Should the hamster one and how he will live without food and water

A loving owner would not verify how long a hamster can live without food and water at home.Can I leave my hamster alone for a week? No, it is a risk to the life of the hamster. Leaving for a long time, it is better to find someone who will be able to see the animal. An accident can even occur in the cell (hooked foot on the wheel will poke trough).

If this is not possible, before leaving you need to create favorite conditions for survival. The hamster is a solitary animal, in a spacious cage with a wheel it will not be much missed. But food and water is vitally important for him.

Training home:

  • To do a General cleaning of the cage and sprinkle a good layer of fresh litter.
  • To hide in different corners of the cage to feed and also to fill the pans are full. The amount of food should be sufficient (calculated from the masses of animal – 80% of the weight of hamster in the day).

Leave only dry food and seeds, juicy and protein feed rule due to the risk of food spoilage.

  • You can leave a slice of Apple or carrot, which the hamster will eat the first day.
    To provide the little rodent with food is very important – hamsters intensive metabolism, starve them contraindicated.
  • Pour fresh water in a bowl to the brim. Provided that the rodent is large and the bowl is small, it is necessary to buy a second Cup.
  • The Syrian hamster can drink up to 25 ml per day. Jungar drinking a lot less (2-7 ml), but gungari without water will not last long. The second bowl – a safety net in case the first gets stuck the ball, or the mechanism will break and the water will spill on the Mat.

Such situations are rare, but Murphy's law to happen when no one is home. If the drinker is faulty, the pet will have difficulty. How much a hamster can live without water depends on the temperature and characteristics of the organism. Provided that the animal would only eat dry food – no more than 2-3 days.

It is a mistake to believe that without food and water the hamster just hibernate and wait out the hard times.

A hungry animal can actually go into power save mode. But that numbness doesn't last long.

The hamster is not a bear, even in nature during hibernation, he wakes up to eat their inventory. In rodents there is no ability to survive for long at the expense of body fat. If after waking up eating a little nutritious treat, he will die from exhaustion and dehydration.


Each owner must decide for yourself how you can leave the hamster alone. Long absences risky. But sometimes it's better to leave the kid to live at home than to expose the dangers of transport and stress in a new place.

Should the hamster one and how he will live without food and water
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