What sharpens the teeth of hamster mineral stone, twigs and other

Hamster teeth grow throughout its life, so it is important they are regularly sew.Make sure that the cage has always been a mineral stone for hamsters or useful branches that your baby eats. It is better not to experiment and to offer pet special wands bought at the pet store. Not to harm, it is important to know which branches can I give hamster. He loves the fruit trees – cherry, Apple, plum, cherry and others. If you first decided to get a little fuzzy, remember than sharpening the teeth of hamsters, because without it, the crumbs gnaw cell, thereby causing harm to the teeth and discomfort to the owners.

Special stones

mineral stone

Mineral stone can give a hamster for grinding cutters. In addition, it improves digestion, supplies the body of the animal with vitamins and microelements. Mineral stones hamsters nibble with pleasure.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, most likely, they will chew on the stone at night, consider this, take the cage out of the bedroom!

For ease of use stones for hamsters equipped with special fasteners, allowing quickly to replace them if necessary. In pet stores such products are presented in a large assortment. Your gungari will appreciate the mineral stone with seaweed, probiotics, different tastes, and vitamin supplements. The cost of such products penny.

Advantages of mineral stone:

  • allows you to safely and regularly grind down the teeth;
  • delivers the rodent gustatory pleasure;
  • sold in almost every pet store.

If you do not give mineral stone grinding of teeth, the pet will occur malocclusion. This problem of a dental nature. It is characteristic of rodents, entails the growing of the teeth, salivation, change of occlusion, rejection of food. If you suspect malocclusion, show the animal veterinarian.

mineral stone with additives

Mineral stone for hamster high quality contain over 10 nutrients, including calcium, zinc, cobalt and others.

In pet stores you can buy chalk stone for Jungaria. Hamsters not the salt and mineral-salt stones, because salt rodents contraindicated. Better to buy a special chalk.

Chalk for hamsters useful: in addition to sharpened teeth, and provide the body with calcium and other micronutrients. Manufacturers produce it with different flavors – herb, vegetable, and fruit.

wooden toys

Cretaceous rocks, as well as mineral, are attached to the cell, contribute to the natural grinding of teeth. If a hamster doesn't gnaw chalk, and "trying out" a cage or a house to sleep, then, "chalk sharpener" did not like him. Try to offer wooden toys. Noticing the favorite habit of biting iron bars, put in a cage metal rings, many breeders claim that their hamsters grind their teeth with such items.


Today, the pet store can offer another option for grinding teeth — grain sticks. They are different in composition of grains with the addition of various minerals and mof mikroelementov. This treat will definitely have to taste! It is also possible to prepare the liver for hamster!

grain sticks

In addition, if a treat to be tied up so that the hamster had to work hard getting to it, then it will be a good distraction and additional physical exercise for your pet.

Regular school chalk-biting hamster is not worth it, after all he is not food and is not intended for such purposes. Food products undergo several levels of purification, so they are safe for the animal.


Twigs for grinding cutters

the branches of trees

Than sharpening the teeth of hamsters who ignore the stones and special toys, continuing to chew on the cage? Try to put the special branches for hamsters that can be purchased in pet stores. Harvest sprigs independently you need with caution because they contain harmful tar. If, despite the warnings, you have decided to prepare twigs, cut the twigs, so baby didn't get hurt, collect the branches away from the road. You can cut a few sprigs of pear, cherry or other fruit tree, but on the condition that they were not treated with chemicals, otherwise the damage will be more than good.

Choose young branches of fruit trees, the thickness of the little finger, with a length of 5-6 cm the Tree is a good and environmentally friendly sharpener for cutters. The bark to peel is not necessary, she is very like rodents. With wood there is a uniform and soft flatlock cutters.

Not a whim, but a necessity

Now you know what to give to chew the hamster to have his incisors were healthy, regularly doing well, did not grow into the sky or cheek pouches. Make sure that the rodent could at any time they are sharpened, because it is not easy his whim, but a necessity provided by nature. No matter what breed of hamster: Syrian, the Campbell or Djungarian, if he doesn't grind down teeth, over time can not eat. All homas are different, but as a loving owner, you will be able to find crumbs suitable option.

What sharpens the teeth of hamster mineral stone, twigs and other
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