You can only rely on the fact that due to the repeated training, the pet will know his name will begin to recognize you as their master, to climb the palm. To wait for more crumbs and to torment the poor animal's endless difficult training is not worth it. This is not to say that the hamster is stupid, just that he is unable to jump higher than his intellect.

Train correctly

If you decide to train your hamster, do it right. To training has produced results, and you could demonstrate to others the skills of a rodent, understand simple rules:

  • The training of the hamsters starts no earlier than two weeks of age and continued for up to 2.5 months. During this period, the baby absorbs everything like a sponge and is characterized by a sense of curiosity.
  • If you start to train a Syrian Jungaria or later, it will not work, because the child will have to change habits;
  • Deal only with a healthy hamster that behaves actively. During illness, mating or pregnancy, rodents are not up to your tricks and ideas, so leave them alone;
  • Exercise with your pet in the evenings, since the time of their activity, they are receptive to information;
  • Train the baby on a moderately full stomach, because hunger is not the best stimulant. Hands should be clean, so odors do not distract the kid from school. What is really there, if your finger smells so good sausage!

Where to start training?

Not every breeder knows how to teach a hamster teams. This is fine if you do it in stages. To begin the training necessary to establish contact between the animal and the owner. The baby ought to be willing to approach you, not hide in a corner of the cell. Love your master not trained hamsters and domesticated, so the training you need to start with taming.

Important: to start learning tricks is possible only when the animal is not afraid of you and willing to handle.

Simple tricks that can master the rodent

Hamster intelligence allows him to master this simple trick, as the knowledge of their nicknames. This is a very useful skill, especially if the baby is lost. To train a hamster to react to the nickname at the same time difficult and easy. Name need to choose a short and easy to the baby quickly remembered it. The challenge is not to forget to repeat every time the nickname hamster, when you feed him, Pat turned to him.

Interesting: you see hamsters in your name? Yes, if you regularly repeat it.

Yelling is impermissible, even if the baby does not respond – he hears you perfectly, and yelling will only scare the animal. At the initial stage, say the nickname every time I offer the baby a treat – he will produce a strong reflex. Over time, he will begin to respond to approach the owner for a treat.

Some owners claim that a trained hamster is able to perform simple commands: "sleep", "walk", "eat". But this is only possible if you got a very gifted and intelligent hamster, and you have the innate talent of the trainer.

But ordinary "average" of the rodent can be trained to run in a circle. For this you need to pick up a treat and slowly led by the hand in a circle a few inches from the nose of the pet. Baby, to reach for the Goodies to run in a circle. It is important not to tire the animal with just a few laps.

Remember: if a baby is fed, a treat may not cause him any interest.

Now you know how to teach a hamster tricks. It is not difficult, important not to overdo it and beat a baby has desire to learn new things.

You could teach a hamster in addition to knowledge of their names and run in a circle? Teach him the command "stand". To do this, hold the treat over the head of the baby and to wait until he gets on the back foot. In this case, repeat the "stand" and give a treat. Repeat this exercise regularly, praise your pet.

Learning more complex commands

If you don't know, succumb to the training of the hamsters, it's safe to say that Yes. Hamster can be taught the command "fu". Make it difficult, but possible: every time you praise the hamster, and the disobedience or the baby's desire to eat that you can not clearly say "fu"! The main thing here is regularity and consistency.

So that he can do the hamster your pet? To stand, to respond to the nickname, run in a circle. Remained to teach him to jump. To do this, lift the treat up and say "Jump." Repeat this exercise every day, and each time encourage the efforts of the crumbs.

Interesting team sitting on the shoulder of the owner. How to train a Syrian hamster and Djungarian, so he climbed up on his shoulder and some time sitting there:

  1. seat your baby on your shoulder so that it was convenient, be sure to hold hand;
  2. put on the shoulder of a favorite treat;
  3. Homa will sit on your shoulder and eat;
  4. repeat the exercise regularly. The day will come when he will sit on the shoulder without any treats.

If you see that the baby is not comfortable, he's moving around and wants to get away, try another time.

You see the hamsters of the people, no one really knows, but since they can learn commands, we conclude that understand. If you try, your baby can be taught the command "find". To do this, put a treat in the maze, do this in front of the animal. Then we put the baby in a maze, saying "find". An essential condition for the exercise — the hamster needs to see how you hid the sweets.

Now you know how to train a Djungarian hamster and its Syrian counterpart – the process is about the same. Remember to always reward the rodent for effort. Before you know it, as your decorative hamster will learn new skills and delight you. Most importantly, systematically to work.

All owners of hamsters want to wish the Pets were healthy and even the wild hamster become tame and trained. This suggests that the contact is made and friendships established.

How to train a hamster
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