What to do if a hamster got lost in the apartment?

Hamsters – moving, interesting animals.The fugitive might harm himself – inadvertently it is possible to attack, to injure the foot, the pet can fall. Hamsters often chew on the cables, personal belongings of the owners, thereby damaging the housing property. If you ran one rodent, the damage is not significant, but if a whole family? So, we have a missing hamster, it must quickly find and catch.

The animals run off through the fault of homyakovo:

  • during active games outside the cell;
  • in the process of harvesting the cells;
  • the hamster can escape, if the cell is not serviceable, for example, unbent twig, the bottom does not close tightly.

Try as much as possible to find the home of the hamster, otherwise you'll have to explain to the children which lost their pet and is in an awkward situation.

What if the hamster escaped?

Finding that the little fellow started on this journey, try to find a place where he was hiding. The search for the fugitive begins with the harvesting of potentially dangerous things – cleaning traps, chemicals, if to them on your way could reach the animal. At the time of search is very important to make other animals (cats and dogs) from the apartment.

If the apartment of several rooms, inspect all rooms, closing the door – it will not allow the animal to run from room to room. Closing and opening doors, try not to crush the baby. To simplify the search, create the silence – turn off the TV, ask the household to keep silent, thus to help you to calculate the place of stay of the fugitive. Although hamsters and secretive animals, the activity of which is increased at night, on the way, they can get small items – rodent creates a certain sound and gives himself up.

Important: hamsters are nocturnal animals, so if you have the whole day to no avail looking for the fugitive, wait until the evening. The night will force the animal to Express themselves, because at this time of day he is very active. Being in a cage, hamsters love to spin the wheel, and the "freedom" to explore everything that can attract attention.

If you decided not to wait for night, and search for missing "hot pursuit", explore the space around cells: maybe the hamster got out and lay down to rest under the toy, furniture and all other items. Rodent you need to look in secluded places where he can sleep all day. The small size of the animal allow it to get into the most unexpected places.

To find the hamster in a private home, it is important not to allow him to run outside to catch him will not work. What to do if a hamster got lost in the apartment, knows not everyone is a fan of these handsome animals. It is very important to block little naughty balcony – plenty of space hides many dangers.

Extortion hamster

Difficult to navigate, what to do if you ran the hamster. In a big house or apartment where a lot of furniture, appliances and other things, it is easier to lure. Do this using treats – sunflower seeds, walnuts, vegetables. The difficulty is that if the house is large, traps with Goodies will have to arrange in allthree rooms. If you are sure that the hamster escaped just put the Goodies in the room where he was to escape.

Trap the hamster with treats will help to flush out a fugitive after some time. After strolling around the apartment all day, the rodent will begin to experience the feeling of hunger and will go to the food. When a fugitive begins a meal and you will notice you will need a bucket – cover of the hamster and he is almost in your hands!

Is all day around the traps is inconvenient, so the Goodies can be put in boxes, banks, other recesses. The easiest way to do the bait out of the box: dsungarica will need a small, Syrian – more, because he's the biggest. It is important to take care that a hamster could easily get to the Goodies: build stairs or a hill. You can make the room a trail of sunflower seeds or bread crumbs that will lead the fugitive to the trap. You may be able to catch the little pet, when he will all eat.

For these traps, you can use a bucket, only a shallow that the hamster is not hurt, when "caught on the hook." How to make a trap for the hamster you already know its operating principle is simple: the animal begins to look for Goodies, falls in a box and cannot get out of it. For the more paranoid rodent, a bucket or box can be covered with a sheet of paper and put it on the seeds, the weight of which does not bend the sheet. The advantage of traps – you go about your business, and the fugitive himself "talking" to you.

Where to find the hamster?

Hamster loves hiding places of the room – they need carefully to investigate, but to do it quietly, to little friend ran further and hid even better. If in the next half hour the fugitive was not found or you do not know when the hamster escaped from the cage, to find it will help tricks. Deliberately lay on the floor of the inverted box, the items in which you can climb, as in the pipe – so
the fugitive will be easier to catch and return to the cage. Hematology suggest to pick up food from the floor (crumbs, bowls, cats, etc.), otherwise the traveler will walk even longer.

On the question of what to do if escaped pet hamster, it is possible to give a definite answer is to start looking immediately. The animal will not bring significant harm to a repair rather suffer himself, because he was left alone with a huge room– can eat harmful or to be accidentally crushed by the household.

A real case

Case study: hamster night fled, the owners in the morning noticed he was missing. Due to the fact that the home at midnight spun the wheel in his cage at night was carried to a room where there is a repair. Getting lost here is easy, there are a lot of materials, boxes, unnecessary things – this room is Paradise for the hamster. The owners, noticed the escape and began searching with this room, though he didn't know when exactly is missing their pet. Look for a long time did not have – the hamster was discovered in a twisted old linoleum, which imitated the long tube – here gungari sleep. The rodent didn't have far to run, and the owners had to do something supernatural to help the hamster to regain your home. Near the "pipes of linoleum" was a package with apples, brought on the eve. Some fruits fell on the floor and jungert ate one of them. Due to this fact, and the knowledge that their pet loves to sit in the pipes, the owners have thought to look in the curled linoleum.

That the hamster was less likely to get lost, try to make the cage the most reliable, because hamsters love to run!

How to prevent escape?

No matter if you have a hamster: Djungarian and Syrian, he might escape at the first opportunity. Some Hematology recommend to train their Pets and try to make their hand. In order to help the hamster to make friends with a person should be treated gently, not to frighten the baby, otherwise he might try to run away from. To tame the beast, take it regularly on the handles, but do it carefully and when the hamster is very active and not sleeping.

Perhaps you have your own method how to find an escaped hamster in the apartment, to share with readers!

What to do if a hamster got lost in the apartment?
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