How to comb hamster and whether to cut his fur and claws

As the Syrian hamster, and Djungarian hamster are very clean.How to comb your hamster, discussed below.

How to bathe and comb rodent

Wash these animals under water (especially cold) is not recommended. Rodents are quite clean themselves and lick the fur. Wash the animal only if it is seriously dirty. When bathing it is impossible to wet a head, just a carcass.

Should be washed under a weak stream of warm water, after washing, immediately dry the fur of the animal to hypothermia. Colds in hamsters hardly treated, and because be sure to warm the animal.

How to care for fur hamster

A good replacement water for swimming – the sand and salt. You can also wipe the fur with a cloth soaked in warm water.

If your dog's coat is quite long, you can put in his cage a tray of sand or salt (plain or scented). In it, the rodent will swim and disinfect your wool.

Long hair hamster can not only wash, but also to comb. This is great for a toothbrush, a doll's comb or a special brush with a few teeth. Short-haired hamsters to brush, not necessarily, but if desired this can be done with a dry toothbrush.

Can you cut hamsters

To cut the hamster should only be the case if it is longhaired. Basically their haircut occurs after the formation of tangles in the coat.

Short-haired hamsters can also be cut, but make it optional. Approach the process responsibly.

Treat grooming hamsters and bathing hamster responsibly. If the procedure is likely to harm rodents than help, it is better to refuse.

Do I need to cut my nails hamster

Cut hamsters nails do?Make it optional, as to inconvenient animal of the size they grow to only a few breeds. Owners of breeds with long nails is to cut nails of animals, but it is best to have the vet.

If you do decide to cut, you can buy at the pet store kogterezki. Also a good idea to purchase "pencil sharpener", about which the hamster is sharpening its claws.

How to cut your nails

When cutting manually, you have to be careful. When nail trimming is not:

  • to cut an animal nail completely (the nail is divided into dead and alive parts, of dead skin is completely transparent. To cut only the first);
  • take a large pair of scissors, suitable for nail with rounded ends;
  • deliberately cut off more than necessary; better to leave the nail longer than to harm.

Before clipping it is necessary to take the hamster in his hands, put the belly to the palm of your hand. Hold the foot at a large forefinger. The claw extended and gently cut off with scissors. After completion of the procedure to turn the rodent and repeat the procedure.

Why do hamster grow long claws

Over time, the animal can grow long nails. When the nails blacken and call it a day, it is a sign that they have outgrown. The rounded ends must be cut off, leaving a little "direct" nail.

How to comb hamster and whether to cut his fur and claws
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