How to catch an escaped hamster in the apartment

Hamsters are true masters of the shoots, they can escape even during the games, walking, at any moment.For starters, the fugitive needs to findand then catch. As practice shows, the second part of the task not much easier first, because the rodents climb into the most unexpected places and in front of the owner becoming a pressing issue: how to lure a hamster out of hiding place.

Where rodents run away?

The search for the fugitive to start with hiding places. The sooner you start looking for the pet, the more chances to find him. You need to examine the hidden places of which the kid will have to draw out.

The first thing to inspect:

  • places near the cells;
  • look under the sofa and other furniture;
  • look at boxes, cabinets. If a favorite of hid it there, you probably have an idea how to lure a hamster out of the closet. In most cases it is enough to put a few Goodies.

Surveillance of a fugitive

Follow the simple tips:

  1. Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so catching them at night when she is active.
  2. The floor of each room leave some sunflower seeds or other treats – the animal is hungry and you give yourself away, starting a meal.
  3. Around treats that you left the animal, sprinkle a little starch or flour – this is to ensure that the fugitive has left traces. So you will understand in which direction moves the traveler.
  4. The flour and starch in a similar way, sprinkled along doorways or in front of the intended shelter animal.
  5. To catch the baby, lay down foil or plastic bags – moving animal will be accompanied by a rustle.

Catch the prankster

So you've discovered the whereabouts of the fugitive, now you need to choose a method how to catch him. If he doesn't want to go, it is possible to get or set the trap "bait". You must know how to lure a hamster out from under the sofa or Cabinet, because it is a favorite place for rodents.

Sometimes hamsters have returned on their own in your house, so at the time of searches, the cage should be open and stand on the floor. Put fresh delicious food. But just to sit idly by and wait for the missing there by itself, meaningless, because for the time of your inaction prankster may chew on things or wires to harm himself. Significant damage repair kid doesn't, because he ran one, and not the whole clan. But on every corner the apartment of his danger – he could get hurt, to poison, to be crushed by a person inadvertently.

To catch an escaped hamster in the apartment easier than in a private home or at the cottage. If the hamster escaped in the walls of the house, he can run outside, where the chances of finding him are zero.


You need to take a deep bucket that the hamster couldn't get out on their own, after walking into a trap. It is important that the animal does not get hurt during the fall. To this end, the bottom of the bucket make fabric. On the bottom put the Goodies that the animal can easily smell (cheese, nuts, peanut butter). You then need to do something similar on the stairs, for example, lay a ladder book. Designed so that the hamster will jump into the bucket for food. Only the bait must be tasty to rodents without hesitation jumped into the bucket.

Live mouse

Another way to catch a hamster in the house: install the trap for a live mouse. This is a box that lures the animal inside, not killing. Inside need to put peanut butter. Sometimes these traps are malfunctioning and can hurt the animal.

Users ' opinions

No matter what breed your pet is, the Syrian and juraska hamsters similar habits. First you need to practise listening in the silence you can hear the rustling.

Judging by the reviews, most often flee drugarice, they can squeeze through the bars of the cage. Catching them is harder as they are very nimble and agile. If you find the location of pet, but I can't get it out, put it near an open cage with food. With high probability we can assume that he will be back in their homes. On the floor you can put some cardboard tubes, mazes to pet it more interesting to go home.

How to catch an escaped Syrian hamster in the apartment? Like Jungar – you can set traps and bait.

Important: if you remove the Cabinet, bed or sofa to get a pet, it should be done carefully to not flatten.

Known cases, when the rodents were able to escape to the lower floors of the apartment, but they are successfully
returned to owners.

In case you are unable to catch the hamster, wait for the night. Set traps or snacks and wait. Most likely, you will be able to catch Jungaria, and how to do it properly, get a handle on the situation.

How to catch an escaped hamster in the apartment
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