Hamsters names for boys and girls: choose a nickname pet

If you asked a question about choosing a name for your hamster, it is likely that the gender of the pet you have known.In choosing you need to consider the breed of your pet, their temperament, color and preferences. Sometimes just bring a hamster from a pet store and have seen that it is not "cool", and "escape artist", so it is better to call the Bouncing ball and not Sonia or Masya.

Hamsters – cute and funny creatures, they want to pick up a beautiful name. Despite the many common factors that all kids are different – one sweet, the second phlegmatic, the third – nimble, each with individual character. Watch the pet – this will help in the choice of nicknames.

People often consider the color of the coat, calling Pets Ginger and Snowball. But such variants are fed up, you want diversity. Creative hosts of the Syrians is called red Brick, black – black or something like that. If the primary selection criterion is the color of the coat, study the dictionary and you'll see how are the colors and shades in different languages. Don't limit yourself to German and English, why not take inspiration from Italian?! Known cases when hamsters called beautiful Italian words: Belissimo, Pronto, etc.

If you have a very furry pet, do not rush to call him Fuzzies or Fuzz, fantasize, remember the cartoons, which sounded interesting nicknames of animals. Red plump hamster can be called a Baton or a Fox.

Nicknames for hamsters girls and boys is very diverse. If you connect the imagination to choose an interesting name for a hamster that will please you and surprise others.

Choosing the names of the hamsters need to be guided by the General rules:

  • Option needs to sound cool and to like household. To avoid any disputes, it is possible to arrange the ballot;
  • Nicknames need to choose euphonious, easy to pronounce. The hamster quickly remember the easy and short word;
  • If Pets several nicknames must be radically different;
  • Not worth for days and nights on end to invent nicknames, the best options come to mind at the sight of the animal.

Give a pet a name is extremely important if you want to tame hamster. Because in the process of domestication without communication will not do!

What do you call a hamster a girl to nickname sounded interesting?

You can select by the first letter. For example, the letter a have cute names: Angel, Alya, Asya, Adeline, Asia, Athos, Arabiska, Amelie.

Nicknames for girls hamsters are very diverse, they must be divided into several categories:

  • Character. If your baby often sleeps, a good name for her, Sonya, if you like running, hustling, rustling cage Shusha, work Maya. If the baby friendly dubbed her Mose or Affection;
  • By the color of their fur. The list of names in this category is very broad. Redhead or Golden lady they call Honey, the Sun, Regulai. White hamster girl called Jewel, a Snowflake, Snezhana. The beautiful black woman can be given the name of Bagheera, the Panther;
  • Interesting nicknames of pick up on taste preferences. Rodents love treats, so call the hamster and the Carrot and raspberry, and Potatoes, and even Frishka. Appetizing sound – Marshmallow, Cinnamon, Pepper, Melon. That sounded cool white hamster can be called Vanilla. Redhead beauty fit orange or jelly bean;
  • Hamster named after their idols. If you are crazy about Britney Spears, why not put her in your apartment? And to call the baby you can even name the stars. The list of names in this category is wide: Angelina, Katie, Jolie, Adele, Lolita, Laura, Rihanna, Jesse and others;
  • Standard. Not everyone likes pretentious names, someone likes more simple: Shura, Mary, Star, gourmet.

Cool names for girls hamsters Djungarian

How to call Jungaria girl? She is pretty, tiny, cute, nickname you want to choose suitable. Interesting options: Jung, Judy, Honey, Baby, bead, or bubbles Soot. Red Djungarian hamster breed can be called a Protein.

Drugarice nimble and agile, love to run, play, eat well. These qualities should be considered when choosing nicknames. Baby you can call:

  • Bun, Abricoska, Butterscotch, Seed;
  • Bug, Bee;
  • Maha Murka;
  • Mila, Cooking.

Good names for girls hamsters Syrian

Syrian hamsters more docile than their Junggar. They love to climb through tunnels and relax in the house for sleeping. For the furry kids will suit nicknames:

  • Aphrodite, Annabelle, Athena, Arish;
  • Basia, Baby, Bunny, Bella, Bunny;
  • Vasilisa, Fork, Freckles, Vesta;
  • Gabby, Geisha, Gale, Gabby;
  • Dakota, Juliet, Haze.

If you like other letters of the alphabet, pick appropriate names. A beautiful name with the letter j – Jasmine, on the letter Z – It on To – Kapitoshka.

A good name will help you in training a hamster. If you call pet, loudly and beautifully, it is with joy and interest to respond to his name.

How to call hamster boy unusual names

All you want to give your rodent a nice nickname.Often hamsters-boys called random human names: gosh, Kesha, Gregory, Ivan, Vasily.
Even easier – khomka, Homa.

Like the hamster, he can be given a nickname by the color of the coat:

  • ginger can christen Peach, Apricot, Ginger;
  • grey – grey, Chameleon;
  • black hamster– call Coal;
  • a suitable name for a white hamster – Chalk Cream,Snowball, angel.

