Teach hamster to drink from waterers

There are many comfortable designs that allow you to provide the rodent with fresh water.Once in the cage for the first time, a curious rodent will inspect all items very carefully, and accidentally stumble into the water, deciding to try on the tooth nose appliances.

If the accessory is purchased later, pet, and earlier rodent drinking from ordinary bowls, useful information about how to teach hamster to drink from waterers. Large and friendly Syrian hamster can bring to a device and poke your nose into a tube from which the water comes. When you are the first drop, the animal can be released. Enough of a "lesson" or two.

Djungarian hamster to train is problematic – animal may not understand your intentions, break and bite. With Djungarian better to act trick: smear the spout of the feeding Cup with something tasty. In any case, do not use forbidden products, although it is possible to find recommendations to cover the drinker with jam or melted cheese. It is sufficient to RUB the nose a cucumber or other succulent food, the animal will be attracted to the smell.

Difficulties with how to teach a hamster to the troughs, are extremely rare. Many owners do not think about it, relying on natural intelligence a new pet. Others worry that the rodent will be dehydration, if the water level in the troughs is not reduced at all. Before you figure out what to do if a hamster doesn't drink water, it is necessary to verify whether this is so in fact. Gungari can drink only 2 ounces of water per day, if the capacity of the troughs 50 ml, it will be unnoticed. The owner may simply not see how drinking hamsters, as it happens in the middle of night activity.

Possible reasons why a hamster is not drinking water from drinking bottles:

  • the abundance of succulent fodder;
  • stale water (should be changed every day).
  • broke the mechanism of the water supply.

If automatic waterers jammed ball, water ceases to flow, and the pet will suffer from thirst, while the full capacity of water. The first thing to do if a rodent often runs to the Cup, biting his nose to check the serviceability of the device.

Broken accessory easier to throw away than to mend. The question arises: what can replace drinking bowl for your hamster. The easiest way to put in a cage a tiny bowl of water, preferably ceramic, as stable as possible. Many rodents live a lifetime without drinking bowls, but then the water must be changed at least twice a day: it is polluted with litter and food, but periodically, the creature will knock over the bowl.

Many people wonder how to feed the hamster, if there is no drinker, due to the long transportation of the animal. In this case, you can water the hamsters, and to offer them juicy pieces of food: a cucumber is 95% water, an Apple or pear to 85%. Some days these foods will allow you to avoid dehydration, and litter to carry will remain dry.

Actions in the unnatural condition of the animal

Drinking a lot

If when changing the water in the troughs, the owner notices that a tiny creature drank almost all of it is alarming. Need to find out why the hamster is drinking a lot of water. This is the main symptom of diabetes, which is common in dwarf hamsters. There are other diseases that trigger thirst. Medical examination would be superfluous.

It is necessary to analyze the diet of your pet: in addition to the dry food should be given and juicy.

Not drinking and not eating

In severe diseases rodent will first refuse to eat, and then from water. To prevent exhaustion and dehydration, as well as to give if necessary medication by mouth, must know how to water the hamster force. For this suitable insulin syringe without needle or eyedropper. You can't flip the animal on his back. The liquid is poured into the mouth in small portions, so that the hamster had managed to swallow.


Autodrinking is the most convenient way to provide the rodent with fresh water. It is worth spending a bit of time trying to teach a hamster to use it. Don't worry if you think your baby may drink too little, but in any case do not deprive your pet of the ability to drink at any time.

Teach hamster to drink from waterers
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