How to play hamster

Hamsters – cute animals with whom you can have fun.Rodents do not like to be petted like a cat, and not chasing toys, like dogs.

When you take the kid on hands, he does not perceive it as a manifestation of love and care. In his eyes it looks like: "the giant took me in his fist and pokes his fingers," it is unlikely that this leisure will enjoy. Hamster is just a small rodent which in the wild live in different ways: collects food, running at night, sleeps during the day, and in his spare time explores the territory. Groping in his hands, kissing and cuddling – a dubious entertainment for your hamster. If he shows obvious signs of discontent, these games are contraindicated. Gungari in this case, it can bite to blood. Syrian hamster behaves in human hands more sure, but he bother is not worth it.

How to play with the hamster to make the child pleased?

The intricacies of the game with the hamster

Communication between man and animal is built on trust. You will be able to play with the baby, only if he will trust and not be afraid. For a start the rodent you need to tame. Squeeze is not necessary, it is better to teach him to climb the palm. To do this, put a hand on sweets. Games favorite – this is to some extent the ability to show their love and care.

But don't bring games with him at home to eat treats. Why not build him a mazeof barricades, not to build a terrariumthat you want to explore – that's really interesting!

What not to do?

If the hamster trusts you, and you learned to play together, no need to disturb the usual rhythm of the animal. This nocturnal animals, they sleep during the day, so don't Wake the baby because you wanted to play. Eliminate the presence of water during the games – the animal does not need watering, sprinkling water on him, etc.

To punish and especially to beat the rodent is not necessary – he did not understand, for which he received, and trust will be lost.

As the owners of hamsters playing with Pets?

If you look at the user reviews, you will learn how to play with the hamster. The available methods for joint leisure:

  • put the hamster on the floor or bed, cover with a sheet – he enjoyed exploring new places, some rodents can even go to bed or sit in a shelter for hours;
  • research the apartments in a pleasure balloon;
  • dashes in the hands of the owner with increasing rate;
  • games with pieces of napkins – the kids tear them into pieces, build nests.

Almost all hamsters love to climb in all holes. Why not take that base game? If you don't know what to play with the hamster, play hide and seek – put the labyrinth in which crumbs can hide from you. Unable to find him and offer a treat or wait until he wants to get out.

Important: before and after playing with the hamster, wash your hands! If they smell something edible, a rodent can bite. Well, why follow the rules of hygiene after contact with animals probably does not need to explain.

How to play hamsters in the wild? They explore new things. A similar effect can be achieved in the home. Pitch favorite gaming arena. You will need a box and all kinds of loopholes, boxes, pipe mazes. Since the outdoor arena to play with Djungarian hamsters need only under your supervision. This rule also applies to the Syrian kindred – as soon as you turn away, he will attempt to expand the research territory.

Important points

Because hamsters the dwarf species is more aggressive, they need to be tamed before you play. If you don't know how to play with Jungaria, use games run. Perfect Jogging balls and a fenced area where you can put your baby.

What else can you do with a hamster for a variety of leisure? To play inside the cage. Buy pet special wooden toysthat you can chew. They are made from environmentally friendly wood, so no danger.

The question how to play with the hamsters, it is difficult to answer unequivocally. Each pet has its own character and Hobbies. The owner important to find a common language with your pet, then there are the overall game.

How to play hamster
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