Beautiful names for hamsters boys Djungarian

Nicknames for hamsters boys were often taken from the names of their favorite cartoons. Hence, there are hamsters Chip and Dale, Pikachu, Daisy, Zero, gene.

Since drugarice have tiny size, they come up with appropriate nicknames: Baby, Baby, Knopik, Gnome, Midget, or Vice versa give nicknames like big animals: leopard, Animal, Giant, Gulliver. Cool name for your hamster boy tiny – Dozer, the Bulldog, and the like.

Boys Djungarian often called in honor of the "culinary delights": Snickers, bounty, Mars, Hotshot. The nickname of a pet often displays the Hobbies of the owner. The avid computer geeks hamsters are often called Screw, Diesel, Sistemnik. If the breeder is athletic, great Pets will feel with names Biker, boxer, Athlete, Sniper. Fishing enthusiasts think long about how to name the hamster, it is very obvious: Spinner, Bobber, Perch, Carp and the like.

You can choose a nickname, starting from the first letter, but first select a letter. Below are some men that are suitable for Jungaria:

  • Apollo, Ali, Abu;
  • Bagel Bandit;
  • The Broom, Winnie, The Nut, Whack;
  • Garfield, Gregory, Quintic;
  • Justin, Jackson;
  • Raccoon, Hedgehog;
  • Acorn, Jean;
  • Zuffi, Zorro.

Apart from the name the baby should much more different. And you know what the hamster for a full and comfortable life?

Beautiful names for boys Syrian hamsters

Syrian hamsters fed on the body, and by nature large Sony. Popular hamster names: Chips, Donuts, Cake, Fatty. How else can you call a hamster? If you like funny names, name Lord fluffy, Rex, Caesar, Dragon. You like more simple names for hamsters? Why not name the Syrian Yasha, Zhorik, Timka, Nafanya, Masyanya?!

Many beautiful names in the human motive: Pavel, Phil, Sava, Feodor, Boris, Senka. The good sleeper will suit nickname: Idler, sluggard, Dimulka.

Options extravagant nicknames for Syrian males:

  • Roger;
  • Daniel;
  • Timka;
  • Mason;
  • Watson;
  • Kansler.

The names for different rocks: make the right choice

Name need to choose for any dog, regardless of breed. If you repeat the nickname regularly and jungert and Syrian remember it will respond to perform simple tasks. When choosing a name, connect the imagination. Unable to come up with a pet name and patronymic: Grigory Grishin A. (the owner is called Andrew), known as the Grisha.

Cool and funny names: list of popular

The theme name for hamsters of interest to many, there was even conducted a survey which determined the best funny nicknames. Many users of the hamsters name is: Ratatouille, little white kids called Raffaello, red – Red AP, UPI.

Unusual sound the following nicknames:

  • Albert;
  • Atonica;
  • Sorrel;
  • Bagel;
  • Rublik.

How else can you call Homa: beautiful nicknames

What name to choose for the hamster, if you want to be called beautiful? The mass of options, both for girls and for boys. The main thing that the name you liked, but the hamster will get used to it. If you have a hamster traveler, the name you need to choose the appropriate: the Parachute, Backpack, Tourist, etc. to a Baby who continually climbs the cage can be called a Climber or Mountaineer.

If you like a beautiful, sonorous word, the girl-home include:

  • Princess;
  • Symphony;
  • Note;
  • Forget-me-not;
  • Aquarelles.

For a boy we select similar:

  • Prince;
  • The piano;
  • Handsome.

Twin names for a hamster (m+m, m+W, W+W)

If you purchased two hamsters, nicknames need to choose more carefully. It is very important that you do distinguish between kids and knew who what name belongs to. Pair of hamsters can live in same cage or different, depending on what you purchased it for the soul or for breeding.

You can give bits and pieces of consonant names, examples for the two boys:

  • Simba – Bimba;
  • Vaska Basica;
  • Victor – Mitya;
  • Little Big Man.

To hamster:

  • Plum and striker Assembly;
  • The mouse and Bump;
  • Monica Atonica;
  • Fenichka – A Seed;
  • Toffee Sausages.

For a pair of hamsters you can pick up the names of fairy tales:

  • Kai and Gerda;
  • Lilo and Stitch;
  • Peppa and George;
  • Tom and Jerry.

Two boys can still be called Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet, maybe in life they will become real friends. If one hamster is white, another black it is possible to emphasize: female Snow, a male Dwarf (or Ember). Creative option for two colorful males – black and white.

Unusual names for two Pets: a female and a male

The most popular nicknames for different sexes of hamsters sound like this: Manka-roly or Sashka-Glashka. But if you show a little imagination you can come up with something more creative:

  • Margo – Argo;
  • Flower – Petal;
  • Sun – Seed.

If rhyme is unimportant, you can call any two words: Bacon and tomatoes, marsik and Milena, Shrek and Fiona. There are many options to choose, just look at their favorites.

Once you have chosen a name, hasten to inform your hamster, but at the same time treat him with something tasty. Recommended reading article what to feed your hamster at home.

Hamsters names for boys and girls: choose a nickname pet
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