How to train your hamster

What a beautiful moment: you brought from the pet store a little fluffy kitten – cute hamster.It is very important their persistence not to scare a baby, because if he gets scared, it may hurt to bite.

To gain the toddler, you must treat him kindly, to act systematically and consistently. The easiest way to tame a hamster, put in the hand a treat and offer the child to independently climb on the palm for sweets. Then you don't have to quickly grab the hamster and start to squeeze, the baby will be frightened and will think next time about whether to go to you.

General rules of taming

Can I take a hamster on my hands? Definitely Yes, but only if it is tame and trusts you. Before you teach your pet, make sure it is not under stress and has already settled into the cell. To technique taming effect, consider several factors:

  • once you brought a new friend home give him a few days to get used to a new home, your voice, and feel confident;
  • provide your baby a comfortable living conditions, man cage with all the necessary;
  • do not insulate the cage from society, put it in a slightly crowded, but not noisy place;
  • do not try to tame Jungaria in the first half of the day when his dream strongest, better move practice closer to the evening. Wake favorite the easiest way to make him irritable and restless.

The method of domestication of rodent

Taming a hamster requires patience, attention, perseverance. It is important to learn to understand the signals your pet, earn his trust. If you hurry, you will get a rodent that bites and runs away because she's afraid of you. While the baby will be scared of you, you will not be able to make friends with him. Follow the mentioned below methods, and before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the pet has not received the stress on the current step.

  1. Give your baby a chance to settle down in the cage, watch the way he eats, drinks, plays in your presence.
  2. Talk to the kid near the cage with a calm voice. Don't know what to say? Sing a song or tell us how the day went.
  3. Put on the palm seed (be sure to read what seeds you can give a hamster) or a piece of biscuit, dried fruits. First, offer treats through the bars or the cage door. If he would be interested, pass the palm in the cage, but don't touch hamster.If he runs away, in any case it is not necessary to catch him, so he smelled the treats. Just put them on your palm and wait.
  4. Do not stop the kid to offer snacks, but to stroke the hamster, still not worth it. Place the palm so that the little one has set foot for you, and reach for the Goodies.
  5. Put the seed so the baby could take it only after I climb you. After it is safely to do so, try carefully to take the hamster in his hands. Most likely baby just jump, but you be persistent and careful. Over time, the baby realizes that your hands do not represent for it danger.

You already know how to teach Jungaria to the hands, and how much time will it take? It all depends on the individual characteristics and age of the animal. He can get used to the hands of an adult for a few days, but sometimes it takes about a month.

Under the scheme, which is given above, it is possible to tame Jungaria and Syrian. Just keep in mind that the Djungarian hamster is a biter. The representatives of the Syrian breed is more calm.

You already know how to tame the Djungarian hamster to make it happen easier and faster, consider a few things. Before you take your child to wash hands with soap and water, because the sense of smell in animals developed better than the vision. If the palm of your hand will smell of food, the hamster may bite.

How to take the pen of a rodent?

To quickly make friends, learn how to take hamster on hand. A hamster should always clearly understand what it takes to handle, and regardless of breed – Syrian or Djungarian. So as not to scare the animal, pick it up from behind or from above – baby needs to see you. If your baby will not notice, you can take for the predator instinct to bite.

It is important to know how to keep hamsters in a way that is enjoyed not only by you but pet. The hand needs to be folded so as to form a Cup or grasp kid's two palms. Fingers keep your baby – he's nimble, agile and can jump. To exclude the possibility of injury, the first few times pick up crumbs on the sofa. Let the kid climb on your hands.

Hamster in hands needs to feel safe. To do this, provide him a little cover, put your baby in one arm and the other cover but do not press. In this "house" it will be some time to sit quietly, even if, as a rule, not given in hand.

If untamed hamster is afraid and you need to take in order to clean the cage, put a treat in a jar or box and put in a cage. Due to natural curiosity, he will climb right into a trap, even if it is not in his hands.

The problems faced by the owners of rodents:

  • hard to teach a hamster to the owner if he bites, so you need along the way to get rid of this problem;
  • if the baby is shy, don't play with him until we tame it;
  • wild hamster will go on contact if not be quiet, not make any sudden movements, moreover, do not iron on the head – the animal is unpleasant.

How to treat a hamster?

All rodents are amenable to training. How to tame a Syrian hamster needs to know everyone who expressed a preference for this breed. The Syrian Jungaria and equally friendly, they can be tamed at home. The difference is that Jungaria more inclined to bite, some first time owners take Pets with gloves on.

If you have a rodent for the first time, you are probably interested in the question of whether to take the hamster by the scruff. Without the need to do this is not necessary, it does not deliver the kid fun. Such manipulations cause negative associations with your hands. But in some situations, for example during the inspection of the cutters, this is a necessary measure.

Hard to tame a hamster if it bites, so at the beginning of the training, if the kid takes a treat out of your hand, gently try to pet him but make sure he doesn't bite. Need to stroke one finger and only on the back, touching the head kids perceive pain.

It's hard to say if I love hamsters when they are stroked. Rather no than Yes. Only a tame hamster will allow the owner to Pat myself on the back, and then not always. So you need to stroke the hamster so it was nice – lightly on the back when he's in a good mood. If the baby does not give a Pat, do not cross, eventually you will be able to make friends with the hamster, and he will let you.

Remember: the younger the hamster, the easier it is to tame.

But this does not mean that it is impossible to tame an adult home, it will just take more time. To make the hamster manual, you need to deal with him every night and the result will not keep waiting.

How to train your hamster
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